Stop the Posting of Unenforceable No Guns Signs

Long Before There Was an Open Carry or Campus Carry

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Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Austin, TX -( Most TSRA members are aware of the 2015 passage of SB 273 by Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) and Rep. Ryan Guillen (D-Rio Grande City) but you may not recall the background which set-up the need for the new law.

In 2003, Sen. Ken Armbrister (D-Victoria) with Rep. Suzanna Gratia Hupp passed a bill TSRA called “CHL Preemption”, meaning SB 501 reinforced in Texas law that only the State Legislature had the authority to regulate where a licensee could or could not go with his licensed handgun when it came to tax-payer owned property, unless that property was prohibited in statute.

SB 501 passed and most of the confusing, unenforceable signs came down. They were removed from city-owned parking facilities, for the non-secure portion of airports, from a city-owned marina, from tax appraisal offices, etc.

In the fall of 2003, I called about a PC 30.06 sign on a local convention center and was told by the facilities manager she was scraping the signs off as fast as she could. Yes, there were “hold-outs”. The mayor of Mission told a local reporter they justfelt better with the PC 30.06 sign on their library.

Later when I inquired about PC 30.06 signs in school parking lots in Plano, I was told by their legal counsel that the sign wasn’t for “me” and I could ignore it. I haven’t seen a criminal yet stopped by a sign!

As with private businesses, as the number of licensees grew local governments were urged to comply by their constituent.

A decade later and without incident, PC 30.06 began re-appearing on municipal properties.

In 2013 Rep. Ryan Guillen (D-Rio Grande City) filed a bill to create a complaint process with the Texas Attorney General’s office whereby citizens, trying to get clarification or the removal of improperly posted PC 30.06 signs, could get help.

The office of the attorney general would investigate and if the sign was posted on property NOT in current statute, and if the governmental entity refused to comply, they could be fined. The fine is substantial.

The 2013 bill failed due to an over-reaching amendment on the last day of session. I was not pleased.

In 2015, Rep. Guillen took on this same project but this time Senator Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) filed identical language, SB 273, in the Senate.

With help from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Campbell’s hard-working staff, SB 273 passed.

Not one single new “location” was added to the list of where a licensee could or could NOT carry, only a complaint process and a hefty fine!

Long before licensed open carry was discussed, and before the Virginia Tech massacre highlighted the need for personal protection on college campuses, TSRA successfully backed SB 501 and stopped the encroachment of gun owner’s rights by local government.

Licensees deserve consistency and to believe what they read in the materials they’re tested on during their DPS-written course.

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Keep the Faith,
Alice Tripp
Texas State Rifle Association
Legislative Director

About the Texas State Rifle Association:

Founded in 1919, the Texas State Rifle Association is the largest firearms and shooting sports organization in Texas with nearly 40,000 members. TSRA is also the largest, award-winning state affiliate of the National Rifle Association and is sanctioned by the Civilian Marksmanship Program. As a part of its public education efforts, the association produces a full-color bimonthly publication, TSRA Sportsman, which updates members on current news, hunter education programs, shooting sports competitions, and important issues effecting their Second Amendment rights. The TSRA also hosts an annual meeting every February that features exciting fund-raising auctions, informative speakers, exhibitors, and other events.

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which is all gun laws that infringe THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO



A real question is: What will we firearm owners do when something triggers a national outright ban on privately owned guns and ammunition within 10 days? Hiding guns means nothing–you must either use them or lose them before bad things get too organized and it has nothing to do with gun ownership-it has everything to do with the Constitution and basic freedoms as defined in it and the Bill of Rights. So first, be careful before you get macho with your thinking because “fighting” or even resisting means you lose your property, money, family, possibly parts and parts and pieces… Read more »

Wild Bill

You are right Jack, it is better that we oppose that sort of thing, now, while we still can with our votes and check books from the air-conditioned comfort of our homes.


Wild Bill,it’s amazing to me that you would say Jack is right. What the hell is Jack right about ? Jack sounds like a coward to me !

Wild Bill

Tex, Jack is right about hiding your guns is no good. If the federal government ever came out to confiscate our guns, the feds would send send a hundred agents at a time with metal detectors and any other tools that they think that they need to dismantle your house and out buildings and complete their mission. Our firearms need to handy for maintenance, and for distribution, if necessary, to young persons who are able to do all the running around that is necessary for the prosecution of war. After a big cup of morning coffee and a couple of… Read more »

Wild Bill

Additionally, secession really is not an option, we tried that. Secession is a lot of work and cost. We can hardly get people to join together in any one of the Second Amendment groups much less join together into a block of seceding states. Heck, we can’t even come together for the purpose of agreement on any given subject on this web site, much less secede from the union. I think that a voting block of 90 million gun owners welded together by our belief in freedom and our Second Amendment civil rights would be unstoppable. We could have everything… Read more »


The ace in the hole all states have is succession ! It could be coming sooner that you might think too. The states that do succeed won’t be asking politely for federal permission to do it either. Individual states rights trump a tyrannical federal gov’t that created and forced the succession. Texas Gov.Greg Abbott is more than ready,willing,and able to protect the constitutional rights of all Texans too. Gov.Abbott took an oath to protect and preserve the constitutional rights of all Texans and unlike Hussein Obama that oath means something.


,you sound like a sheep that would just allow your firearms to be confiscated or you would willingly turn them in ? If you lose your 2A freedoms nothing else makes any difference at that point. You are what a tyrannical federal gov’t hopes every law-abiding firearms would do. I’m willing to die to keep them question is are they willing to die to take them !


Jack,you’re a sheep !. We are macho if we fight and possibly die agains’t this tyrannical scum ? Why don’t you go on and surrender any firearms you own right now ! It’s obvious you would rather comply with tyrannists demands than fight for what’s right ! Everyone dies but a coward die a million times !


What will we do? Easy: Keep calm and carry on. These politicians, and apparently yourself as well, seem to think our right to arms arises from the Constitituion, to deny us that right, all they need to do is repeal that pesky Second. But that logic is false. Why? Because our right to arms does not derive from , is not dependent upon, nor is it subject to the Constitution or any other document or law. No, it rises from the God who created us and is dependent upn naught else. And NO ONE can ever take away what HE… Read more »

Wild Bill

True, Tion, but the politicians that you are writing about don’t believe in God. So if the Second Amendment were negated, what would happen to your argument? I think that we better figure out how to weld 90 million gun owners into one voting block?


We need our Pro 2nd amendment political leaders to go after states such as New York for their heavily discrimination against the law abiding citizens right to carry side arms and other guns. The New York guns laws for the most part are do to the ignorance of people like the a__hole governor and others who have armed security for their protection but want to deny common people from being able to defend their families and themselves. If you read the NYS gun laws you’ll find they are written in absolute ignorance of the weapons they are specifying. The are… Read more »


I’d like to see these signs go away in Minnesota as well. They’re everywhere, and they’re pointless. They only exist because liberals were irate over 2nd Amendment enforcement through legislation.


Criminals care about signs as much as they do b/g checks. Liberals understand that concept but will never admit to it. I’m pleased Texas open carry passed and became law effective 1-1-16,but we need to get constitutional carry passed in the next legislative session. The 2A is the only permit law-abiding firearms owners need ! LICENSING A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT IS REGISTRATION !