Heizer Defense PKO-45 Handgun Announced

Heizer Defense PKO-45 Handgun
Heizer Defense PKO-45 Handgun
Heizer Defense
Heizer Defense

Pevely, MO – -(Ammoland.com)- Heizer Defense, known for their innovative line of powerful pocket pistols, is pleased to add their first semi-automatic pistol to the product line, the PKO-45.

Heizer will introduce the PKO-45 to the public at the upcoming Concealed Carry Expo in Atlanta, GA from April 29-May 1. Heizer Defense is a Live-Fire Shooting Range sponsor for the show, which will allow consumers to test-fire the PKO-45 at the expo’s mobile shooting range.

The PKO-45 or Pocket 45, is the slimmest semi-auto .45ACP on the market at just 0.8″ wide and approximately 25 ounces. The PKO-45 is made with 100% US Aerospace grade stainless steel.

There are no plastic or mimed parts on the PKO-45. It boasts a revolutionary fixed-barrel-under-the-guide-rod configuration, resulting in less recoil felt by the operator.

The PKO-45 also features a snag-free design, internal hammer/single action, and a front strap safety with an additional thumb ambi-safety. It has 5+1 capacity with a flush magazine, and 7+1 capacity with the extended magazine.

This new pistol will be available for purchase in September 2016.

For more information on Heizer Defense, visit www.heizerdefense.com.

Heizer Defense PKO-45 Handgun Ad

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Glenn Van Acker

When will the PKO 45 be available to the general public? Thank you.


Wow okay in a YouTube video shotshow it said it was 20oz then I saw 25oz and now its 27oz? I really hope anyone doesn’t think this will be pocketable. At 20oz if it was this weight is doable if your determined.


For me, it has to weigh 20 ozs loaded, not 25 and another 8 for bullets, that will not stay in your pocket without looking like a rock. My PM9 is about max for pocket carry, I have done it with heavier guns, but it realy was not something that looked or felt right. The 238 is about the right weight, or the Kahr in the PM9 or 380. even a J frame will work, as long as it’s an airweught, 11- 12 ozs, but not a 25 oz gun with 8 rounds of 45 or even 6 rounds.


That slide design looks like it will bite the web of the hand worse than a ppk does! I bet that’s why the 1 guy in their video wears a glove while shooting it.

JR Bailey

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these at my local gun store!

Matt in Oklahoma

25oz “pocket” pistol!?! Who’s pocket is that going into LOL

Anthony Marrow

Will love to go to shooting range with this Gun.