Step up Your Game With All New Bloodsport Crossbow Arrows

Bloodsport Crossbow Arrows
Bloodsport Crossbow Arrows

Albia, IA -( Crossbow hunters tend to be less picky when it comes to arrows, but that’s only because many don’t understand that quality matters as much with crossbows as it does with vertical bows.

Bloodsport’s Witness and Hunter crossbow arrows are designed to be the most consistent shafts available in both straightness and weight, ensuring your crossbow hits the mark shot after shot.

Today’s high-speed crossbows place increased stress on arrows. Bloodsport’s Rugged Wrap construction process is the best in the business, which means the Witness and Hunter crossbow arrows shoot exceptionally well and will hold up to the fastest bows available. They also offer better front of center build for superior flight and terminal performance.

If you’re the kind of shooter who strives to get the most out of your rig, Witness arrows ensure you’ll your bow will shoot up to its best capability. Both the Witness and Hunter crossbow arrows are 325 grains and sport a straightness tolerance of .003″.

In addition to its outstanding performance, hunters will appreciate that Witness shafts come standard with Bloodsport’s patent-pending Blood Ring. The Blood Ring shows plainly what kind of hit was made using the age-old logic of blood types. Different organs present with different blood types and colors. The Blood Ring collects blood and body fluids as it passes through the animal to let the hunter know what move to make next.

If your crossbow isn’t shooting as well as you would like, the problem might not be the bow. Try Bloodsport Witness arrows experience a whole new level of accuracy and performance. Available in 20″ and 22″ lengths.

Bloodsport Crossbow Arrows - Witness & Hunter :
Bloodsport Crossbow Arrows – Witness & Hunter :

Every crossbow hunter deserves Bloodsport quality, but a good value for the money is important, too. The Bloodsport Hunter doesn’t sacrifice quality or precision at the expense of the consumer’s dollar. You don’t have to empty your wallet to get a crossbow arrow that’s up to any hunting challenge you can throw at it.

All-carbon Hunter crossbow arrows are built with Bloodsport’s proprietary Rugged Wrap construction process for durability and consistency. They’re available in 20″ and 22″ and come with brass inserts for better FOC and penetration.

Don’t sacrifice quality when you’re looking for a value priced hunting arrow. Get BloodSport HUNTER arrows and take your game to the next level.

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About BloodSport:

At BloodSport, we are committed to building the most accurate arrows in the world. While other companies count success by the number of shafts shipped out the door, we count ours one arrow at a time. After all, nothing is more important than the arrow you are about to shoot on your next hunt. All of our arrows are hand sorted and graded so that you truly get what you pay for. Great care is taken to ensure that all of our components are matched perfectly with each shaft. While the extra steps we take certainly cost us more than the other guys’ mass production method, the end result is that a dozen of our arrows look the same, weigh the same, and fly the same. If we wouldn’t shoot them ourselves they don’t make it to the store. We make sure you can pull BloodSport arrows out of the box and aim with confidence. Once you shoot our arrows we think you will agree that the extra effort is worth it. At BloodSport, we aren’t trying to be like the other arrow manufacturers, we are working hard to be your arrow company.

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