California Bill That Allows Coworkers to Violate Your 2A Rights Passes

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Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Sacramento, CA -( AB 2607 was heard earlier yesterday, and it is one of the most unconstitutional measures we have seem yet.

The bill, authored by Assembly member Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), seeks to expand the scope of the recently enacted unconstitutional gun violence restraining orders.

It allows an employer, a coworker, a mental health worker who has seen the person as a patient, or an employee of a secondary or post-secondary school that the person has attended to file for a gun violence restraining order.


If this bill were to be signed, your boss, your coworkers or your anti-gun, indoctrinating professor could strip away your Second Amendment rights.

There was a chance earlier to kill the bill in the incredibly anti-gun Assembly Public Safety Committee. Powerful arguments from the FPC-led coalition were able to sway some democrats from voting on the bill.

Unfortunately, there were two democrats, Patty Lopez and Evan Low, who weren’t in the room to hear those.

Thanks to you, we were able to jam up their phone systems to the point that we shut them down urging them to vote with the ACLU, public defenders and mental health professionals in opposing this bill.

But it wasn’t enough this time. The bill barely made it out of the committee.


Now this and the 7 anti-gun bills that made it out of committee yesterday (one got moved to another date) are all heading to Appropriations next. This is where a good chunk of all bills go to die as the committee will hold them for fiscal concerns.

We need to be proactive and start voicing our opposition to these bills and asking the committee to send them to the “Suspense File” and keep them there. (That essentially means they cost too much money to implement and keeping them on the Suspense File is their way of killing bills without actually having to vote “NO”).

Act now and sign the petition demanding all of the GunMeggedon bills are moved to the Suspense File.


Thank you all again for your hard work yesterday. It wasn’t the outcome we were hoping for, but we came closer than we have before in that committee.

For Liberty,
Richard Thomson
Grassroots Director

About the Firearms Policy Coalition:

Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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Tired of Political Correctness

You idiots in Krapafornia keep electing the trash that you have over and over, you get what you deserve in that crap state. The majority is so done with the pot heads, plastic people and the Krapdashians. You have to be incredibly stupid to live and retire in such a well known backwards state of Stupidity. I’m not saying your the only state but man I think you lead in supreme stupidity, who’s idea was it to give illegals drivers licenses and let them protest immigration policy in front of government buildings and yet not round their stupid asses up???… Read more »

An American

Dont throw the baby out with the bath water my friend. California is a wonderful state. I lived there for 3 years. If you ever visited it You would know. The problem as you mentioned is that they vote in terrible progressives. Jerry Brown made it legal for illegals to have drivers licenses. Bill AB-60 was passed on January 1, 2015. It’s not the states fault. Its people like Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi whom are bringing the state down to its knees. This trend of ultra progressives politician’s will pass. The state cannot sustain this type of goverment for… Read more »

Mike Murray

In other words, the land and sea are beautiful, it’s the idiots that inhabit them that screw things up. Which means the State sucks. I did live there while stationed at Camp Pendleton for 2 1/2 years. It sucked then, and still does.

not going for it

This is happening in cali for one reason. There aren’t enough residence who really give a sh*t. There are reasons this doesn’t happen in Arizona,Texas, Ohio and such. We FIGHT BACK yet everything they do in California, they need outside help. Most are posed to help because if we don’t then California becomes the proving grounds to implement stupid laws NATION wide. In court cases they will refer to cases where these laws were referred to as having helped jail people in prosecution. The fact is the more they win the more they will take. The same a safe screaming… Read more »

Mike Murray

This is Liberty? Hiding your exercise of a Constitutional right in order to preserve it? Think for a moment what that says about our supposedly “free country”. Watch what you post or email, big brother is watching (so much for the 1st Amendment), conceal your gun ownership (so much for the 2nd Amendment), don’t encrypt your information and tolerate warrantless searches (so much for the 4th Amendment)… and the list goes on. Seizure laws, private property intrusion… politicians to the right of me, meddling bureaucrats to the left of me, Mrs. Grundy is everywhere and has a badge. What they… Read more »

Robert Thomas

It’s very simple. I don’t own a gun, not one. I may have a strict Constitutional bent, but I don’t own any, no siree….. It’s one thing to argue for gun rights, and you should, vehemently. But letting on that you have guns to people who may not like you, see you as a threat or just want to be vindictive a-holes? Don’t give them the chance. What they don’t know can’t hurt you!


A note to the other 49 states, when California passes one of these unbelievable laws it soon be tried in one of your states next. Don’t think your safe from this type of legislation because you live conservative state, remember California was conservative in the past. Ronald Reagan was a two term governor of this state, so you all need to oppose this type of crap now before any of it gets on you!


Again Mexicowlifornistan. Idiots.