Brady Campaign’s Answer to NRA’s Strong Independent Women Stories… Kid Snuff Films

By Don McDougall

Alice PSA - Brady Campaign - Generation Lockdown
Alice PSA – Brady Campaign – Generation Lockdown
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Fairfax, VA -( The Brady Campaign makes snuff films for kids, and a documentary that spends its last 1/3 of the film GLORIFING the Aurora Theater shooter, is now out on-line. What a world we live in.

You know you think you’ve seen everything, and now these two groups come out of the shadows and do more harm to the country than good.

Let’s start at the bottom of the list, a film by a company called Brave New Films decided to give the shooter from the Aurora theater all the publicity and notoriety he desired. I mean SERIOUSLY! So let me set the record straight. Mass killers do this for the notoriety and the publicity. Oh, and these killers are mostly all clinically insane. By providing them what they so crave, you serve to do two things.

  1. Reinforce the belief that you CAN get publicity from a mass killing.
  2. Help promote and empower copycat murders!

You’ve noticed that this article never used the name of the killer of ANY mass shooting? Because by collectively denying them the publicity and notoriety they so crave, you in some small way prevent others from doing the same.

The Newtown Murderer spent ten years alone in a windowless basement playing video games where he could practice killing people. He dreamed of being the most noted mass killer of American History. Now these clowns come along and try to paint the NRA as evil, while helping fuel the next mass killer. I wonder if they’ll accept the blame once they’re done. (See the end of the article for a man who did.)

One can easily see some poor, ill mind loner sitting in a windowless basement taking notes from this film and planning on what will happen when it’s their turn. This filmmaker is burning down a house to kill a mouse. They admit their motivations’ are purely political. It does not matter the damage they do as long as they achieve their ends.

Snuff Films for kids. From the Brady gun banners.

PSA Peter Pan Generation Lockdown & Brady Campaign
PSA Peter Pan Generation Lockdown & Brady Campaign

You don’t think kids watch these videos and say, “Gee Daddy” after watching Peter Pan get his head blown off, “I think we need to ban assault weapons and have stronger background checks” do you? This is kiddie porn with guns. These are snuff films. I have no idea what the people who made these films could be thinking. The comments of the group that made them was to “one-up” the NRA.

So let me get this straight?

The NRA has a feminist author write a parable about how strong independent women can use guns to protect themselves and not need to be trapped in a misogynist society. The response of the Brady campaign is to make a snuff film killing off fairytale characters for children. All you gun grabbers missed it, the stories the NRA published are not intended for the kids but the MOMs!

I’m sorry I just don’t get it. I think the people over at Brady have lost their minds.

What I do see is that these go way beyond hypocrisy. These are not educational or sarcasm. The existence of these films damage society. They help create the next Aurora Theater or School shooting. They desensitize children to violence.

Right now any anti-gun lefties are just laughing and ignoring me. But I’ve got one last piece of information to share. The book RAGE by Steven King.

Mr. King pulled the book from publication after it was found in the reading material of four school shootings. Mr. King said the following:

“My book did not break [these teenagers] or turn them into killers; they found something in my book that spoke to them because they were already broken,” he said. “Yet I did see ‘Rage’ as a possible accelerant, which is why I pulled it from sale. You don’t leave a can of gasoline where a boy with firebug tendencies can lay hands on it.”

Four different teenagers who had committed shootings said they had copies of “Rage.” The book was originally published in 1977 under King’s pseudonym, Richard Bachman.

King was as much responsible as these others are irresponsible and dangerous. To the people who made the snuff films and movie glorifying a mass killer. Where did you leave your can of gasoline?

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Glad that both Slimeball Brady’s died. It is unfortunate that their organization did not die with them. All it does is try to make criminals out of Honest people hopefully someone will sue the organization into oblivion and it will go bankrupt and fall off the end of the earth.


The scum floating around at the Brady sewer and the VPC cesspool are of the lowest order. Only sick minded creatures would put out the kind of filth they do! But, I repeat myself.

Chris Cliff

The Brady Campaign never had a mind to lose. They were mindless from the start.


Glad that both the Slimeball Brady’s are dead. Too bad that their organization did not die with them. Unfortunately it is still around to destroy the lives of law abiding citizens. If we are lucky maybe It will be sued into oblivion and go bankrupt.

2nd Amender

ever been shot at, Ian?
that’s as realistic as it gets!

trollers trying to come across as know better do-gooders are nothing more than the folks mentioned who would use children as a means to an end.

mass murderers come in all shapes, but the problem is no one knows what shaped them until AFTER they kill!

that’s why we should be made alert by all means possible, got it?


I love playing video games. After years of firearms ownership, I haven’t had so much as a single thought of going to a school or a theater and murdering everyone in the place. Yes, I play violent video games. Grand theft auto, call of duty, doom, battlefield, so on ad infinitum. My point is that video games aren’t the problem. Parenting (lack thereof) is the problem today. Parents expect school to parent and daycare to raise their kids.

The NRA needs to stop responding to this stupidity with stupidity. Denounce it. Make it short and sweet, then move on.


No, we don’t. We expect them to help. It would be nice if society wasn’t working really hard to make things worse. I am a full time dad with three kids and it’s impossible to keep the wrong images away from them. The US Army uses video games to train their soldiers and violent movies and video games don’t help us parents raise kids. You can’t watch your children 24/7 they go to friends homes, to birthday parties and sure enough center stage at Chuckee Cheese are Zombie killer games with a shotgun. Same in the movie theater where “the… Read more »


How about you be responsible for your children and not allow them to be in places that have these games and movies. Parental supervision is lacking in this country. I grew up as a poor white kid in a poor multi-neighborhood and no one I knew became a mass murder even after growing up in a violent inner city neighborhood. Most of joined or were drafted and went to Nam. If it takes a “village” for you to feel your children are safe then you really are the one with a problem.


Really, you think I’m not responsible because I’m concerned about there being to much glorification of violence in tv, movies and games? Backwards logic. You are clearly not a parent but you feel comfortable preaching to those of us who are, who DO care and are vocal about caring? You can’t go anywhere without there being games that glorify violence. You can’t raise your child in a bubble and it’s not physically possible to be with three kids every waking hour. They have to integrate into society and society glorifys violence while persecuting those who actually prepare themselves to defend… Read more »

Wild Bill

Whit, I’d like to offer my help. I have a ranch down here in E. Texas, with plenty of work to do. It is the kind of work the turns young people into civilized, caring adults. It is amazing how honest labor molds kids into the kind of adult that I think you would want your children to be. You all can live in the caretaker house. Of course there would be no play dates, birthday parties, video games, movies, or any of the things that distract modern people. Just a little responsibility, lots of sweat, and some 4-H. I… Read more »


Most kind of you! Sounds like a great vacation. However until they are out of preschool I’m restricting their labor to chores on our own farm here in TN. Plus it’s not really a great solution to de-integrate from society just because Hollywood has its act all screwed up? After all we do want our kids to make friends and go to social events with those friends don’t we? Technological changes can’t be hidden from despite their dangers and we parents can and should hold society accountable. Society seems perfectly comfortable blaming all our children’s issues on us.


Clark Kent

Whit: And it only takes ONE village idiot to ruin a child. If you don’t see that you are a fool. Why did you have kids to begin with if you can’t/won’t control them? And don’t play the ‘I can’t do that’ card. YOU are the adult; THEY are your KIDS.


You are right, I’m a fool.
For arguing on the Internet with those of closed minds. You raise your kids, if you have any.

Wild Bill

Whit, you sound like a good and thoughtful dad. Good luck to you. And pay not attention to CK, and persons of his ilk, they don’t actually know anything or do anything. They just criticize, kibitz, and insult.
Once he wrote that U.S. forces ran off from Viet Nam (due to WD-40). He knows as much about child rearing as he does about U.S. forces. We just laugh.


Who actually believes that playing video games is practice for killing people? It’s as absurd as believing a book has that kind of influence.

Kiddie porn with guns? Seriously?

I understand this stuff is absurd, but beating these drums does not help the pro 2nd Amendment cause, it just makes gun owners look like old farts whose understanding of society ended in the 80’s.

So, yeah… this film is bad, but please if you are going to write about it do be realistic.

Mark Are

Seems to me that this article is a little “out there”. Don’t give these folks that produce this crap the time of day either.
And as for psychos in basements…I hope they stay there because it seems that if they have enough backing they can make it into the Whitehouse where they can drone bomb anyone they feel like which is a lot more dangerous then some nut going on a rampage in a theatre.

Author OP

Ian, Are you spending 18 hours a day for the past 10 years playing FPS games? If you had a family member who did would you try to get them help? (I hope so) As for the book – 4 mass shooting 4 copies of the book; and the author pulled the book from publication. Read King’s comments they seem pretty spot on to me. Do I think you are practicing killing people with a video game? No. Do I think video games can desensitize you to violence? Yes that’s been proven. Does playing a video game make you a… Read more »


Actually, the military does… and I strongly support the military. The difference is that the military isn’t glorifying it, they are fine tuning reflexes. They do the same thing we did as cops in the 1970s. We trained using filmed situations, plastic bullets, and a screen that was slotted so the bullets went through without damaging it.

But all of this is absolutely not the same as the tactics of the Brady Bunch. They use lies, warped data, and myths to indoctrinate sheep.