Smelling Blood in the Political Water

Having destroyed US coal industry, Democrats and eco allies are now attacking all fossil fuels.
By Paul Driessen

Dangerous Manmade Climate Change
Dangerous Manmade Climate Change
Paul Driessen
Paul Driessen

United States -( The great white environmentalist sharks smell blood in the water.

It’s gushing from mortally wounded US coal companies that the Obama EPA has gutted as sacrifices on the altar of “dangerous manmade climate change” prevention and other spurious health, ecological and planetary scares.

Peabody Energy, Arch Coal and other once vibrant coal producers have filed for Chapter 11 protection, shedding some $30 billion in shareholder value and tens of thousands of jobs in their companies and dependent industries. The bloodletting has left communities and states reeling, union pension funds and 401k plans empty, and the health, welfare, hopes and dreams of countless families dashed on the rocks.

President Obama promised (see video below) to bankrupt coal companies with punitive regulations, and he kept his word.

Hydraulic fracturing did play a role. It made natural gas abundant and inexpensive, and gas-fueled power plants increasingly attractive for utilities that were forced to shutter modern coal-fired units that provided reliable, affordable power, emitted little harmful pollution, and had years of useful life remaining.

However, as economist Stephen Moore noted, coal’s demise wasn’t “a result of free market creative destruction. This was a policy strategy by the White House and green groups. They wanted this to happen.”

“This was what EPA’s Clean Power Plan rules were all about,” Moore adds. “The EPA set standards that by design were impossible to meet, and even flouted the law that says the regs should be ‘commercially achievable.’ This was a key component of the climate change fanaticism that pervades this White House.”

To this president, the EPA and the Left in general, he concludes, “the families whose lives are ruined are collateral damage to achieve their utopian dream of saving the planet.” It’s a Climate Hustle.

It is today’s equivalent of New York Times Moscow Bureau Chief and Stalin apologist Walter Duranty’s favorite line: “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” But after tens of millions of broken human “eggs,” where are the communist and green utopia omelets?

40,000 elderly Europeans died this past winter, because they could no longer afford adequate wintertime heat, after EU climate policies sent electricity rates “necessarily skyrocketing” more than 40% since 1997. Millions die every year in Africa from lung, intestinal and other readily preventable diseases, while President Obama tells Africans they should forego fossil fuels and rely on wind, solar and biofuel power, because “if every one of you has got a car and … a big house, well, the planet will boil over.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama joined Chinese, Indian and other world leaders in signing the Paris climate treaty on Earth Day, ignoring the requirement for Senate ratification. The hypocrisy and insanity are boundless.

The treaty will obligate the United States and other developed nations to slash their fossil fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth. China, India and other developing economies are under no such requirement, unless and until it is in their interest to do so. For them, compliance is voluntary – and it should be. They simply cannot afford to eliminate fuels that supply 85% of all global energy and are their ticket out of poverty and into the world of modern health and prosperity that we enjoy, thus far.

In fact, while unaccountable EPA bureaucrats are shutting down US coal-fired generators, these countries have built over 1,000 coal-fired power plants and plan to build 2,300 more – 1,400 gigawatts of new electricity. China and India account for 1,077 GW of this total. They are also lining up for free energy technology and billions of dollars a year from developed nations for climate change “reparations.”

That is why poor countries signed the Paris treaty. It has nothing to do with preventing climate change.

But none of this has stopped the environmentalist sharks from starting a fossil fuels feeding frenzy. The bloodied American coal companies have them churning the water, chomping for more. They’ve launched a “keep it in the ground” movement, to make hydrocarbons off limits forever.

In fact, environmentalism is morphing into an anti-hydrocarbons climate movement that claims every weather event and climate blip is unprecedented, a harbinger of Armageddon – and caused by our using oil, gas and coal to power modern civilization and improve human health and living standards.

Drexel University sociologist Robert Brulle tallies and 20 other climate coalitions, comprised of 467 separate organizations, just in the USA. Funded and directed by Rockefeller and other wealthy liberal foundations, they increasingly rail against “dangerous manmade climate change” as an “existential threat” to humanity and planet.

President Obama is totally onboard. His policy and regulatory agenda confirms that. So are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and most of an increasingly far-Left Democrat Party.

Sanders flatly opposes all “fracking” and has introduced legislation to keep America’s abundant fossil fuels locked up in perpetuity. Clinton opposes all fossil fuel energy extraction from federal lands, wants to block fracking by imposing countless regulatory obstacles, and intends to make the United States 50% dependent on renewable energy by 2030. As president, they would achieve this by executive decree.

The consequences would be disastrous: enormous acreage, water, fertilizer, pesticides and fuel devoted to producing biofuel, millions of birds and bats butchered by wind turbines to generate electricity, millions of jobs lost, millions of families sent into fuel poverty as energy costs rocket upward. For what benefits?

The rest of the world will continue using hydrocarbons. That means, even assuming CO2 now drives Earth’s climate, ]implementing EPA’s draconian Clean Power Plan would keep average planetary temperatures from rising an undetectable 0.03 degrees Fahrenheit, and seas from rising an imperceptible 0.01 inches, by the end of the century. (Oceans have already risen 400 feet since the last nature-driven ice age ended and all those mile-high glaciers melted.)  See CFACT’s Climate Hustle movie on Monday!

The “keep it in the ground” crowd doesn’t care about this or the mounting death tolls resulting from their anti-fossil fuel policies. The typical voter or street protester probably hasn’t thought it through. But the leaders have. They’re just callously indifferent. It’s one more depressing example of “the well-intentioned but ill-informed being led around by the ill-intentioned but well-informed.”

Politicians, environmentalists, alarmist scientists and renewable energy industrialists have built a $1.5-trillion-per-year Climate Crisis industry that gives them research grants, campaign cash, mandates, huge subsidies – and vast regulatory power to eliminate conventional energy; make electricity rates skyrocket; fundamentally transform economic systems; control lives, livelihoods, living standards and liberties; and redistribute the world’s wealth. Poor, minority and working class families will suffer most.

The ruling elites don’t care. They will do well, travel often, keep their pensions and get still wealthier. Climate rules, deprivation and “sustainability” are for the Little People.

This entire system is based on the unproven bald assertion that fossil fuels are causing dangerous and unprecedented weather and climate disruption … carbon dioxide has replaced the complex natural forces that drove drive climate change in previous centuries … there is no longer any room for debate over these “facts” … and the only issue still open to discussion is what to do to avert “imminent catastrophe.”

We “skeptics” challenge these claims. We point out that Earth’s temperature, climate and weather have always changed in response to powerful natural forces, and differ little today from what they have been for the past 50-150 years. We say the problem is not climate change, but policies imposed in the name of preventing climate change. We threaten the Climate Crisis Establishment, and its money and power.

That’s why they want to shut us up and shut us down – by prosecuting us for “racketeering,” and denying us our constitutional rights to speak out about policies that affect our lives. It is a disgraceful, un-American return to Inquisition tactics and fascist book burnings.

We must all take a stand, fight back and assert our rights. Otherwise, our children face a grim future.

About the Author:

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.

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On that 97% story I suggest that you read or watch for waking up and accepting the realities. Does man have to do something with this? Simple logic makes that obvious. Everyone knows the effect of rooms heating up when many people sitting in it. Just think about the 8 trillion warm human bodies and the animals for feeding them and you have one example of our impact putting things increasingly out of order.

Captain America

Well satan(Obama)got what he paid for a crooked study signed on to by 97%? Of scientists? Or employees doing as they share told? They still got one huge glaring error in thei report . It’s not man made!! Satan doing his best to DECiEVE Americans on another issue being pushed by the UN global it’s? Not even science ,just a report listing paid for results -evil- just as he’s doing with the guns are a health problem issue he’s pushing through the cdc funded reports!! He’s evil on so many levels and loved by al of Americas enemy’s -especially the… Read more »

Captain america

Ok folk let’s set their record straight global climate change is absolutely real (just natural not caused by me or you. It’s cyclic and history has the proof!! Just take the time to look past the propaganda and find the truth, THE GLOBALISTS ARE PUSHING THIS AGENDA AND THE DEVILCRATS LED BY SATAN ARE REALLY PUSHING THIS HARD . ITS GOING TO HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT WE DO THE EARTH IS GRADUALLY MOVING CLOSER TO THE SUN AND GLOBAL WARMING IS THE OBVIOUS RESULT, unless you can change that it’s inevitable All the hot air the devilcrats ,satan, and the… Read more »


So repulsive AND I only read half the article.


The 97% number that agree that Global Warming is Man-Made is a FALSE number….. Actually the 97% number is 97% of the 32% of Climate scientists that agree that the earth is warming… so in REALITY only about 31% of Climate Scientist agree that Global Warming is man-made….


This is exactly why we need to change this administration. We really need to get rid of all the idiots we have in office now. We need new blood though out the establishment. Lets take out the trash this November Election.


Well he IS a liar sooo . . .
and here is your proof:
1202 well researched lies of Barry Sotrero

Kim Currier

Gentleman, our founders would have been shooting by now… You can NEVER negotiate with a sworn enemy of the state, or a communist… You MUST eliminate enough of them to keep the others in check. YES THAT MEANS KILLING THEM!! I for one will not sit back and tolerate someone dictating to me how I must live my life, when they make theirs of comfort and luxury at the expense of others hard work, and and struggle…. DAMN THEM TO HELL!!! GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!!!! If you will not fight with a vengeance, then you are doomed… Read more »

elena cruz

Hey somebody – we are the Saudi Arabia of coal. It is clean burning and can provide energy for hundreds of years to come. We don’t need nuclear, or wind or water resources to keep our lights on. Go do some research and learn how beneficial coal is to our world. THEN….answer this question – how will we make the computer you are using without oil? How will we make the tractors which harvest your food without gas? How will we make submarines run to protect this country without nuclear? Hmmmmm?


The USA used to be a grand nation, always looking for the next frontiers, instead of lamenting and arguing against change for a better, brighter, healthier future for coming generations. Where is the political signal to once more lead the way? Right here in the USA there are bright people who have understood that the future is not with wind, water and certainly not with coal, oil and radiating plants. Hey, may everyone wake up and get going. See what I mean:


That statement by Obozo is 97% Bull sh*t. This whole agenda is about NWO and more taxes.


Just remember the Democrats have an old fossil running for President who hates fossil fuels. LOL

Rance Parker

For billions of years, the earths’ climate never changed, until humans came along. Uh huh, yeah right.

Terence Colligan

Econazi’s hate YOUR progress, not theirs.