Trump Doesn’t Need To Talk Like A Conservative

By Ilana Mercer

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Ilana Mercer
Ilana Mercer

USA –  -( With his decisive victory on Super Tuesday II (March 15 2016), Trump is already winning for America.

We’ve won a reprieve. There will be no 13th Republican debate. It was cancelled by the candidate. Megyn Kelly can save her new outfit and mink eyelashes for the next liberal shindig she attends.

Despite the best efforts of Scarlet Letter “E” Republicans and conservatives, Trump has 673 out of the 1237 delegates required, 263 more than runner-up Ted Cruz. The New York Times—it lies a little less than Fox News—has conceded that “Rubio’s exit leaves Trump with an open path to 1,237 delegates.

Alas, bar the last debate, in Coral Gables, Miami, March 10 2016, the other 11 debates have not showcased the best of Trump.

And it’s not that Trump doesn’t talk like a conservative. Talking like a conservative is meaningless.

The Marco Mattel Doll mouthed near-perfect conservative bulletin points. Pull a string, and Barbie’s beau would disgorge conservative words and phrases from a rotating repertoire. Look the other way, and the Cuban Ken was passing liberal legislation with Chucky Schumer (Dem).

Talking like a conservative doesn’t mean a politician will act like a conservative.

Come to think of it, Republican presidents who talk and act conservatively are as elusive as Big Foot. There hasn’t been a sighting in maybe a century. A purist would cite Democrat Grover Cleveland as America’s last conservative president. He preached and practiced the maxim that “the people must support the government, but the government must not support the people.”

True, too, is that conservatives, younger ones, it seems, have adopted much of the Left’s Orwellian, illiberal thinking, thankfully alien to The Donald.

While the Left controls the intellectual means of production—schools (primary, secondary, tertiary), media, foundations, think tanks, publishing prints—the “Respectable Right” is hardly on the outs with the liberal smart set.

Both factions are agreed:

  • Endless immigration is a net good, as long as it’s legal.
  • Source of immigration is insignificant, as long as it’s legal. At heart, every Afghani, Iraqi or Somali are just closeted Jeffersonians.
  • Racism: Whites have come a long way and have a long way to go, ad infinitum.

Enter Michelle Fields: New Conservatives get as exercised as liberals about pursuing legal remedies for hysteria.

In such a national emergency as Fields caused, the advice of Humphrey Bogart, playing Rick Blaine in “Casablanca” (channeled by Woody Allen in “Play It Again Sam”), should be considered: “I never saw a dame yet that didn’t understand a good slap in the mouth …”

Fields, a reporter, claimed she was assaulted by the Republican front-runner’s surrogate. She offered iffy evidence for her allegations. Fields had scrummed Trump. She was too close for comfort to a candidate who’s the target of daily death threats. Solemnly, conservatives took to debating the “assault” endured by Fields and the merits of a legal remedy.

The law is an ass. But so are these conservatives. (The Fields matter has since been settled: Megyn Kelly will get Fields a spread in Vogue, Kelly’s alma mater.) …

… . Conservative talk is not all it’s cut out to be. When it comes to philosophical convictions (the stuff discussed above), most conservatives more closely resemble their beltway liberal friends than Republican Party voters. …

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  • 21 thoughts on “Trump Doesn’t Need To Talk Like A Conservative

    1. As soon as you started ad hominem attacks on Fox and Megyn Kelly I stopped reading. If Ammoland wants to print partisan political attack pieces that’s up to them but I won’t be reading. That’s not because it’s pro-Trump or anti-Trump, I feel the same no matter if it were Trump, Cruz or Donald Duck.

    2. I really like what Don said that anyone one who sits out this election is for Hitlary. That is precisely the reason why Obama rose in power and now some people are bound to commit the same mistake AGAIN. But this time it will be more fatal for the second amendment and it will be more fatal for the country’s future as a whole. Why protect the second amendment? Because that what makes the US different from the rest and that’s precisely the reason why other countries look up to the US as a leader. Take this away and we will just be like the regular folks, nothing special and will just watch Russia and China on the sidelines. Hmmm, but aren’t we missing something? Why are these countries rising when nobody among them could even own a handgun. Are we going on this direction?

    3. Take this from someone who lives above your northern order and I’m cheering for Donald too. But you don’t have to like the drivel that comes out of someones yap dut you danwell better support his right to say if that doesn’t work it won’t be long before nonof us will be allowed to speak.

    4. I’ve read the comments, and many of you make good arguments for your positions, and some of you just spout vitriol and hatred. That’s fine. Each to their opinions and everyone gravitates to what they do best.

      As for me . . I would gladly vote for Cruz, and I would gladly vote for Trump, because the alternative is Clinton, who is a lying conniving USA hater, or Sanders, who is a certifiably insane Socialist who would gladly push down the same path Europe is on and dying because of it.

      This much is for certain, I will never vote for a Democrat who would destroy the Constitution and crush the American way of life. Neither will I waste my vote on a write-in or third party candidate who has absolutely no chance of ever winning, because to do that is to give the Democrats the vote by virtue of the Republican not getting it. Am I a Republican? Not really. I’m a Constitutionalist and an Independent, but I will not be part of the problem by giving power to those miserable excuses for Americans . . . the Democrat Liberals.

      We need to stick together or we are all screwed!

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Get it together and vote or put up with the total destruction of this country by letting Comrad Hilery get it.

      2. Thank you Mikial,
        Finally a comment with some common sense.
        I just want to see someone nominated that has been selected by the people, and not by the GOP.
        Their last two choices have been complete losers.
        This country is dependent on our Constitution and our Bill or Rights. I believe Cruz is the strongest candidate
        in that regard.
        Anyone who says they will sit out the election if their candidate is not chosen, is really a Democrat in
        disguise. ANYONE concerned about our country will get out and vote Republican.

        As for FOX, they do not lie. They have a mixture of ideologies on their network, and they provide
        a balanced reporting. Just because they give EVERY candidate tough questions, does not mean they
        are out to get YOUR candidate.

        With the Supreme Court in play for the next election, it is CRITICAL they we nominate someone to
        put real Conservative candidates up for approval.

    5. Anyone who would rather “sit out” the election, rather than vote against Hillary, doesn’t deserve a free country to begin with. Our country, its constitution and our freedom, are predicated upon an informed and engaged people. Those who give up because things don’t go exactly their way….well, we all knew that brat when we were kids. “I’ll just take my toys and go home”. Good riddance. It’s probably best to leave the fate of the nation to those who actually still give a damn. Go Trump! Make America Great Again! As for Cruz, he is still not a natural born citizen no matter who says different. Why would anyone want to make the same mistake we made with barry soetoro?

    6. According to the dictionary, Trump is already a disaster.
      a. An occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress; a catastrophe.
      b. A grave misfortune.

      Anyone who champions individual liberties and a strengthened America (economically, militarily, diplomatically, morally) will rue the day this moron wins the presidency. Half the people voting for him are like anarchists who delight in seeing the wake of destruction he leaves for the conservative movement and for the Republican party.

      Right now Democrats are frantically doing “opposition research,” and Trump is a gold mine. Wait until we find out, gee, he’s not so rich after all. And that he should wear Si Robertson’s T-shirt that says “Everything I say is 85% true.”

      As a lifelong conservative, I now have to prepare for 8 more years of Obama-like rule from Washington. If it’s this nitwit vs. Clinton the crook, I’ll do what many will do: sit out the election for the first time.

      1. Sitting out the election means that you support HilLIARly. And you are calling Trump a moron? Are you really that stupid?

      2. So Hillary is not a gold mine for Trump? PLEASE she is a criminal! and Bill Clinton the intern molester? What will women think once Trump shows the country what Bill Clinton really is about! I look forward to the debates. McCain and Romney gave everything to Obama in the debates, they are the real problems, they are the reason we have Obama for 8 years!

    7. One thing the people have thought about, is who they don’t support any longer. Establishment politicians! Of either flavor. We The People gave Republicans an overwhelming midterm victory based on he promises they would stop obama, only to have our hopes dashed as they systematically gave in to every obama desire. They did nothing to stop obamacare or illegal immigration. Trump may not keep his promises either, but we don’t know that for sure. No one will know for sure until he gets in office. But one thing we do already know; there is no one else that meets the requirements of a “self funded non-politician” in the remaining candidates. There never was! Trump wins precisely because all others continue to be losers. Will Trump be any better? Will he keep any of his promises? Only time will tell.

    8. It’s too bad you aren’t happy about Mr. Trump winning the Presidential race in 2016, because he will win. A for your BS comments; they don’t matter – at all. Mr. Trump is a extremely smart, caring, sincere and patriotic American, who only wants to fix the giant mess left by the previous administration. This country is doomed, if any candidate, but Mr. Trump is elected. It’s a good thing that he is going to win. Bye now, no I will not be reading anymore of your ignorant remarks.

    9. It’s called a confirmation bias… people will remember what they like and forget anything they don’t. Trump literally has had every opinion on the issues, he shapes his views on whatever audience he is in front of. His followers remember what they like and ignore everything else. He intentionally leaves out detail and in those empty spaces, people fill in their own views and attribute to their beloved Trump. If you ask 10 different Trump supporters about what Trump’s policies are, you will here 10 completely different answers… but you will here a repeat of his beloved platitudes like the wall and that he is a businessman. He is the candidate addition of the “you must pass it to know what’s in it,” because no one knows what his true intentions are. He manipulates the media and people fall in step… the same people that are supposed to be the ones against the media and the establishment picking their candidates… He is a fraud and a wannabe dictator and he will be forced on America because people are “angry” enough to not think about who they are supporting.

      1. You are so full of it! Mr.Trump is a very smart, sincere and patriotic American, who wants to do the right things for this country. As for your thoughts on Mr. Trump’s intentions; he has made them known, but he isn’t the candidate you want, so in your mind; it can’t possibly be the truth. Well, get used to saying President Trump, because it WILL happen. Donald Trump will win In 2016 and in 2020, whether YOU like it, or not. Bye now…

      2. Trump might be considered a fraud but the timing was perfect for someone like this to come along. For sixteen years we heard about healthcare reform and how people were dying because of preexisting conditions. We heard this president talk about how he was going to close the loopholes that allowed companies to go over seas and take jobs. Now people are gathering around Mitt Romney. Now that’s a good one. Look at how many plants and jobs he is responsible for sending overseas. Romney keeps his money in the Grand Cayman’s to avoid taxes. We seen this president stick his nose into racial matters and of course on the side of the victim and of course giving the indication that he has there back. Never has he came out for the police officers and now you hear Clinton rant and rave about cracking down on the police and their policies. We hear sanders talk about letting people out of jail, the poor victims, wonder what one goes to jail for, hum maybe they did something against the law. You have some people with ten and twelve gun violations and they walk. Of course the answer to that is to take all the legal gun away from people. We see the constitution and bill of rights under attack just because a culture of people think it should not apply to them. We go to Mexico and get killed but when they come here we are to open our harts and wallets and embrace them. I have been a life long Democrat, the first year that I said that is enough of this socialism take over, don’t you know the Republican party has gone dingy. Stupid people are thinking that with the election of Clinton they can go past equality, not we can go for dominance. What’s going to happen when this culture finds out that it is not going to happen or I should say it is not going to happen with out violence? Trump and his family have been threatened with death because two groups feel like they have been threatened. When I was young and a divorced man did not pay his support he went to jail for a period of time now, just send the mother to the well-fair office and collect another check oh yes, when you need a pay raise, have another baby. Yes sir, just wait until we get Clinton in the White House, you talk about socialism and a Jockey for dominance, hang on. And we wonder why someone like Trump is making the splash he is. One other item, I can see the first debate with Clinton and Cruz. Clinton will look at Cruz and say you are not the person that the people elected, you are the person the big money people appointed, that shows the Republican party has no consideration for the people and the process. One of the new congressman when he came into office the last election was ask what he wanted for the Republican party, his answer was “total power forever”. This would be a hoot, Trump and Sanders.

      3. @Joe –

        ok I’m gonna rant now…seeing as you posted this on a gun friendly site…maybe someone can call me racist to try and shut down valid complaints like the BLM does, about white privilege.

        actually I think you have can replace Trump with Hillary in your statement.

        Last week a grand dragon of the KKK decided to back Hillary (has she dis-avowed him yet?) Her supporters have no idea, no clue, and the media is fully backing her, even with FBI criminal charges pending. Her supporters would arrest gun owners and intern them in camps, and totally be ok with removing free speech if it’s an issue that find offensive. Mark Dice often makes videos of her supporters on youtube- that are revealing if you want to see the real reason for fascism starting with her treasonous ideas, like people should be in ‘fun camps’- really? Arbeit macht frei. people will vote for her for no other reason than she’s a woman, but miss that she’s a liar.

        The thing about the federal charges when questioned by reporters she refused to even acknowledge she did anything aside from being caught up in a conspiracy by the evil R’s, and meanwhile her super delegates claim that even if the popular vote went to Bernie, she’s going to win their vote. So her people have stolen this selection on the D side already in her favor. what is she going to get elected and pardon herself, blaming the evil R’s for all her misfortune? please explain to me what media types are backing and looking the other way while supporting Trumps evil plans? /s

        (R -Fox news -can’t stand him, and blames him for BLM supporters starting disruption riots at his rally’s -in an effort to shut down his free speech)
        (D- MSN/CNN – blames him for being racist, in an effort to shut him down..)
        yeah, the media sure is behind Trump. what they are behind is selling advertising time.

        if both the D side and the R side establishment types want Trump gone, he’s got my vote. at least he’s not looking to steal my scary firearms, by confiscating my property unlike Hillary.

        Both parties are parasitic, and there needs to be other parties, and regular people should be stepping up to being involved in the election process- but the two parties make it impossible with out being rich.

        it would be more honest to randomly select someone from a phone book lottery then pull the switches for the D or R clowns.

        granted, that being said, I don’t 100% agree with Trump.

        I don’t agree with his stance on eminent domain for business -I believe in property rights for all people, I don’t agree with his idea to focus on terrorist family members, I don’t agree with the man on torture… there are some things Americans should never do even in war time. (so hopefully his people will tell him that’s just wrong, and he’ll decide that he’s actually wrong on that matter- he’s one of the few guys running that will admit when he’s actually wrong, and change his stance on an issue- unlike the knowingly wrong types who won’t)
        after all Obama has killed American citizens abroad with Drone strikes and claims to be good at killing people. (once declared a terrorist, no need for a trial, jury or anything…)

        I like the ‘making deals where American interests come before other countries’ , that seems like a great idea!
        cutting off money going to countries that don’t support America, and dumping the managed trade agreements, like TPP, NAFTA and GAT might actually bring jobs back to the US once incentives are removed for businesses to export jobs for profits. ending managed trade, because we had free and fair trade before the government decided to manage it.
        I can say that even while Obama and Hillary were actually for both wars that we are currently still in, Trump was against getting involved in both.

        what I can say is these choices are not the best people humanity has to offer, and sadly the worst excrement often floats to the top. So Trump get’s to fight around the worst of the worst while trying to stay clean, good luck.

        it should be a deal breaker for everyone is if the candidate can’t pass a background check to purchase a firearm, they shouldn’t be running, if they are authoritarian enough to think they can confiscate all weapons from citizens they shouldn’t be running for president… not in a freely armed country.

      4. When Hillary was asked what she would do for the steel industry in Ohio she replied I don’t know at this time but I will be there for you. That wasn’t much of an answer either !!!!!!!!!!!!

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