Shooting “Victim” Lied About Shooting Incident At Her Home

shooting victim lied about the incident at her home on April 6,
Shooting victim lied about the incident at her home on April 6,
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( A recent home invasion shooting in Hillview, Kentucky. A woman named Pamela Smith called dispatchers in Pike County and claimed she was shot in the stomach during a home invasion in early April 2016.

Turns out, she apparently shot herself, and then lied about the circumstances surrounding the incident, according to the local Sheriff’s Office.

As reported by :

About 9:30 p.m. one evening a woman called 911 to report that a man who broke into her home had shot her. A week later, the investigating detective filed a criminal complaint against her for falsely reporting an incident.

After looking into her statements, analyses of the shooting scene and review of security camera footage from a nearby location, authorities determined the incident did not happen the way the victim described it to a 911 operator and first responders.

The sheriff’s office said there is no reason to believe anyone other than the “victim” was involved in the incident. The case remains open in case further information develops.

The spokesman said his agency released this information to relieve the safety concerns of community citizens following the reported home invasion incident.


This is a very weird incident. No information has been released as to the “Why?’ Perhaps it was a set up to blame an ex-boyfriend or a suicide attempt gone wrong.

The point of the story for our purposes is this:

Do you really think you can fool an experienced investigator at the shooting scene? That investigator has been at many of these and has tons of training as to what to look for to confirm your story.

The lab rat, CSI types who follow the cops in have methods that you can‘t even imagine to determine what really happened. In the event you are involved in a shooting, never fix the evidence or lie about what happened!

You really think you are going to fool these experienced folks at your very first shooting scene? If you cannot tell the truth, don’t talk. Once caught lying, nothing you say will ever be believed in court.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Roy D.

Perhaps someone else was holding the gun and she was trying to get it away from them and the other person pulled the trigger as it was pulled from their hands. She could be covering for them.


Mr. Roy hats off to you, a mother would do anything to protect her children….i recently read a story where a 5 year old girl shot a sibling, and the father run away..i questioned this vigorously, now, its been found out it was the father that shot her..i just read that an intruder turned and ran and the home owner shot him in the stomach..the homeowner was questioning a guided bullet? the bullet missed him turned and came back or the guy had his stomach on his back???


From the article:
This is a very weird incident. No information has been released as to the “Why?’ Perhaps it was a set up to blame an ex-boyfriend or a suicide attempt gone wrong.”
Was the gal overweight?
Perhaps this was her way to get “free” medical assistance with bowel reduction surgery that she could not otherwise afford.


ya know..some days i wonder about people..the only reason i stay here is..i want to know what ya come up with next..i smell a rat..nobody is gonna gut shoot their self!!


People have done stranger things. However, would seem a rather perilous and uncomfortable thing to do to ones self, whatever the reason.


ok, how does one shoot theirself in the gut?..ya never have a round under the hammer cuz a hole in the foot might not feel to good, but the gut?


One takes hold of the handgun holding it “backwards”, pointing the muzzle toward one’s gut, then, most likely using the tuhmb, PUSHES the trigger away from their body, thus firing the shot. Please note, I’ve never seen this done, have never tried it myself, only have figured out a likely method based on what I know well of hollding and firing a handgun SAFELY. Note further: only a seriously deranged person wishing to either kill themselves (no sane individual would ever attempt this) or desparately desiring to “frame” an innocent of serious wrongdoing (again, only a seriously deranged person would… Read more »


its BS such as this that has you thinking someone shouldnt have a firearm…i dont care how stupid somebody is..theyre not gonna shoot their self with their obviously dont know what domestic enemies will come up with next, there is more to this story, what is it?




no im not..i made the mistake of shooting my ear off, i put the barrel on backwards, i should have used my thumb


I agree that you shouldn’t try to fix things.
But, I want to wait to hear WHY they claim that it was staged before dropin the hammer of her.
There are a lot of cops who feel the pressure to close cases.
Not sayin anything but that I want more evidence. Innocent till proven guilty.


And yet there are STILL folks out and about who believe the old saw about dragging a would be burglar into their house after shooting him outside. As the author points out, the truth WILL come out and tampering with evidence is going to cause way more grief than that truth.

Wild Bill

Yep, blood spatter analysis is too highly developed to fool people anymore.