Oklahoma Pro Gun Legislation on the Move

SB1057 Goes To Governor

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association
Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A)

Earlsboro, OK -(Ammoland.com)- The first of hopefully several pro-gun bills has passed both chambers of the Oklahoma Legislature and been sent to the Governor to be signed.

SB1057, an effort to close a loophole used by cities to ban the otherwise legal carrying of weapons during city festivals, has evolved into much more. In addition to closing that loophole, SB1057 dramatically reforms much of the prohibited places section of the Self Defense Act.

Under the provisions of this bill, it will no longer be a misdemeanor crime to carry into many public buildings. The penalty will be lowered to a trespass violation with a maximum fine of $250. This excludes courthouses, courtrooms, jails and prisons, and public schools.

The bill also decriminalizes carrying into professional sporting events held at public venues and the event holder will have the option to allow carry even at public venues. Private venues have been removed completely from the section, so the decision to allow carry is up to the management of the private venue.

The bill also strengthens legal protections for businesses that allow employees to carry a firearm while at work.

There was one trade-off in this bill. Currently, during the Tulsa and OKC State Fairs, it is legal to carry on the fairgrounds, but illegal to carry into any structure (including restrooms). Under this bill, the Tulsa and OKC Fairgrounds would be a gun-free area during the state fairs. However, there is no criminal penalty for carrying into the fair. We felt decriminalizing the buildings was a big enough positive to give up the fairgrounds for two and a half weeks a year. Again, this only applies to Oklahoma City and Tulsa and only during the state fairs. It does not apply to any other county fairs or fairgrounds.

Governor Fallin is expected to sign this bill.

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