Aging Rocker to College Kids: You’re Too Drunk, Violent, & Stupid for Your Rights

Micheal Stipe Aging Rocker to College Kids: You’re Too Drunk, Violent, & Stupid for Your Rights
Micheal Stipe Aging Rocker to College Kids: You’re Too Drunk, Violent, & Stupid for Your Rights
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Washington, DC – -( Throughout its history, rock-n-roll music has provided youth who are fed up with being lectured and condescended to by out-of-touch or hypocritical elders a voice to respond and to advocate for their own generation.

Athens, GA, rocker Micheal Stipe and his band R.E.M. helped fulfill that role for those who came of age in the 1980s and ‘90s with a string of memorable hits.  On Monday, however, Stipe said too much, and not enough, with a preachy, barely coherent editorial railing against the Second Amendment rights of today’s college students.

The occasion of Stipe’s lecture was Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s ongoing consideration of H.B. 859, a bill the legislature passed last month that would partially lift Georgia’s ban on the concealed carrying of handguns on college campuses for those with a concealed carry license. This bill recognizes two simple and irrefutable facts: Violent crime can strike anywhere and the law-abiding who obey gun bans on college campuses remain at the mercy of those who do not.

Stipe said the “battle” over the legislation “hits close to home” because he met his “future R.E.M. bandmates when we were all students at the University of Georgia in Athens.”

Why that would qualify him to argue against the rights of today’s students is not especially clear, but he apparently believes R.E.M.’s creative trajectory would have been interrupted if the band members could have carried guns on campus at the time.

Stipe went on to express the silly and unsubstantiated arguments that college administrators have used to explain why the same young adults who they portray as the best and brightest in their recruiting and promotional materials are too stupid, savage, and addled by substance abuse to exercise a basic right.

As with other gun ban advocates, Stipe is apparently unable to conceive of a law-abiding victim benefiting from the chance of meeting an attacker on equal terms.

“[S]urvivors of sexual assault,” he wrote, “may soon have to face an armed assailant at the time of the crime and again at the disciplinary hearing.” Yet as one advocate for the bill argued, “The fact of the matter is it is a fantasy for us to say right now guns will not appear on our campuses. All that means is someone of unlawful intent will be armed while licensed concealed carry holders will be disarmed.”

Nevertheless, Stipe’s attitude simply mirrored that of another opponent of the bill who insisted on the Senate floor that she would not want to have a weapon at her disposal, were she to be accosted by an armed attacker bent on raping and/or killing her. 

“No,” she said, “that gun would much more likely be used against me.”

This mind-numbing embrace of passivity, helplessness, and denial ignores the experience of millions of all ages, sexes, and physical states who have successfully warded off violent attack with firearms. They have included mothers, grandmothers, college students, even minors.

It’s an incredibly infantilizing and condescending outlook that would demand college students meekly submit to whatever victimization a predator might choose for them.

While that might be Stipe’s version of reality, it’s not the reality that most Americans agree with or live by.  Rather, it is the sentiment of a once relevant musician now so conditioned by the Establishment that he can no longer imagine a young adult standing on his or her own feet. For those who value both rock-n-roll and the Second Amendment, it’s the end of Stipe’s credibility as we know it.

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

  • 26 thoughts on “Aging Rocker to College Kids: You’re Too Drunk, Violent, & Stupid for Your Rights

    1. – The have a sense of bitter practicality passed down by many generations . Ie “don’t throw that piece of baling wire out , Ya might need it” . No privelege or entitlement in them, or that. Note to Wild Bill, You know these boys I think Sir ! They are the ones that regardless of where we stood in the C.O.C. ,we wished we had 10 more just like them . 🙂

      1. Hey Thom, I have some used baling wire on a field expedient “spool” myself. Way out here in rural Texas, the kids are great. We put up hay three crops per season, I have twelve year olds that work harder than “men” in the city. Not all, but some even tithe! The VFW, in my little town, puts on a youth shoot four times a year for cash and ribbons, and you should see those junior Texans (boys and girls) shoot. Most impressive.
        I’m not saying everyone is perfect here in Texas, but the youth really give a guy hope for the future.

    2. Maybe his kids are irresponsible and need a safe space away from “microaggssions” . However in rural America that’s far from the case. Kids in my area catch the bus @ 0530-0545 in the morning for school. They also usually can operate heavy equipment,do carpentry,tend animals and shoot a rifle offhand standing position to 500 yards. So as it is in so many other ways, we have two completely separate nations . Unfortunately our kids are held down a bit, because of the lowest common denominator that has become the norm. But I’ll tell you in a fight? I’d take one of these boys or girls to 25 of their opposite any day ! They can whip their weight in Wolverines!

      1. Maybe in your rural area Thom. maybe just there. But let me tell you, I don’t live in California or in Philly and I hear or read on the news ALL the time about rapes and all kind of stuff at the campuses here (plus, I listen at their conversation when they go though the airport) and I live in freaking Utah, not a “liberal” state or anything like it…Maybe those college kids in Montana or Wyoming are different…

        1. +Fernandino. I hear ya and know exactly what you are saying. Not enough kids like the ones on my neck of the woods . But since most seem to be as worthless as teats in a Boar ? I had to speak up for the few who arent. And Utah? Sorry to hear that because you are right in that that’s far from a liberal state. Just look at what became of the grandkids of the Dust Bowl refugees . They are now todays Californians! Just proves the theory of entropy I suppose! Take care.

    3. He is right. “You’re Too Drunk, Violent, & Stupid for Your Rights” Many college students are too drunk, violent and stupid to make any claim to their rights, specifically free speech. They don’t know how to support the free speech of those they disagree with and abuse their own free speech rights by saying totally stupid and ignorant things. But, few of the drunk, violent, and stupid students would ever try to get a gun and concealed carry license. Those that obtain concealed carry licenses are statistically people who are engaged in understanding the truth of our society and the obligations of living under the rule of law. They are far more responsible that those ‘drunk……’ students that Stipe appears to be addressing.

    4. I saw REM at a concert in 1981 called moumtain air. They played few songs and the crowd (including myself) was booing so loud they went whining off the stage. Its funny how things dont chamge much in 30+ years. I also scored this super hot young lady that day and saw some good bands, so it turned out to be a great day for me.

    5. Even when I’m a gun owner and I carry everyday, what this singer described in here (never REM fan, so not much of a really paying attention to what he said) it’s totally true: those college kids are extremely stupid and violent. Have you tried to have a serious conversation with one of them? I’m even, mostly the time, shocked they made it to college!!! In the other hand still, if one of those chicks on college feel in danger to get rape (what happens very frequently) should have the right to protect herself… It is kind of complicated. But no doubt 90% of those kids are superlative stupid!!!

      1. Then your hanging around the wrong bunch and they are probably not the ones even interested in carrying.

    6. Here’s a newsflash. He’s only 56. Here’s some old news. His brain left town 40 years ago.

      1. Wow, fifty-six! And he only looks eighty-six. I wonder if his values driven life style had anything to do with it!

    7. Ok so ya got this one has been, Out of the Closet, Left Wing Liberal Looser f*ggot Stipe, making a ignorant ill informed statement.
      On the other hand ya have rapper turned actor Ice T who is a staunch defender of the Bill of Rights and an armed citizenry. In an interview in July 2012, after the Aurora Theater shooting, Ice T rejected the calls for stricter gun laws. He made note of the fact that even without guns, evil people intent on killing others will find a way to do it. He also stated that guns in the hands of citizens are a protection from criminals and a last resort against tyranny.
      Also you can’t forget to add good ole Ted Nugent Godfather Rocker pro gun, and 2nd Amendment

      1. Even though said by a “Hollywood type” it is true enough, and I am glad that you brought that out Chief. Another way to put it is, “When Cain slew Able there was no gun around.”

    8. I believe that Stipe was chastizing himself… too drunk, violent and stupid. Unfortunately, someone heard him mumbling and thought his drug destroyed brain cell ramblings were prophetic.

    9. People will most often rise to the expectations of them. There is little of that for a rocker though Uncle Ted proves that it can be done.
      I had 17+yr olds hauling live missles from the plant in an Arkansas to the storage in Oklahoma. They were armed guarding the gates of military posts and airports after 9/11. They were in college too.
      They also drank like fish WHEN it was appropriate.
      Their had their stuff wired tight when it was needed. They carried weapons and that uniform wasn’t the magic cloak of good sense so there is absolutely no reason to deny them the ability to defend themselves.

    10. Uhhh that fruit should go back to sucking tube-steak and shut the F up. My God, he looks like he is 95 yrs old and has the HIV…

    11. I don’t know where drug addled performers get the idea their ideas matter to anyone but them. If he couldn’t sing, he’d be a nobody. And when I think of it, when’s the last time anybody paid him to sing?

    12. To keep it simple… What a jackass. I’m sorry. That was an affront to donkeys around the world.

    13. I can smell the remnants of the band party’s from here. Kind of smells like sex, fried brain cells and dope.

    14. Stipe is stupid,he took offense to Steven Tyler carrying a fake gun on stage to an awards show, several years ago when Terminator 2 came out. Stipe claimed Tyler pointed the fake gun directly at him when he was sitting in the audience. Stipe is another person who thinks that only his rights matter and yours don’t

    15. Some rich, queer rock n’ roller living in a gated community, probably with armed security. WGAF?

    16. He is correct that many college students these days, are not mature. However, his conclusion is haphazard at best. A better approach, I think, is to speak to all gun enthusiasts about responsibilities with the expectation that they take gun ownership and safety seriously. In that way, you are most likely to bring out their self respect and desire to live up to their responsibilities and move to a higher level of maturity in that process. People tend to live up or down to our expectations.

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