Super Tuesday – Beyond the Headlines

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Super Tuesday - Beyond the Headlines
Super Tuesday – Beyond the Headlines
Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

USA –  -( Watching Super Tuesday results with Callista last night was fascinating.

During the day, we had attended a John Kasich town hall meeting a few blocks from our office. He and his wife Karen did a great job. Their daughters completed the image of a wholesome and loving midwestern family.

That night, the Super Tuesday we watched was a little different from the news media’s version.

First, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump have yet gained enough delegates to guarantee their nomination. There is a big difference between carrying a state and sweeping its delegates. Many states award them proportionally.

Trump has a greater challenge than Clinton because he still faces three opponents.

Despite carrying seven states Tuesday night, Trump's share of delegates was nibbled at on three fronts. Cruz carried Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska. Rubio did very well in Virginia (closing the gap dramatically in the last week) and won the Minnesota caucuses. Kasich split the Vermont delegates evenly with Trump. Because of proportional representation, winning the popular vote did not necessarily mean running away with the delegate count.

The result of this three-way fight was that Trump's total (316 delegates) is actually smaller than that of his combined rivals (365 delegates).

In the primary process so far, Trump has a sizable lead but not yet a majority. He has won 3.3 million votes, Cruz has won 2.8 million, Rubio 2.1 million, and Kasich and Carson about half a million each.

The establishment class sees a slim chance to gang up on Trump and deny him a majority of the delegates. This slender potential has the establishment in a frenzy.

  • If candidates and their SuperPACs can generate enough attacks, they might have a chance to stop Trump.
  • If Rubio and Cruz can team up on Trump in a few more debates (like they did in Houston), they might have a chance to stop Trump.
  • If Rubio can win Florida and Kasich can win Ohio, they might have a chance to stop Trump (since both are winner-take-all-states).

The next few weeks are their last chance. This is why the establishment is now driven to desperation. There will be no holds barred. The ads and the debate and the stump speeches will be savage and relentless.

They are stunned that Trump has been able to dominate the race in ways they never thought possible.

Matt Towery was prescient when he predicted well over a year ago that a Trump campaign would be quite different. Towery, a nationally syndicated columnist, pollster and author of the new book Newsvesting, predicted the following back in December 2014:

“The elite media will scoff at a potential Donald Trump candidacy for president. They will consider it a publicity move — and a bluff. The Washington insiders will write off Trump as completely unqualified to be a presidential candidate, much less president.

“And as usual, they will be wrong. I have no earthly idea if Trump could actually win the GOP nomination or defeat the likes of Hillary Clinton in the general election. Certainly Jeb Bush's decision to explore a presidential run makes him the likely candidate of the GOP establishment, cutting Mitt Romney off at the pass. But neither big name politicians nor a dismissive Washington, D.C. press corps should dissuade Trump from running for president.”


All of this energy is building up to a historic pattern. Fox and Friends had an amazing chart this morning. In state after state GOP turnout is up and Democratic turnout is down. This could be a very big indicator of the fall outcome. Here is their chart:

2016 Super Tuesday Voter Turnout
2016 Super Tuesday Voter Turnout

It will be remarkable to watch how this pattern develops over the next few months — and to see whether Trump remains underestimated.

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Duplicity by Newt Gingrich :

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  • 12 thoughts on “Super Tuesday – Beyond the Headlines

    1. GOP still doesn’t get it why Trump is leading , PEOPLE ARE TIRED ,POOR FROM TAXES ,TIRED OF THE LIES .
      And finally we are tired of GOP pushing Mitt and Newt .
      People want change good , bad , indifferent , what has been done hasn’t worked.
      You sold out our jobs , for fast food jobs , bailed out bankers making millions then the bankers got millions in bonuses for the bailout revenue. You let companies take our pensions and then leave the U.S. to avoid paying taxes. You allow airlines to do all their heavy maintenance overseas and then take a tax deduction for it . You say we are done fighting Iraq and Afghanistan yet still there. How many years has the American people been raped by Wall street oil , only to end because there is no where to put any oil in the world right now.
      So yes Trump is leading because everyone knows he’s in his own pocket not someone else s. The only way he gets away with saying what he does.

    2. Ever been in a War Zone? Ever hear that whistling of a bomb as it flies over head (hopefully)?

      Well that is that sound you are hearing at the edge of your senses. That fretful sound will continue to get louder as long as you hold on to a candidate that has ZERO LEGAL CHANCE.

      Note I said LEGAL as in every candidate should have a chance until that chance is STOLEN from them through what can only be deemed criminal political maneuvering. As the GOP is trying with Donald Trump and the GOP JUST LIKE the Democrats are a bunch of well fed parasitic wealth Elite who do not care about America but only themselves.

    3. Amen to the people and their choice. Our country’s problems are due to current leadership and thinking. The Elitists both parties there isn’t a thimble worth of difference between then. Therefore, electing current leadership (Romney, Rubio, or even Cruz) with their current ideas will not solve the countries problems. Credit this opinion to Martin Armstrong. An outsider presidency (non politician) is the country’s only hope for positive change, IMHO. I really respect Dr. Carson and think he would be a great president but it won’t happen. The republican elite with their latest political move to trash Trump via Romney and other RINO’S is despicable and expected really. At this point of the game (it appears to be their game) can we trust any politician and what they say? NO! They’re politicians! GET IT! I’m supporting the Donald!

    4. If the gop establishment won’t listen to the People.then they need to be replaced.Bottom Line,By the People,for the People.

    5. I would like to know which super Tuesday states have open primaries? The turn out vote seems to mirror a possible false flag effort, to get the ” unelectable Trump ” elected as THE candidate.

      1. That’s what I see this as. He won’t beat Hillary. If you like him more the Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich, that fine. But, by voting for him, you’re voting for Hillary. I hope everyone knows that.

    6. The more the little piggys squeal, the more I support TRUMP.
      Marco Rubio is a penis SIZE EXPERT
      Ted Cruz is a “christianzionist” Fifth Columnist

      TRUMP is the only candidate who has NOT BEEN PART OF THE PROBLEM.
      The jerks who ran America into debt and are LOSING the “war on terror” are NOT GOING TO SAVE US>

      1. Well, we like Ted Cruz, here, in his home state. He has consistently gone counter to his party in favor of the American people. He drives the Republican “loyal to the party first” hacks crazy. He is tough on illegal immigration. I’d like to keep him here as Senator for the preceding reasons.
        Also he clerked for the S. Ct. Anyone that clerked for the S. Ct. has to be brilliant, hard working, and know the law cold.

        1. Wild Bill- I See Cruz as the perfect replacement for Scalia or even better in the short run as AG to prosecute the criminals that have been in charge for the last decade. That would be something to encourage me to live past the age the idiots that put together actuarial tables.

          1. That is a terrific idea… Well, it would be ok with me to loan him to the American people for awhile, but when he is done, we want him back.

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