What Gun Control Happens in New York, Doesn’t Stay in NY

by Richard Pearson

If Hillary wins I suggest you buy a .22 reloader. Reloading 22 ammo.
If Hillary wins I suggest you buy a .22 reloader. Reloading 22 ammo.
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –  -(Ammoland.com)-  Today the Illinois House of Representatives will begin their 2016 Spring recess.

The Illinois House will be back in session on April 4th, 2016.

Next week the emphasis will be on the Illinois Senate. Please keep the instructions on filing witness slips, as we will be using them many times in the coming months. Because of your efforts, HB3160 and HB3160 Amendment 1 were held in committee. It is not over yet. Thanks to all of those who called State Representatives, emailed them, filed witness slips and contacted them in any way. Don’t forget IGOLD on April 6th, 2016.

I am always asked when will the .22 shortage be over. I have to tell you it all depends on the 2016 Presidential Election. The death of Justice Scalia certainly complicated the situation. The problem is the Hillary Clinton Express is rolling out of the station with a full head of steam. There are certainly storm clouds on the horizon. If Hillary wins I suggest you buy a .22 reloader.

In New York there are several more anti-gun bills being introduced in legislature. Before I get 5000 emails from those of you who don’t care about New York, remember that what happens elsewhere will happen here.

What happens in other states acts as an early warning system for us. As uncomfortable as it is, we have to develop a defense and face the reality of the well-organized, well financed anti-gun groups.

The newly proposed laws in New York State attack gun ownership, Second Amendment rights and the right of self-defense in several ways. First the law seeks to re-define what ammunition is, which is anything that can be hurled by a weapon – this presumably could include arrows and rocks. The state always controls the definition of a weapon so this could be far reaching. Before anyone could buy ammunition from a dealer they would have to go through a background check, just like purchasing a firearm. That would probably include a fee for the background check and maybe even a waiting period. If you were to buy ammunition that fit in a handgun but you have only a rifle, you would still need a handgun license. Many cartridges like 44-40, 357 magnum, 38 special and many more would fall into this category. Finally, if you were the owner of a registered “assault rifle” [most New York residents refused to register them] you would only be allowed to purchase twice as many rounds as one magazine would hold, once every 120 days. What if you owned a 9mm AR15? You would need to have a handgun license, go through a background check, have a waiting period, pay extra fees and then you could only buy 20 rounds of ammunition every 120 days.

And the anti-gunners claim this is not interfering with your Second Amendment rights. Right.

I know you are thinking this will not hold up in court – of course not. It is part of the anti-gunners strategy to wear gun owners down and make them give up. The other strategy they have is to make us sue for every right. They deliberately pass laws that they know are unconstitutional to run us out of money and keep us tied up in court. I’m sure we will see something like this in Illinois.

The first Super Tuesday has passed, and as of now, Donald Trump has 319 of the 1237 Republican delegates needed which is about 26%. Hillary Clinton has 1034 of the 2382 delegates she needs or about 34%. Both Trump and Clinton are on the way to their respective party’s nomination barring unforeseen difficulties.

The big elephant in the room for Trump is the Republican establishment and what they will try to pull on Trump. For Hillary, the big donkey in the room is the FBI’s investigation of her classified email violations.

The schedule of primaries and caucuses are as follows: Saturday March 5th – The Kansas Caucus, the Kentucky Republican Caucus, the Louisiana Primary, the Maine Republican Caucus and the Nebraska Democrat Caucus. On Sunday March 6th, the Maine Democrat Caucus and the Puerto Rico Republican Primary will be held. On Tuesday March 8th, the Idaho Republican Primary, the Michigan Primary and the Mississippi Primary will be held.

The following Tuesday, March 15th 2015, the second Super Tuesday which includes Illinois will be held. That will tell the tale I believe, barring the afore mentioned caveats. Be sure to get your absentee ballots ordered if you can’t vote early or be home.

Thanks for being a member.

Check out ISRA’s website at www.isra.org! Tell us what you think!

About Illinois State Rifle Association:

The Illinois State Rifle Association is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners Visit: www.isra.org

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Time to stop asking for permission to exercise constitutional rights and start acting like a damn free country.

Victor Cartwright

Some of you have said how the Constitution of our great United States of America is the document that gives us all our rights under the second amendment, when in fact it is a God given right, one whom no one can and ever should take away, so don’t fool yourselves a piece of paper has not provided us with rights it is great it exists (2nd amendment) but it nevertheless it is our God given right one all of us should never take for granted and fight always to protect.

Victor Cartwright

I am all in favor of someone, (anyone) learning English like I did, I’m not Hispanic but I speak 6 languages and Spanish is one of them and in Jorge Pedace’s comment he is defending our God given right to bear arms, and I have to say with so many Hispanics out there whom have not learned any English it is great that at least one is reaching out to them, they do vote after all, and if only a few of them come to our side that would certainly not hurt, I came here legally and had to wait… Read more »


Marxist and Islamists who infect our federal government plus the media whores who protect them will gleefully lie, falsify, fabricate, slander, libel, deceive, delude, bribe, and treasonably betray the free citizens of the United States.. Second Amendment foes lying about gun control – Firearms are our constitutionally mandated safeguard against tyranny by a powerful federal government. Only dictators, tyrants, despots, totalitarians, and those who want to control and ultimately to enslave you support gun control. No matter what any president, senator, congressman, or hard-left mainstream media whores tell you concerning the statist utopian fantasy of safety and security through further… Read more »


What’s happening in that ‘burg’ named New York is already influencing the ‘….bergs’ in New Jersey.

Unapologetically American

To Jorge Norberto Pedace
You may be an okay human being but you are one of the reasons Trump is doing so well. Americans want everyone in this country to speak FIN ENGLISH! Your comments have no credibility to them because no one but a select few know what the hell you said. If you can’t speak English either learn it or get the hell out!

Tom C.t

Well said. Just think, we have two presidential contenders that speak the same jiberish.


Your lack of education is both comical and staggering. The United States of America (what you call ‘America’) has no official language. It can’t because of the diversity that created and sustains this great nation. Real Americans know this fact, and if you don’t like it then “get the hell out.”

Wild Bill

“… diversity that created and sustains this great nation.” You think that that is a fact? I know that it is a liberal political slogan. La Raza says it all the time. What is your evidence for that being a fact?
And “Real Americans know this fact…” Really? Have you talked to all the real Americans, Marx?


Speak American Jorge!


He said that taking away gun rights hurts honest citizens who do not break the law.

Jorge Norberto Pedace

Sería terrible,que los ciudadanos del mayor país y más tecnificado del mundo en la construcción de armas,no pueda hacer uso,ni tenerlas porque una ley emanada de uno de sus políticos,con más criterio totalitario que práctico les prohíba,ejercer su derecho de toda la vida,en lugar de dictar leyes que pongan a buen recaudo a los insanos menta les,drogadictos,violadores,y asaltantes,y terroristas,hagan uso de sus armas,para quitarle a vida a inocentes y sem brar el terror en el territorio .Vuelvo a repetir la prohibición afecta a honorables ciudadanos,que nada tienen que ver con sembrar el panico a todos los habitantes.De la forma que… Read more »


Learn English and learn to write English,or go back to mexicow.


Why? English is not the official language of the United States.


google translators do a passable job. Perhaps YOU could consider learning a foreign language or three…. they come in handy at times. ALs, it shows a bit of culture and effort at being a well-rounded memeber of society. Maybe the guy DOE speak english, and write it well, and is just mssing with your head by writing in spanish….. and is a legal resident or citizen. Should he STILL “go back to mexico”? Are you sure that’s the country from whence he came? How bout if he was born here if permanent resident parants, whould he STILL “go back to… Read more »


Translation: It would be terrible, senior citizens and more modernized country in the world in building weapons, can not use, or have them because a law emanating from one of its political, with more totalitarian than practical approach them prohibit, exercise their right to life, rather than enact laws that put safely to the insane mint them, drug addicts, rapists and robbers, and terrorists to use their weapons to rob innocent life and sem brar terror in the territory .Vuelvo to repeat the ban affects honorable citizens, who have nothing to do with panic all the way habitantes.De want to… Read more »


“They deliberately pass laws that they know are unconstitutional to run us out of money and keep us tied up in court. I’m sure we will see something like this in Illinois.” Glad we have Richard Pearson from the IL State Rifle Association to explain how it all works. Pearson & ISRA have an impressive record of losses: doing NOTHING to advance concealed carry for 15 years, opposing the IGOLD march in Springfield, using and betraying Otis McDonald after taking him to the Supreme Court, and passing one of the worst carry bills in America, after the U.S. Federal Appeals… Read more »


Illinois does not have DTI. Must Inform Officer Immediately on Contact By Law? “NO” 430 ILCS 66/10 (g) A licensee shall possess a license at all times the licensee carries a concealed firearm except: (h) If an officer of a law enforcement agency initiates an investigative stop, including but not limited to a traffic stop, of a licensee or a non-resident carrying a concealed firearm under subsection (e) of Section 40 http://www.handgunlaw.us 9 of this Act, upon the request of the officer the licensee or non-resident shall disclose to the officer that he or she is in possession of a… Read more »


Lie. Nothing in HB183 requires the “officer” who questions the armed citizen to be on duty or in uniform. What’s an “investigative stop?” Anything a cop says it is. Maybe the guy who bumps into your car in the parking lot. Pearson can spin the Illinois Duty to Inform as “only if the officer asks” because he lives in an all-white small town with a Freemason ring on his finger. If you know the secret handshake and are one of the good old boys, the police are your friends. The ignorant rednecks buy into Pearson’s lies because they really don’t… Read more »