APEX GEAR Introduces COVERT Bow Sight with a Detachable Bracket

Popular long-range single-pin roving sight now available with a detachable bracket for easy portability, storage and adjustment.

APEX GEAR Introduces COVERT Bow Sight with a Detachable Bracket
APEX GEAR Introduces COVERT Bow Sight with a Detachable Bracket
Apex Gear
Apex Gear

Richardson, TX -(AmmoLand.com)- APEX GEAR, manufacturer of performance bowhunting accessories, has expanded this year’s product options to include a detachable bracket version of the popular COVERT sight.

This provides hunters with a longer sight radius for increased accuracy and a large range of adjustment for precise tuning.  The detachable bracket allows archers to quickly and easily remove the sight from the bow without altering pin alignment—a huge advantage for storage or travel.

The detachable bracket version of the COVERT sight maintains all of the fan-favorite features that brought COVERT to the forefront of the archery industry. The VERSA•PIN design allows shooters to quickly change pin color or size in the field without changing fibers (or point of aim) and the range adjustment dial provides smooth and precise aperture movement to utilize the single-pin sight at any distance. Specific arrow/point/bow combinations are easily calibrated with stick-on yardage tapes (over 120 included) making even the most customized setup predictable and intuitive, at any distance.


The COVERT Single-Pin detachable bracket sight is designed for intermediate and advanced archers, especially shooters who frequently travel with gear and also require long-range accuracy.


The COVERT Single-Pin detachable bracket sight comes with a black finish and MSRP of $184. The original (non-detachable bracket) sight has an MSRP of $159. Both versions are available for purchase at shooting sports retailers and at www.apex-gear.com.


  • Detachable bracket design for easy removal and adjustment of the sight.
  • Ultra-smooth easy one–hand adjustments.
  • GRAVITY–LINE rotational adjustment aligns pin movement with gravity.
  • Includes over 120 pre–marked yardage tapes to simplify setup.
  • Rear–facing, easy–to–see yardage tape location.
  • Perfect for any light conditions.
  • Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level.
  • Bracket incorporates dampened end–of–travel stops.
  • Adjustable yardage pointer.
  • Adjustable for left and right handed users.
  • 700 Hour battery life
  • Patent Pending.
  • MSRP:$184 (Item #AG2311BD)

For more information about COVERT series sights or Other APEX GEAR products, visit www.apex-gear.com.

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APEX GEAR is a manufacturer of performance driven archery equipment and bowhunting accessories. Best known for catering to the serious bow hunting enthusiast, the APEX GEAR lineup expands each year, driving quality and innovation in the archery industry. APEX GEAR is based in Richardson, Texas, and sells through shooting sports retailers across the country.

For more information, visit: www.apex-gear.com.