Fourth Arrow Products Is Proud to Introduce the Ballistic Band

Ballistic Band
Ballistic Band
Fourth Arrow Products
Fourth Arrow Products

USA -( Fourth Arrow Products is proud to introduce the Ballistic Band. The Ballistic Band was designed to help hardcore shooting enthusiasts keep better records of their ammo, bullet weight and ballistic information.

Many shooters write their ballistic information on a small card and tape that card to the butt of their gun stock. This card rips easily, isn’t weather proof and can harm the stock and finish of a rifle. The Ballistic Band solves those problems. The simple elastic Ballistic band slides over the butt end of a stock and all the valuable information can be written onto the band with a marker.

Ballistic Bands are inexpensive so gun enthusiasts with multiple rifles can have a customized Ballistic Band for each rifle and even each type of ammunition they use with a particular rifle, eliminating guess work and unsightly paper that is often taped to the stock of a gun.

With Ballistic Bands, shooters can quickly reference the stock of their gun to ensure long range accuracy whether they are shooting at an elk standing at 500 yards or at a target at 1,000 yards.

“The Ballistic Band is one of those products that is super simple yet it solves a problem shooting enthusiasts and hunters have struggled with for generations,” said Calvin Beeke. “With the Ballistic Band, paper note cards and tape are a thing of the past.”

Ballistic Bands can also be worn on the wrist, which makes checking ballistic information at the moment of truth quick and easy.

Ballistic Band
Ballistic Band

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Willard Walker

Shooting standing at an elk at 500 yards is completely unethical

Wild Bill

Yeah, a guy would have to be one heck of an off hand shot to ethically shoot at an elk at five hundred yards. He’d need ammo tuned to his rifle, the best rifle and sighting system known to man, and an awful lot of practice. I shoot NRA small bore silhouette regularly, and that contest is mighty challenging, but I don’t think that I’d take a standing off hand shot at an elk at five hundred yards.


$10 for a rubberband is a little much…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!