Letter From TrackingPoint CEO on Extreme Weapons for an Extreme World

By John McHale

Extreme Weapons for an Extreme World
Extreme Weapons for an Extreme World


USA -(Ammoland.com)- Today TrackingPoint announced the M1400 Squad-Level Extreme Marksman Precision-Guided Firearm.

The M1400 bolt-action 338LM has the longest reach of any Precision-Guided Firearm. Engaging and eliminating targets out to 1400 yards moving at speeds up to 20MPH, the M1400 gives every squad member the ability to outshoot the best snipers that ever lived.

Combined, the M1400, M800, and M600 supercharge the squad and deliver a spectrum of capability that allows our military to dominate the war on radical Islamic terrorism.

We are also making a strategic shift today. As evidenced by our new tag-line: Extreme Weapons for an Extreme World, TrackingPoint is now hyper-focused on delivering weapons that turn soldiers into a dominant force in the war on extremism.

The M1400 is the first incarnation of this shift and today we published the following whitepaper entitled Beyond Snipers – Transforming Soldiers to Super Warriors.

We are claiming the mantle of advocacy for the Infantry Soldier and will continue to publish deliberate and powerful doctrine that we hope can change the face of war.

Throughout the week we will make other exciting announcements that deliver on our promise to provide Extreme Weapons for an Extreme World.

John McHale

About TrackingPoint:

TrackingPoint, based in Austin, Texas, builds extreme weapons for an extreme world to supercharge the Infantry Soldier. Based on fighter jet technology, the company’s Precision-Guided Firearms deliver mission dominance, force multiplication, and remarkable battle overmatch in the war on radical Islamic terrorism.

To learn more, visit www.tracking-point.com.

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    TrackingPoint, the company that patented the remote control disabling device for firearms, to be used by police and govt agencies and then, when questioned, refused all discussion on the matter. The same TrackingPoint device that New Jersey wanted to make mandatory for all firearms sold in the State.

    Never one penny of my money to them.