Is the GOP Risking Suicide?

By Pat Buchanan

Is the GOP Risking Suicide?
Is the GOP Risking Suicide?
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA -( Donald Trump has brought out the largest crowds in the history of primaries. He has won the most victories, the most delegates, the most votes.

He is poised to sweep three of the five largest states in the nation — New York, Pennsylvania and California.

If he does, and the nomination is taken from him, the Republican Party will be seen by the American people as a glorified Chinese tong.

Last week, Ted Cruz swept 34 delegates at the Colorado party convention. Attendees were not allowed to vote on whom they wanted as the party's nominee.

This weekend, Cruz shut out Trump in Wyoming the same way.

What does this tell us? Cruz has a better “ground game.” His operatives work the system better. Ted Cruz is the king of small ball.

But having gone head-to-head in some 30 primaries and caucuses, Cruz has fallen millions of votes behind Trump, and will fall millions further behind after New York, Pennsylvania and California.

Cruz will soon join John Kasich in being mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination on the first ballot. His fallback strategy is to keep Trump just short of the 1,237 votes needed for victory on the first ballot, and then steal the nomination on the second.

How? Poaching and pilfering. In state after state, he is getting Cruz loyalists elected as Trump delegates. After casting an obligatory vote for Trump on the first ballot, the turncoats will go over the hill and vote for Cruz on the second ballot.

Faithless delegates are preparing to switch to give Ted Cruz a nomination that he could not persuade Republican voters to confer upon him.

Like the 1919 World Series, the fix is in.

The rules are the rules, says Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus in defense of what went down in Colorado and Wyoming.

Priebus is correct. The rules are the rules. But what is also true is that the rules have been and are being manipulated by party elites to frustrate the expressed will of a Republican electorate, and to impose a nominee other then the clear winner of the primaries.

Republican elites are engaged in a conspiracy to frustrate and overturn the democratic decision of the Republican electorate.

Prediction: If Trump sweeps the remaining major primaries, comes to Cleveland with millions more votes than any other candidate, and then has the nomination stolen from him, the Grand Old Party will be committing hara-kiri on worldwide TV.

This political race ranks among the most exciting in American history. Seventeen Republicans entered the lists last summer in what party officials hailed as “the strongest Republican field since 1980.”

Then Trump came down the escalator, took them on, and bested them all. Can Republican Party elites think they will be celebrated if they substitute their wants for the will of the voters?

A Cruz nomination would be like taking the gold medal away from the man who won it, and handing it to a runner-up. The GOP elites would be about as popular as those Olympic boxing judges in South Korea.

The deeper problem here is the refusal of party elites to realize that the world has changed.

The Bush dynasty is done. Jeb Bush, the Prince of Wales, understands this. He will not be going to Cleveland.

The primaries have starkly revealed that a new era is upon us.

Even the neocons, the dominant element among the 121 foreign policy experts who declared in an open letter that they will never work for a President Trump, testify to this.

They see Trump's victories as a repudiation of their legacy, and a Trump presidency as the end of their post-Cold War ascendancy.

And given the disasters they have produced for America, from Afghanistan to Iraq, Libya and Yemen, the nation would be well rid of them.

Indeed, Trump's victories, and the energies he has unleashed, are due, not only to his outsized persona but to his issues.

People believe Trump will secure the borders, halt the invasion, embrace tariff and trade policies to reduce imports, and restart the production of goods, Made in the USA, by and for Americans.

In his first inaugural, Woodrow Wilson said, “The success of a party means little except when the Nation is using that party for a large and definite purpose.”

Bush Republicans saw their “large and definite purpose” as creating a “New World Order” and “ending tyranny in our world.”

Trump seems to see repairing, rebuilding and restoring America to greatness as the “large and definite purpose” of the party he would lead. And a new emerging Republican majority seems to agree.

If Trump had been routed, as first expected, then his message could rightly have been regarded as outside the mainstream. But Republican voters rallied to the issues he raised.

To either ignore the clear instructions of its electorate, or renounce their chosen messenger, would be for the Republican Party to forfeit its future, and cling to a discredited and dead past.


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 18 thoughts on “Is the GOP Risking Suicide?

    1. DUH!
      The Founding Fathers were totally against political parties. Now you know the reason why. Why shouldn’t there be 30 people running and why shouldn’t the one with the popular vote be elected.

      It is a control system we are under right now and voting for what is most obviously the lesser of Evils is bullshit.

      1. The concept of the evil of two lesser resides in having to vote for the lesser of two evils. This time, I will hold my nose and vote for anyone running against the Marxist – even the disgusting, rude and boorish T-Rump. Let us hope he chooses a running mate with balls (mixed metaphor) such as Judge Jeanine Pirro, who will – er – trump Shrillary’s appeal to the woman voter.

        I bailed out of the Repugnican Party after Reagan left office, and became a disenfranchised independent. Since then, I have voted for NONE OF THE ABOVE, since the GOP from then on has offered only tepid versions of the Socialist-Demoncrap faction as candidates; in other words, RINOs.

        1. With all the voter fraud your choice did not make a difference. When you realize that they are all evil then the best choice is to pick the lesser evil and vote out incumbents.

    2. If Trump doesn’t win the nomination it’s his fault. Trump’s petulant behavior has consequences. Not a very smart businessman offending those whose delegates he may need.

    3. happiness is a belt fed machine gun
      that’s all that will change the tyranny in our government
      they all need to go kicking empty beer cans down the road
      the fat cats only care about their own fat A$$
      load and lock boys and girls let the party begin

    4. The largest fear the “party elites” and the current members of congress, most of them, do not want to loose their cushy positions or great benefits they suck from the tax payers. Where else can you go to make the money they make and get all the perks they have given themselves over the years? No place, it is not possible to find a job with as many bennys.
      Give them credit that they are smart enough to understand that, at least.

    5. Conservatives always eat their own. Liberals/socialists/communists support theirs regardless if criminal, sex criminal/pervert (Bill Clinton), thief, or whatever. This is why eventually they will ultimately control what is left of the U.S. because they will stick together. Cruz can hold this off for a term or two since he is a strict original Constitution supporter (I feel safe with the constitution/Bill of rights)–but ultimately, the country will go into the tank much further than the current socialist/communist has taken us.

    6. So if we do not support Trump we are electing Clinton but
      if Trump does not win and you do not vote or go 3rd party
      you are not electing Clinton.
      Look at their history and tell me the difference between your
      2 New York liberals.

    7. It is not the GOPs choice it is the choice of The People no matter who that is. The GOP doesn’t decide for us. Its the GOPs job to do the bidding of The People not what they, the kings men want.

    8. At least three times the term “party elites” has been used in this piece. Exactly WHAT is a party or political or media “elite?” Who decided they were the elite and have the right to decide instead of those they are supposedly serving? Who decided that nasty broad Clinton is immune from criminal charges of illegally storing classified information on her private equipment – couldn’t have been other thieves / criminals / liars and political cheats often referred to as “elites” could it? Gee, I remember when people used to say “if you didn’t vote, you had no right to complain about the results.” It now turns out that your vote really doesn’t count for didley. I think we can thank Mr. Trump for causing that fact being brought out into the light of day.

      1. Herb, you know who the elites are, the people that run the political parties (e.g. Reince Pribus (Replican) Debbie Wasserman Shultz (Democrats), and thousands of other nameless and faceless party members that get things done and people elected). They worked their way up in their respective parties. They wield power by passing out money and controlling politicians that need money to get elected.
        Hillary is not immune to the federal criminal justice system, yet. If she gets elected, however, she will control the USDOJ and avoid prosecution. She could still get a pardon from Barry Soetoro or some other corrupt politician when they get elected.
        But I think that you are right, in that DAYLIGHT on all of these people is the beginning of the answer.

    9. For all of you hardcore T-Rump supporters, Here are some items about your candidate that does not surprise me. T-Rump’s sister is a flaming liberal who T-Rump would appoint to the court as a judge, further degrading the Judicial system.
      All these views were held by Donald Trump during this administration. Pathway to citizenship in 2013. Some as recently as last year: Big government, bailouts, executive orders, not just abortion but partial birth abortion, nationalizing of banks, stimulus, pathway to citizenship..
      In 2010, T-Rump was giving money to Pelosi, Reid and Rahm.
      Trump supported McConnell in 2014 when conservative (and now Governor) Matt Bevin (R-KY) challenged him in the Republican primary.
      Days before the primary, Trump tweeted: “Why would the people of Kentucky want a rookie Senator — they have Sen. Mitch @McConnellPress who may be the next Speaker & bring $’s to KY?”
      Trump even donated $5,200 to McConnell’s campaign and $50,000 to his super PAC, which ran false attacks against his conservative challenger

      1. Then you’re OK with the voters being stripped of the right to elect the candidate of their choice by the beltway Neocons?

    10. If this happens, the GOP must realize they are giving the election to the Liberals. I will join millions of True Americans an not support the GOP. Mr Trump should run as as a 3rd party which would cause the GOP to loose. We cannot stand for this, If we do we just lost the right to vote.

    11. The Pitiful Pachyderm is long-dead and rotting, having been gored to death by that other pachyderm, the RINO.

    12. Face it, the Republicans would rather lose to Hillary than win with Trump. It’s simple: keep the power structure focused on personal gain like it is, keep the serfdom fighting among itself over emotional but irrelevant issues, keep the voter’s attention off the truth. Both parties place their organizations and their membership above the nation so it is better for the Republicans to have a Democratic President they can fight with (in public) than to win with an honest popular candidate who challenges the core self-serving values of both parties and could seriously upset their shared apple cart..

      1. T-Rumps only goal is to deliver the election th Clinton. If he is the candidate that is what will happen. He cannot be bought and that is because he is buyingeverybody else off.

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