RICO for Government Climate Deniers?

How corrupt and fraudulent is the government “science” that denies natural climate change?

By Paul Driessen and Ron Arnold

Free Speech
RICO for Government Climate Deniers?

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United States -(AmmoLand.com)- A self-appointed coalition of Democrat state attorneys general is pursuing civil or criminal racketeering actions against Exxon Mobil, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and other organizations.

The AGs claim the groups are committing fraud, by “denying” climate change. The charge is bogus.

What we contest are false assertions that “humans are creating a dangerous climate change crisis.” We do not accept false claims that “the science is settled” and will not be limited to discussing only “what we must do now to avert looming climate catastrophes.”

That’s not just constitutionally protected free speech. It is the foundation of scientific progress and informed public policy.

Meanwhile, EPA and other federal agencies, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), climate activist organizations, state legal and environmental agencies, and legions of scientists who receive government grants for advancing the “manmade climate cataclysm” mantra are themselves engaging in what many say is truly misleading or fraudulent climate science, policy and regulation.

Millions in poor countries die annually from preventable diseases, because hysterical climate claims justify denying them access to affordable modern electricity and transportation that could be provided by coal, natural gas and petroleum products. In developed nations, climate hysteria has cost millions of jobs, adversely affecting people’s living standards, health and welfare. In European countries, thousands are dying each winter, because they can no longer afford proper heat.

The problem is not human intervention in the climate; it’s improper political intervention in climate science. It has corrupted scientific findings from the very beginning.

A 1995 document from the US State Department to the IPCC confirms this, or at least gives allegations of fraud and corruption sufficient credence to raise serious integrity questions.

When a recent FOIA lawsuit sought that 1995 document, the State Department said there is “no such correspondence in our files.” But if we have a copy of the document, how come the State doesn’t? Attesting to its bona fides, Our copy has the State’s date-stamp, a Department official’s signature – and 30 pages of detailed instructions on how the Clinton Administration wanted the IPCC to change its scientific findings and summary for policymakers, to reflect US climate and energy policy agendas.

The document is too complex and technical to summarize. So we’ve posted it in PDF form – unchanged in any way and exactly as received from a well known and credible source who must remain anonymous to avoid retribution by people like the RICO prosecutors. You’ll be amazed at what it says.

It consists of a three-page cover letter to Sir John Houghton, head of the IPCC Science Working Group, from Day Mount, Acting State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment and Development, introducing 30 pages of line-by-line “suggestions” from scientist Robert Watson and others.

One wanted a correct statement about warming rates changed to a flat lie. “Change ‘continue to rise’ to ‘rise by even greater amounts’ to provide a sense of magnitude of the extended change,” it says.

Talk about agendas dictating science. Moreover, this “ominous” warming ended just a couple years later, there has been virtually no planetary warming since then, and the warming followed 30 years of cooling.

The document raises serious questions about State Department actions on subsequent IPCC Assessment Reports. What did the State do? Where are the correspondence and instructions to change the science in other IPCC reports? What are the State Department, EPA and other Obama agencies doing now to further corrupt climate science and advance their radical energy, social, economic and political agendas?

We know they won’t answer truthfully. If they did, they’d have to investigate themselves under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Worse, the corruption, deception, manipulation, exaggeration and fabrication have grown with every passing year, as alarmists sought to obfuscate their shenanigans and preserve their $1.5 trillion Climate Crisis Empire. The AG actions are designed to punish and silence organizations that are revealing the scientific flaws and deceptions.

The IPCC was set up in 1988 to examine possible human influences on Earth’s climate, amid powerful natural forces that have always driven the complex, dynamic, turbulent, frequently changing climate. As we note in our book, Cracking Big Green, from the outset, Swedish meteorology professor and zealous warming advocate Bert Bolin wanted to help scientists “get global warming onto the political agenda.”

By 1995, Bolin could finally say “the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate.” Of course, “discernible” merely means “detectable.” But it gave the State Department license to dictate the “science.” Then “discernible” morphed into “dominant,” which morphed into “sole.” Suddenly humans had replaced the complex, interrelated natural forces that had driven innumerable climate changes throughout Earth’s history. Voila. Climate hysteria began to drive the political agenda.

Behind the hysteria are carefully orchestrated efforts to find steadily increasing planetary temperatures, and claim floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms and snowless winters are more frequent and intense – even though Real World records show they are not. Original data is “homogenized” with other data to create higher temperatures; student papers and activist news releases are presented as “peer-reviewed studies” in IPCC documents; computer models are presented as “proof” of chaos, even though actual observations contradict their predictions; and ClimateGate emails reveal more chicanery.

As climatologist and professor David Legates explains, even the 97% consensus claims are fraudulent.

Organizations that pointed out these flaws and fabrications became a threat to politicians, activists, “warmist” scientists and bureaucrats who were determined to advance an anti-fossil-fuel agenda. Their money and efforts were not winning the non-debate. They needed a blitzkrieg counterattack.

In June 2012, the Union of Concerned Scientists and Climate Accountability Institute organized a “workshop” in La Jolla, CA for climate activists, scientists, lawyers and other experts. Their subsequent report detailed how successful attacks on tobacco companies could be used as a template for campaigns, RICO actions and other operations against “climate denier” companies and organizations.

By 2015, Senator Sheldon “Torquemada” Whitehouse (D-RI) was calling for RICO prosecutions. His actions prompted free market champion Alex Epstein to tell a congressional committee the senator should resign because of his “unconstitutional” attacks on free speech and the energy that powers our economy.

In January 2016, a secret meeting was held in the Rockefeller Family Fund’s Manhattan offices. It brought 350.org founder Bill McKibben and a dozen other anti-hydrocarbon activists together, to refine their legal strategies against Exxon Mobil and others who dared to challenge “the scientific consensus” that fossil fuels have brought humanity and our planet to the brink of “climate chaos.”

Then, on March 29, 2016, New York AG Eric Schneiderman headlined a press conference of 16 state attorney generals, who announced their intention to go after organizations that were “committing fraud” by “knowingly deceiving” the public about the threat of manmade climate change. Within days, he had launched a RICO action against Exxon Mobil, and the Virgin Islands had done likewise against CEI.

It is difficult not to perceive a pattern of collusion here, among the activists and their financiers, among the AGs, and probably among all of them.

We are eager to see what emails and other documents might reveal – especially since Section 241 of US Code Title 18 makes it a felony “for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten or intimidate” another person in exercising their constitutional rights.

We have only begun to fight – for energy, jobs, sound science, free speech and human rights. CEI and Exxon are vigorously battling the outrageous RICO suits, and CFACT will present its new Climate Hustle movie in a one-day May 2 extravaganza in hundreds of theaters across the USA. We will not be silenced.

About the Authors:

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (www.CFACT.org). Ron Arnold is executive vice president of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise. They are coauthors of Cracking Big Green: To save the world from the Save-the-Earth money machine.

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Grey Beard

I propose RICO prosecutions for Any and All governmental employees, appointed governmental bureaucrats, and elected Governmental officers who tout “Climate Change” as established science. It is a Massive hoax and Must be treated as such.

Gene Ralno

Ignore this crap. It’s all about money for the climate worriers. Vote for conservatives who share your goals.


The government sure gets pissed when you don’t believe their lies and bullsh*t !


Everyone in EPA (Every Pig and @ hole), should be put into a sealed environment (Biosphere) with a few trees and just the oxygen in the room and they can experience “Global Warming” aka “Climate Change and can see what limited Co2 does to them. With greater Co2 levels the trees grow fasteer and consume less water. Of course liberals are too stupid to figure this out. Their only goal is to get more “Green”(money), Which is a facad, to distribute our tax money to 3rd world countries while some of the Big corporate politicians (Al Goreleone) make huge profits.… Read more »


Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals1 show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position. Yet some bone headed Neanderthals keep spouting off their mouths and denying the truth. What are your qualifications for denying climate change? Are you a climatologist? Look at the ones who deny climate change and see who they are being paid by. We aren’t denying natural fluctuations. But this isn’t natural. Never… Read more »


I notice you jerks never provide any real PROOF as it does not exist.
Anyone with a brain knows there is no such thing as SETTELED SEINCE.
The world is not flat after all.


It’s I before e except after c…basic grade school English.


Do you rrealizethat over the last 8 years they have been setting temps as much as 5 to 10 degrees higher than they really are, as an example last summer in the area where I live the gov tried to say that the temps were up around 123 when in reality they were only around 105. You cannot believe anything the government says or does when it comes to science.


Jamie you are a brave soul to speak science on this forum. However keep it up as it is generally accepted now that the Earth is indeed not flat. It is also generally believed that the U.S. really did land on the moon and have men return to Earth. Maybe in a couple of hundred years the Governors of Florida and Texas, representing what has become 2 of the smaller states, declare a significant geological warming event.


@jaime,you’re an idiot trying to sound intelligent and you failed miserably !

Elder Ambassador

There is no “consensus” with and other than “pseudo-scientists” feeding at the public funding trough publishing lies to perpetuate their funding! REAL scientists have shown over and over again that man caused climate change of any kind is the most absurd hubris known to man. Did man make the Ice age? Did man make the universal warming cycle at the end of it? Of course not, it’s ALL Mother Nature with a little help from the Supreme Being of the Universe.


jamie, “Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.” Earth is 4.543 BILLION years old. Do you not realize how insignificant a “century” is. It’s 0.000000022% of Earth’s existence.


The climate change hustle was actually started by the clintons and al gore. It is all abut their carbon exchange bank. I feel they and obama along with others should be brought up on extortion and raccatering charges. After all it is all made up to force companies and others to buy into their carbon bank crap.


I have been teaching science for 23 years. This so called “Global Warming” has reached a mass hysteria. Even the text book authors are preaching it. I guess because it is popular, however untrue and fraudulent. I think it is an example of Romans 1:22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.


Global warming business was brought to you by Hussein Obama, the Liar and Chief. The Dems have taken Islamic Extremists and put this problem behind so called global warming business so some scientist’s can get government funding and America can get washed down the sink.