Opposition to HJR1009 Intensifies in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association
Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A)

Earlsboro, OK -(Ammoland.com)- Opposition to OK2A-Action’s proposed amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution that would strengthen the right to keep and bear arms at the state level is intensifying.

(Click here to read more about HJR1009 and here to watch a short video about why we need HJR1009.)

The University of Oklahoma, the State Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma City and Tulsa Chambers of Commerce, the Oklahoma City Thunder – all of these entities have decided to side with Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action and against the God-given right of every Oklahoman to self-preservation. As opposition mounts, our State Senators are feeling more and more pressure to forsake their oath of office and to side with Bloomberg.It is critical that they hear from you.

These organizations are giving the Senators misleading information.

Their “sky is falling” and “blood will run in the streets” claims are absolutely baseless.

They falsely claim, among other things, that this will force the OKC Thunder to move out of state. Louisiana, Missouri, and Alabama all have similar language in their state constitutions and have professional teams and/or sporting events that take place there. Those teams and events have not moved.

Similar and equally outrageous claims were made when concealed carry and open carry were considered by the Legislature. These same groups made the same dire warnings then and none of them came true. They are back with their ridiculous claims now and, once again, they are completely unfounded.

Call or email your Senator as soon as possible and politely but firmly tell them not to fall for the lies. Tell them you expect them to honor their oath and defend the God-given right of every Oklahoman to keep and bear arms by voting YES on HJR1009(the constitutional amendment) and HB3098 (OK2A-Action’s requested unlicensed open carry bill).

The State Senate switchboard number is 405-524-0126. If you don’t know who your senator is, go to the Legislature’s homepage and complete the form in the lower right corner and it will give you your Senator’s name, direct phone number, and email address.

Also, some of the groups who sent this letter of opposition to HJR1009 are listed below with their phone numbers.

If you have a moment, call them and ask them why they are attempting to deny you your right to keep and bear arms.

If you call these numbers, remember the person you will speak to is most likely a receptionist and not the person who is lobbying against your rights, so be polite to them.

About Oklahoma Second Amendment Association:

OK2A seeks to defend our Second Amendment rights and remove the infringements placed on it by our government.

For more information, visit: www.ok2a.org.

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Gregory Romeu

Hey Oklahoma if you have to come on down here to Texas and we will show you how to put on your big-boy pants and take charge to maintain your government officials!

We can also give you a live demonstration on how to throw the bums out of office!

Matt in Oklahoma

The thunder can go. Pro sports is a joke. They are payed to play not to speak anyway. Boren is a liberaltard and always has been and the mayor is gutless. As long as people keep paying them to be that way why would they change?