Rudolph Optics T1 6-24×50 RifleScope – ‘Box Test’

Rudolph Optics RifleScope Box Test
Rudolph Optics RifleScope Box Test
Rudolph Optics
Rudolph Optics

Texas, USA –  -( The “Box Test” is a fairly simple test that anyone can do at any shooting range with any riflescope.

It allows you to test the tracking of your scope’s turrets, a very important attribute of your hunting set up.

Starting at one point, one works around the target (in a box shape) and then finishes again where one started. The idea is to put a round or two in the center of the target and then to dial for elevation and windage to hit the top left target while still aiming for the center target.

Now you dial to hit the targets clockwise, ending up in the middle again. This is a true test of repeatability of the riflescope’s turret.

Rudolph Optics T1 6-24×50 RifleScope

With an eye relief of close to 4 inches, a magnification of 6-24x, and an objective lens diameter of 50mm, the Rudolph Optics T1 6-24×50 RifleScope is a very versatile scope. It has exposed tactical turrets, allowing fast dialing in either windage or elevation that gives you 64 MOA in both vertical as well as horizontal adjustment. The turret’s click value is 0.25 MOA. The Rudolph T3 retical also has minute of angle (MOA) increments. It weighs 1.5 lbs and is just over 16 ¼ inches long, both without the sunshade (which is also included when purchasing the scope).

The scope was mounted on Jason McLean’s Savage rifle in 7mm-08 calibre. The first two shots were fired at the center of the target at 100m, hitting less than an inch apart. From there on one needs to dial 5 MOA left and 5 MOA upwards to hit the top left box with the third shot. Remember that the shooter is still aiming for the center of the target. For shot number 4 no elevation change is needed but one needs to dial 10 MOA to the right. Dial 10 MOA down for shot number 5 and again 10 MOA to the left to place shot number 6 in the bottom left-hand corner of your target.

All of this was done by aiming in the middle of the target and dialing each time to hit a desired box. For the last shot, all turrets are dialed to the “zero” setting at 100m again.

I was really impressed with the actual feel of the turrets – when being adjusted the T1 scope has a very definite click.

Try this with your riflescope next time you rat the range. If you have issues check out any of Rudolph Optics rifles scopes, we know you will be very happy.

Rudolph Optics T1 6-24x50 RifleScope :
Rudolph Optics T1 6-24×50 RifleScope :


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