Suicide of the GOP – or Rebirth?

By Pat Buchanan

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -( “If his poll numbers hold, Trump will be there six months from now when the Sweet 16 is cut to the Final Four, and he will likely be in the finals.”

My prediction, in July of 2015, looks pretty good right now.

Herewith, a second prediction. Republican wailing over his prospective nomination aside, Donald Trump could beat Hillary Clinton like a drum in November.

Indeed, only the fear that Trump can win explains the hysteria in this city. Here is The Washington Post of March 18 2016:

“As a moral question it is straightforward. The mission of any responsible Republican should be to block a Trump nomination and election.”

The Orwellian headline over that editorial: “To defend our democracy, the GOP must aim for a brokered convention.”

Beautiful. Defending democracy requires Republicans to cancel the democratic decision of the largest voter turnout of any primaries in American history. And this is now a moral imperative for Republicans.

Like the Third World leaders it lectures, the Post celebrates democracy — so long as the voters get it right.

Whatever one may think of the Donald, he has exposed not only how far out of touch our political elites are, but how insular is the audience that listens to our media elite.

Understandably, Trump's rivals were hesitant to take him on, seeing the number he did on “little Marco,” “low energy” Jeb and “Lyin‘ Ted.”

But the Big Media — the Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times — have been relentless and ruthless.

Yet Trump's strength with voters seemed to grow, pari passu, with the savagery of their attacks. As for National Review, The Weekly Standard and the accredited conservative columnists of the big op-ed pages, their hostility to Trump seems to rise, commensurate with Trump's rising polls.

As the Wizard of Oz was exposed as a little man behind a curtain with a big megaphone, our media establishment is unlikely ever again to be seen as formidable as it once was.

And the GOP?

Those Republicans who assert that a Trump nomination would be a moral stain, a scarlet letter, the death of the party, they are most likely describing what a Trump nomination would mean to their own ideologies and interests.

Barry Goldwater lost 44 states in 1964, and the GOP fell to less than a third of Congress. “The Republican Party is dead,” wailed the Rockefeller wing. Actually, it wasn't. Only the Rockefeller wing was dead.

After the great Yellowstone fire in the summer of '88, the spring of '89 produced astonishing green growth everywhere. 1964 was the Yellowstone fire of the GOP, burning up a million acres of dead wood, preparing the path for party renewal. Renewal often follows rebellion.

Republican strength today, on Capitol Hill and in state offices, is at levels unseen since Calvin Coolidge. Turnout in the GOP primaries has been running at levels unseen in American history, while turnout in the Democratic primaries is below what it was in the Obama-Clinton race of 2008.

This opportunity for Republicans should be a cause for rejoicing, not all this weeping and gnashing of teeth. If the party in Cleveland can bring together the Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich forces, the White House, Supreme Court and Congress are all within reach.

Consider. Clinton was beaten by Bernie Sanders in Michigan, and pressed in Ohio and Illinois, on her support for NAFTA and the trade deals of the Clinton-Bush-Obama era that eviscerated American manufacturing and led to the loss of millions of factory jobs and the stagnation of wages.

Sanders' issues are Trump's issues.

A Trump campaign across the industrial Midwest, Pennsylvania and New Jersey featuring attacks on Hillary Clinton's support for NAFTA, the WTO, MFN for China — and her backing of amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants, and for the Iraq and Libyan debacles — is a winning hand.

Lately, 116 architects and subcontractors of the Bush I and II foreign policy took their own version of the Oxford Oath. They will not vote for, nor serve in a Trump administration.

Talking heads are bobbing up on cable TV to declare that if Trump is nominee, they will not vote for him and may vote for Clinton.

This is not unwelcome news. Let them go.

Their departure testifies that Trump is offering something new and different from the foreign policy failures this crowd did so much to produce.

The worst mistake Trump could make would be to tailor his winning positions on trade, immigration and intervention — to court such losers.

While Trump should reach out to the defeated establishment of the party, he cannot compromise the issues that brought him where he is, or embrace the failed policies that establishment produced. This would be throwing away his aces.

The Trump campaign is not a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. It is a rebellion of shareholders who are voting to throw out the corporate officers and board of directors that ran the company into the ground.

Only the company here is our country.


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 21 thoughts on “Suicide of the GOP – or Rebirth?

    1. You,re the expert here.
      Respectfully, I must point out, that the chief thing about us Conservatives is our steadfast patriotism. I would crawl over
      broken glass to cast any vote which keeps Hillary out of the Oval Office. But, Trump scares me. I’m afraid that countless folks
      like me, no matter how completely fed up we are with the Republocrats who sell us out to the highest bidder at every opportunity
      may be to much the Patriot to vote for a loose cannon ego maniac who can, not only drag this Nation down even further, because
      of his character flaws, but also because the Power Boys would stymie him at every turn, out of pure malice, intentionally causing him to fail, in order to get the chance to regain the White House after Trump’ disastrous first term.
      Like millions of Americans I am totally disheartened that after the last two Presidential Elections in which the Power Brokers “allowed” us what we felt were some of the worst candidates that we have ever seen, that in this election, things are even much worse. I would rather Newt than anyone offered this time around, and I’m not all that crazy about Newt.
      Given that those in power tend to think of the American People as though we are a giant heard of cattle, they should begin taking to heat the old adage, that “you can fool all of the people some of the time,….” Frankly, we have eyes, and ears, and brains, and it’s reached the point for us, that enough is enough. Something is going to change. If that means four years of a Hillary disaster, followed by the deconstruction of the Republican Party, rebuilding into a new Party yet to be named, than that’s it. They’ve tried to milk the cow while eating it’s meat at the same time for to long. We may seem dumb and disinterested to them, but their fooling themselves it they fail to grasp that there are limits.

    2. Good article, Pat. Full of information that is accurate for what is transpiring. I said many months ago that the GOP would screw this up and hand it to the jail bird on the other side. I’m about done with them because they are trying to maintain their level of greed while the middle class gives it up to them. There is not much difference between repubs. and dem.

    3. Wake up republicans, can’t you see the unbelievable voters turnout? Can’t you understand that even democrats are tired of the present administration. Don’t you see that a lot of independents and even democrats are voting for Trump, and Trump is carrying the Republican banner? If you will only take advantage of this situation and push Trump all the way then the Republican is again on the steering wheel. If you say that this party is the one that will progress the country, stop illegal immigration, minimize the dole out, make the US military dominant again, balance the budget, protect the second amendment and so on and so forth, then stop trashing each other. Otherwise, you’re just making it easy for Hillary to win the upcoming election.

    4. Read the book Conspiracy of the 6 Pointed Star by Texx Marr’s. NAU, Goldman Saks, CFR . Cruz is a globalist lackey. Koch’s are controlled opposition globalists. Cruz does back the 2nd Amendment. He talks the talk .But he don’t walk the walk.The Bush Crime family – Silver spooned Yankees – Born again Texican’s. Get over the Civil War ! I am 2nd generation Italian American. Ellis Island 1907. Ct. Swamp Yankee !

    5. The left side leaning Republican establishment has given away the past 2 elections by not having the right person to vote for .
      This time we have someone worthy but the establishment
      Doesn’t want him look back in history the same thing happened to RONALD REAGAN !!!

    6. Trump is no Goldwater, Buchanan, Keyes, Perot or Ron Paul. He is the closest thing to an American Nationalist we will ever see in our life time again ! Nationalism is the only thing that will make America Great Again ! Yes Pat I was in you’re corner ! Every president since W. Wilson was in the globalists pocket. The pox on the Houses of Rockefeller’s ,Rothschild’s , Morgan’s. These globalists with the collusion of both political parties . Have Stabbed America in the Back ! We are just about bled out !

    7. Kevin S, So by saying ” I have not heard trump say anything substantial that makes me want to swear my allegiance to ‘him’ and ‘his movement’.” Well this means Hillary will win because of people like you that have a problem with We The People picking a winner. The system is free for all and what the GOP Rinos want is a system of picking what they want which is a dictatorship or just as bad as the socialist. Trump is the winner and he has better plans then Hillary, maybe not all that we would like but we need to vote for the best of the two even if we do not like all there opinions.

      Ted Cruz is a good man but I do not see him winning since he will not get much of the independent vote or the blue Democrats and the only way to win is to get those votes.

    8. I doubt that trump will hold to his rhetoric once he takes the office of the president for he himself said he would be different the first day. What most people are missing is that donald is a moderate, not a conservative nor a Christian. His leaning has been towards liberal dem’s up the past year, and is hard to believe that his change has been that complete. One can only make deals if willing to compromise their self or even this nation. Deals are surrendering one thing for another and we already have those in office willing to do that. I have not heard trump say anything substantial that makes me want to swear my allegiance to ‘him’ and ‘his movement’. It is the unknown that does cause anxiety in people since we have seen the results of unfettered politicians left to do as they please with no accountability. The citizens are to blame for this mess because people take little interest in following up on those elected to office and holding them to their own words. It is to easy to take one at their word and have blind faith in them, then set them free to do as they please. For so long the cry has been for a constitutional conservative to take the helm and lead this nation. We have one who is that, Ted Cruz. Sad that people have so quickly turned from wanting a conservative to a moderate populist with a failed history, both morally and politically. Words mean little, actions speak louder than words ever will. All are singing the praises of bringing democrats in to the republican party, but few stop to realize the effect that may have as most dem’s will never become conservatives, or adhere to those constitutional values that we hold dear.

      1. Ted Cruz is run by special interests. Wake up already. That guy is as establishment as it gets. Follow the money behind that guy and you will notice some interesting patterns. He’s also working with the criminal Bush family and the other defeated RINOs to try and cheat Trump out of the nomination. The RINO/Neocon kool-aid drinking cult are having a conniption fit about it and makes me laugh every time I see them on national news whining and crying about how Trump is mopping the floor with them and they can’t understand why hahaha. This article should be named ‘How The GOP Went Emo and Suicided Itself’.

        1. @txtruth,there ain’t no way you’re a Texan ! First,only a complete moron would think Ted Cruz is establishment,just the opposite ! Second,only a Yankee like you says ‘wake up already’ or ‘enough already’ ! Two giveaways you’re a Yankee,maybe a transplant in Texas,but a Yankee !

          1. Then you absolutely no nothing about Ted Cruz and have done no research on him at all, and no I’m not a Texan, but I’m smart enough to thoroughly research all the candidates. You need to start filling that big Texas head with some actual knowledge that Ted Cruz actually has the insider to the Wall Street Globalists written all him.
            He worked for G.W. Bush, who was very much into a New World Order (making speeches on bringing it to the people). His wife worked with Secretary Rice under Bush as director of economics and put together trade agreements. Ted pushed was responsible for pushing for Roberts, who legislated Obama Care from the bench by calling it a tax and making it into law.

        2. I don’t agree with you. By the way, still waiting for Trump to release his tax forms. I’ll suspect he never does since Trump was part of the establishment by providing financial support for the establishment. Particularly the Left.

    9. The Founders were AGAINST POLITICAL PARTIES!

      How Political Parties Began

      At first, our nation’s founders—including Hamilton, Jefferson, and others—believed political parties were evil and a threat to the new nation. But these early American leaders soon began to invent a new and essential role for political parties in a democracy.

      When the Constitution was written in 1787, the founders thought of political parties as “factions,” acting only for their own selfish interests rather than the public good. The founders saw instances in history when factions resorted to assassination and civil war if they failed to get their way.

      The writers of the Constitution believed that political parties would play no formal role in the new government. The Constitution made no mention of them.

      Even in electing the president, the founders assumed the absence of political parties. The Constitution established an Electoral College, which called for a small number of electors—elected or appointed in the states— to meet, deliberate, and choose the best person for president. The runner-up automatically would become the vice president.

      BRIA 24 2 a How Political Parties Began – Constitutional Rights Foundation
      CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS FOUNDATION Bill of Rights in Action FALL 2008 (Volume 24, No. 2) Politics How…|By Andrew Costly

      1. Well said. I see a parallel even a progressive should be able to understand. They are called Unions. They served a purpose and the top garnered POWER and never want to let go and the sheeple that are donating their $$$ to support the top are just heading for the cliff they see but ignore.

    10. The GOP died in 1990, gored by a troop of RINOs, but the Pitiful Pachyderm is too stupid to fall over. At this point, even the obnoxious Trump is a better choice than the Marxist big-rumped virago, Shrillary. If Trump is smart, he can obtain a lot of feminine support by picking as a running mate a fire-breathing, ultra-conservative female, such as Judge Jeanine Pirro – a brilliant, patriotic, outspoken, and, yes, beautiful woman.

      1. When your dead you don’t know it. The same can be said if you are stupid. The PEOPLE are speaking but the Elites of the Big 3 are not listening, or they are listening and are having the dying quivers of LOSING POWER.

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