Cobalt Kinetics Announces the Launch of the Cobalt Advantage Buffer System

Screenshot of the Cobalt Advantage Buffer System prototype
Screenshot of the Cobalt Advantage Buffer System prototype
Cobalt Kinetics
Cobalt Kinetics

St. George, UT -( Cobalt Kinetics has burst onto the seen with their B.A.M.F. and B.A.M.F. EDGE AR-15 platforms and has become synonymous with artistry, attitude, and performance.

If you want Cobalt Kinetics components for your own AR, sorry Charlie. The only way to run Cobalt Kinetics engineered components is to own one of their AR’s… Until now.

Cobalt Kinetics is proud to announce the launch of the Cobalt Advantage Buffer System. A buffer system? A buffer system like you’ve never seen before. The Cobalt Advantage Buffer System will be available beginning in July of this year; MSRP is yet to be determined.

The Cobalt Advantage Buffer System is tunable, efficient, and smooth. The design allows the user to precisely adjust the buffer mass without tools. Through careful engineering and the application of innovative materials, Cobalt Kinetics has developed a praiseworthy buffer system. With traditional buffer systems, the spring causes considerable friction when compressed leading to the need for more gas to maintain proper operation. Efficiency is the key to the buffer system.

The system requires less gas to maintain optimal operation, thus eliminating unnecessary heat, debris, and wear. The Cobalt Advantage Buffer System is engineered to help your rifle achieve peak performance. Most notably, the kit includes three different weights and three spring configurations to customize cyclic rates, and a nylon lined tube to reduce friction. The tolerances are so tight and the contact surface so smooth that it creates a nearly frictionless system.

What this means is that you’ll be able to run less gas, creating a cleaner more efficient system that performs at the top level.

About Cobalt Kinetics:

Cobalt’s innovations own the leading edge of the modern sporting rifle industry. In only one year Cobalt obtained seven patents pertaining to the evolution of the AR-15 and its kin. Cobalt promises to continue the onward and upward quest toward excellence.

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