Announcing Free Business Spotlights for Gun Related Businesses

Gun Chase Directory Launches Free Business Spotlight To Give The Gun Industry Greater Exposure
Gun Chase

United States -( A leading gun related business directory has today announced the launch of their Business Spotlight section to give gun related businesses greater exposure.

Gun Chase ( has become one of the most recommended directory sites to help consumers find products and services relating to guns. The new service allows businesses to stand out through the ad-editorial feature service.

With one in three Americans owning a gun, the gun industry has become a multi-billion dollar business. More gun related businesses are now trying to gain a stronger foothold and increase their revenue share through promotion, direct advertising, and special offers. Some of those businesses are spending thousands of dollars on a monthly basis through advertising with little or no return. The Gun Chase Directory are experts in helping businesses get noticed, and that is why they have introduced their Business Spotlight section as they know, ad-editorial provides a greater response and return.

Although advertising is still a positive way to communicate with the potential customer, a more direct approach and more successful way to gain a response and get noticed is through ad-editorial. More people are going to read an ad-editorial than look at an advert. The reason behind that according to a spokesman for The Gun Directory is an ad-editorial comes across in a more friendly manner and people enjoy reading and gaining knowledge.

A spokesman from The Gun Directory said: “A lot of people glance at an advert but do not take that much notice. But, when they see an article they will read it and without them knowing it, they are being introduced to a company and a product or service, allowing the direct selling to come across naturally.”

The Business Spotlight (, which is currently free of charge allows the business to get the message across to the potential customer. When signing up for the service, a reporter from The Gun Directory will send a list of questions to the advertiser for them to fill in. The reporter will then turn that into an interview and article and publish it on the site.

The new service has already achieved positive results, which can be seen here (