Ammunition: More Fun Than Getting a Box of Underwear or Razors Every Month

With the rise in popularity of subscription programs, you can get nearly anything on a reoccurring schedule – even ammunition.


Boise, ID -( With the promise of convenience, time savings and discounted pricing, monthly subscription programs like Amazon Subscribe and Save or Target Subscriptions are gaining popularity with the public.

The problem for gun owners: Amazon and Target don’t sell ammunition.

One company has recognized this fact and built a service providing gun owners with a regular purchase program for ammunition.

Automatic Ammunition from Ammo² gives firearm enthusiasts a way to stock up on ammo every month – on autopilot. Customers purchase small amounts of ammunition but get bulk ammo prices. Ammunition inventory accrues until the customer requests it, or it gets triggered for automatic delivery.

Dan Morton, President of AmmoSquared: “Two problems with ammunition subscription services in the past was the lack of flexibility, and high prices. Customers generally paid a fixed monthly subscription for overpriced ammunition. We set out to change that.”

“AmmoSquared is different – we modeled our program on what gun owners actually wanted. We don’t force our customers into a set mold. Our subscriptions start at $5 a month and we offer a variety of calibers and quality grades to choose from. Our prices are similar to what you pay when you purchase ammunition by the case.”

In the past, gun owners had primarily two ways to purchase ammunition: by the box at local retail stores or by the case for a greater discount. With Automatic Ammunition from Ammo², customers can purchase fair priced ammo on a reoccurring basis – by the round.

AmmoSquared - monthly ammo subscription program
AmmoSquared – monthly ammunition subscription program

It works like this: Customers sign up for a variety of calibers and quality grades (think match ammo vs. steel cased or self-defense vs. plinking) in increments of $5. On the first of the month, the program automatically purchases a specific number of rounds for each customer based on the company’s cost per round. These are then added to the customer’s inventory. Total accumulated ammo is viewable on the customer’s inventory page and can be delivered “on demand” or with automatic “triggers”.

Shipping ammunition is not like shipping a box of cereal or a tube of toothpaste – it is heavy and expensive.

AmmoSquared’s approach is to provide customers with the option of receiving their ammunition at different intervals: by the number of months or when they have accrued a certain number of rounds, 250 or 500 for example.

“Shipping is what drives up the prices in ammunition subscription models, while we can’t completely remove it, we’ve minimized it by giving our customers control over when they want their accumulated ammunition delivered,” says Morton.

The company currently offers a variety of popular pistol and rifle ammunition (including 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, 38Auto, 38 Special, 5.56, 7.62 NATO and 7.62×39) and has plans to offer shotgun and rimfire ammunition in the future.

To learn more about Automatic Ammunition from Ammo² visit them on the web at, email [email protected] or call 208-557-1911.

About AmmoSquared LLC:

Ammo² takes a different approach to subscription ammunition. With Automatic Ammunition from Ammo², gun owners can purchase small amounts of ammunition on a regular basis in a cost effective and painless way, but still pay prices similar to buying bulk. No longer required to pay hundreds of dollars up front to buy cases of ammunition at a time, firearm enthusiasts can now set up a regular reoccurring ammunition purchase program similar to how they might buy stock through a regular investment program. This allows gun owners to weather the ups and downs of the ammunition marketplace and “dollar cost average” their ammunition purchases over time.

For more information, visit:

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Oddly enough, Target does not sell ammunition… or any other gun-related items. What was your concern about “sodomites” again?

I couldn’t give a rat’s patoot about where some joker wants to take a pee. Why do you?

Pistol Pete

I Will never Shop at Target Again
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Your choice. Why waste time time and energy worrying about someone’s plumbing?

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Wild Bill

I like shopping around on the computer. is a free service and gives me nearly real time prices at various outlets. Then, I have to add in the cost of shipping to figure out the cost per round. But it gets my around sales tax, sometimes a good price, and sometimes free shipping.


Bill for the WIN,
Unless I’m missing something this service is a set charge (you elect a monthly “contribution” but the price is what the price is), I’d rather hold my money and buy in bulk when I want to/need to… or see a good deal.

With this system 9mm could spike to $1.75/round for some stupid reason (like gouging) and my account would automatically buy it any way, when I could have held that money for another week or month till the price crept back to reasonable and then just bought more.