Can a Slingshot Be Too Tactical? ~ VIDEO

Montie Gear Y-Shot Tactical Slingshot :
Montie Gear Y-Shot Tactical Slingshot :

Montie Gear

USA –  -( This is one over the top slingshot! It is a Montie Gear Y-Shot that has been modified by one of our customers (Adam).

See the video (below) and read Adam’s review of the Montie Gear Y-Shot.

The pictures are provided by Spike at

Montie Gear Y-Shot Description

Be the coolest kid on the block again with our Montie Gear exclusive Y-Shot high tech slingshot! The Montie Gear Y-Shot slingshot was designed with high performance capabilities without compromising on design. This high tech slingshot is capable of shooting a 3/8″ bearing at speeds of up to 150 feet per second with great accuracy.

The frame is water jet from a solid piece of 1/2″ aluminum sheet, allowing the slingshot to be dramatically lighter all while delivering the sturdiest frame possible. This along with the removable side plates, allows for the use of many types of bands. Do not be afraid to equip your Y-Shot slingshot with one of our double bands for an impressive 35 lbs pull weight!

A paracord braided handle delivers a more comfortable grip, even at maximum pull weight. When in a pinch, the long lengths of paracord become invaluable; Having a cord that can do just about anything you ask of it could mean the difference between life or death!

The Montie Gear Y-Shot slingshot is perfect for hunting small game, target practice, home defense, or even just chasing off those pesky deer and other rodents that are terrorizing your garden. We ask that you use a smaller caliber ball bearing for the latter so that no harm is done to the animal.

The frame is water jet cut from aluminum for strength, and anodized or powder coated for durability and quality surface finish. Paracord with a 550lb breaking strength is used to wrap the slingshot handle. Heli-coil inserts are used to strengthen the threads for the side plate stainless steel screws, allowing for easy band replacement throughout the life of the slingshot, without worry of stripping the threads.

This allows us to proudly claim that the Y-Shot slingshot is Heirloom Quality, Troublesome Gap Tough and Made in America.

You can but the Montie Gear Y-Shot online from Amamzon, tactical accessories are extra. :

Montie Gear Y-Shot Tactical Slingshot
Montie Gear Y-Shot Tactical Slingshot
The Most Tactical Catapult - In The World!
The Most Tactical Catapult – In The World!
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James Wilford

A tactical price of $135.00 on Amazon.


More gadgets to fail.


It probably has a ‘tactical price’ too!