Reaper Outdoors and SEAL 1 CLP Plus Partner Up For A Killer Cleaning Package

SEAL 1/Reaper Outdoors kit
SEAL 1/Reaper Outdoors kit

Coronado, CA -( SEAL 1 CLP* Plus is collaborating with retired Navy SEAL Master Chief Ron Bellan of Reaper Outdoors** to create a handy component firearms care kit that contains everything you need except a cleaning rod.

The SEAL 1/Reaper Outdoors kit contains 2 ounces of SEAL 1 CLP PLUS, four 6×6-inch SEAL 1 saturated EZ Use cotton wipe cloths, and one 12×12-inch microfiber cloth. Master Chief Bellan also includes valuable survival tips in each SEAL 1 Reaper package.

This kit makes it possible to clean, lubricate and protect a firearm while in the field and there’s enough to keep several guns in great health back at home.

SEAL 1 is a USDA Certified Biobased Product and therefore not toxic to animals or humans. It will not dry out and get gummy because it has no petroleum products, ammonia, vegetable oils or vegetable esters, and it is good to -50 degrees F.

Whether cleaning and protecting a firearm’s bore, wiping down the exterior, or lubricating and protecting archery equipment or other weapons, SEAL 1 CLP cleans, lubricates (it’s incredible on gas systems and bolt locking lugs) and creates a highly water-resistant protective finish.

Even better, after just three or four barrel cleanings with SEAL 1, it impregnates the metal enough to make further cleaning much easier and more efficient. SEAL 1 is safe; no perfumed ammonia or other harmful (what’s in this stuff?) chemicals to be absorbed into your skin or the air you breathe in when using it.

SEAL 1 Reaper Outdoors gun cleaning kit: $22.95 MSRP

* Some clarification: CLP stands for Cleaning, Lubricating and Protectant – and the SEAL in the name means SEAL 1 is actually owned and staffed by former SEALs.

** Master Chief Bellan is also host of the popular TV show, “Survive the Hunt.”

About SEAL 1, LLC:

SEAL 1 manufacturers products designed specifically for the Archer, Sporting, Shooting Industry, Military and Law Enforcement. Please visit our website – / we stand ready to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

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5 years ago

I thought the stuff was a gimmick-smells like an orange and is safe to eat-what the hell? Anyway I tried a small bottle of their cleaner/lube, etc. It actually made an accuracy improvement on my 5.56 and and 7.62/39 and it really did what they say it will, especially making subsequent cleanings easier especially the gas system on the 5.56. A little pricey compared to ammonia but it works better than anything I have found in the last 30 years of cleaning and maintaining my guns.