What’s New at This Year’s Outdoor Expo? Wildlife Assets!

Antlers, hides, head mounts and more will be in high demand

Wildlife Assets
Wildlife Assets
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Phoenix, AZ -(AmmoLand.com)- Get ready to place your bids.

For the first time, the Arizona Game and Fish Department will auction off its annual collection of wildlife assets April 2-3 during the 2016 Outdoor Expo at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, just west of Interstate 17 on Carefree Highway.

More than 100 sets of antlers, hides, skulls and head mounts, as well as wildlife artwork and taxidermy – all seized during law enforcement investigations, obtained from animals killed in vehicle collisions, or acquired through donations — will be put on the auction block. There also will be smaller loose antlers that will be sold by the pound, as well as some that will be turned into chew treats for pets.

While a detailed list of assets is unavailable at this time, the department soon will be posting photos on Instagram (www.instagram.com/gf_assets) as examples of some of the individual items that will be auctioned off (opening bid prices have not been established). Once the expo gets underway, photos of all assets will be posted for the benefit of those tracking their bids or wanting to see what items become available throughout the day.

“Besides the antlers, this year we have a couple of very large elk racks, some bighorn sheep hides, wildlife artwork and some fish mounts,” said Gene Elms, law enforcement branch chief. “It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a craft project, adding décor to your home, or picking up a treat for your pets, we’ll have something for everyone.”

Here’s how the auction works:

  • The majority of the sales are through a silent auction. The length of a silent auction is usually one hour. That time is lengthened for larger items, however.
  • All bids are recorded on a sheet so everyone is aware of the highest bid at all times.
  • A minimum bid will be established for each item. If the starting price is not met, that item will be removed and made available for bidding at a later time. Tip: The larger or more desirable items will be put on the auction block during high traffic times at the expo.
  • In addition to the silent auction, one item – usually a head mount – will be raffled off each day at the expo. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase.
  • Funds generated from the wildlife assets auction are used to purchase equipment and technology used in the investigation of wildlife crimes and to protect the state’s wildlife resources.

For more information about the 2016 Outdoor Expo, visit www.azgfd.gov/expo.

About the Arizona Game and Fish Department:

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is the state agency charged with conserving the entire range of wildlife within our borders, from big game such as elk and deer to smaller mammals, reptiles and fish. The Department is one of the nation’s leading proponents of the “North American Model of Wildlife Conservation,” which relies on sound science, public participation, active habitat management, strict regulation and active law enforcement to sustain wildlife populations.

For more information, visit: www.azgfdportal.az.gov.