URGENT: Stop the M1 Carbine BAN


Winchester M1 Carbine with M1A1 Paratrooper Stock
Winchester M1 Carbine with M1A1 Paratrooper Stock
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Roseville, CA -(AmmoLand.com)- We need YOUR HELP to fight one of the worst gun control bills that we have ever seen.

  • This bill would expand the reach of California's ban on so-called “assault weapons” to ALL semi-automatic center-fire rifles with detachable magazines, regardless of if they are equipped with a “bullet button” or magazine locking device.
  • It would BAN your family's heirloom rifles from WWII through the Vietnam War
  • It would BAN Ruger's Mini-14 ranch rifles and the venerable M1A— because they have a detachable magazine

We are talking about Assembly Bill 1663, authored by California Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco) and sponsored by gun-grabbing Attorney General Kamala Harris.


Other recent attempts to expand California's “assault weapons” ban failed passage in the Legislature or were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown, thanks in part to a massive outpouring of opposition from the gun rights community.

Those previous measures pale in comparison, however, to AB 1663, which would ban the previously mentioned common rifles, as well as the M1 Carbine.


Yes, you read that right. They are coming after the most collected and cherished rifles, and classifying them as “assault weapons.”

In fact, just last week thousands of M1 Carbines were distributed to civilians by the U.S. Goverment through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).

But now, Assemblymember Chiu knows better than the folks running the CMP and wants to classify any M1 Carbine as an “Assault Weapon”, forcing their owners to jump through even more hoops.

You can help us stop this assault on your rights TODAY. Take a minute to fill out our petition and let your voice be heard. We need you to tell Sacramento politicians ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


About the Firearms Policy Coalition:

Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

For more information, visit: www.firearmspolicy.org.

  • 30 thoughts on “URGENT: Stop the M1 Carbine BAN

    1. Yea I hear it al the way cannot people vote out the office most Liberal California Politicians. Reason Los Angeles has most of the population as well as the San Francisco Bay area. Once you get away from the main population centers. People like and use guns for hunting, varmint control and target shooting. There is a unmark line down the state, the democrats change political resident boundary lines on us all the time. We have a week Republican Party and are out voted. I have now a liberal democrat representing me even though my area use to be moderate, conservative area. We are lost where we lived. It is the same in Washington State were my Uncle and Aunt and cousins live near Spokane Washington. They are like us pay lots of taxes and do not get the same money or service back from Sacramento? Washington State is controlled fro Liberal Seattle.

    2. Civil disobedience and eventual revolution are the topics of the day. Over 3 million New Yorkshire refuse to comply with The New York “safe” joke, and the majority of law enforcement in the state saying they will not arrest people and persue prosocution of non compliance. Do your civic duty to the constitution DO NOT COMPLY.

    3. As a Californian, it’s not as simple as some think. There are portions of California in the north and central parts that are extremely conservative and gun friendly. We just don’t have the population to vote these idiots out of office to make the changes. My only choice is to leave, and I will gladly leave. Wherever I move, I’m not bringing California values with me.

    4. Inthe 1939 MILLER case, the Supreme Court said that contemporary military arms were protected by the Second Amendment. The Court was not aware of the military use of shotguns, but they were sure about military rifles. If the residents of Califormia pack up and leave, let’s be sure they do not bring and demand the same “government services” that have ruined California.
      The State of California should have to see if it can survive without gun owners.

    5. As long as parasites can vote, the Peoples Democratic Republic of Kalifornia (PDRK) will continue to vote communist. One man one vote is Wrong. Go back to what the founders used, that is, Free, White, Male, 21 years old, and a property owner. OK, maybe not require White and substitute “Natural born Citizen of two Citizen parents born in the US or a Territory.” Maybe in 50 years we can begin to allow Naturalized Citizens who have passed a very difficult Constitutional test and resided in the US for 20 years to vote as well.
      ALL stupid laws, including SCOTUS, will disappear and things will clear up in 2 years. The next 100 years will see our economy boom and the rest of the world benefit from our beneficence.

    6. Many people forget that CA is a solid Democrat state and every stupid bill that comes down the pike is one written by a Democrat legislator. You can check this by going the Gun Owners of California web site. If we could get rid of Los Angeles and San Francisco we would have a normal state.

    7. There should be a saw that can cut along the Khalifornia border to make it an island. Then allow it to float away and sink because the voters there are too stupid to vote. The fruits, nuts and flakes in the state are too interested in smoking dope and loving others of the SAME sex. They are all brain dead.

    8. All I can say is that most of the commenters here are a bunch of uninformed asshats. Everyone on Californian is not a brain dead liberal and did not vote for those in office in Sacramento. The central valley is mostly conservative and is farm country and we get out-voted by the morons in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is not possible financially for most of us to just up and move the hell out of here or we would already be gone. Send me your dollars and I will take your advice and be on my way to Arizona tomorrow.

    9. California can’t rid themselves of the freedom hating firearms fearing politicians. California has been invaded, for generations, by illegal aliens, and those illegal aliens voted in elections. Now, their children with loyalty to other countries and more invading illegal aliens vote in California and national elections. Even if leftist politicians said nothing, these succeeding waves of unskilled aliens and their children would propagate the myth that all white people are undeservedly rich and that the State should redistribute their wealth. And this is fast coming to the rest of the US. It is fast coming to you.

    10. Unfortunately Hillary will use California’s oppressive gun control measures as an example for the rest of the country, when she becomes president. People will defiantly say “they won’t get my guns” , but eventually they will chip away until they have all of them. Our only hope as a country is to come together this November and vote a pro gun president into office, whoever they are! I will vote for Trump, Cruz, Kasich, or Daffy duck, I don’t care! We can’t let her get into office!

      1. Kasich IS a gun grabber. He was credited as the deciding vote in the Clinton Gun Ban. Millions of gun owners did not vote for Romney because he was responsible for MA assault rifle ban. A vote for Kasich is a vote for Tyranny. Listen to him talk. He is chomping at the bit to bully Americans into his idea of Society just like oblamma. I have watched many of these politicians over the decades and know a duck when I see one. Trump would be no better.

    11. Well NJ and CA you have to remember one thing. You voters put these idiots in office that are taking your guns away. One sure way to stop it is, vote them out.

    12. Enough is enough. We need to get rid of all these Democrats vote on the Republicans. Get rid of Diane Feinstein and Schumer from New York as well the rest of them

    13. You need to organize and show up at the state capital by the thousands. Phone calls and letters are obviously not getting your message across. It won’t be easy, but things in life that are worth it are never easy. The gun owners in California need to either show up or shut up and deal with whatever happens in the legislature which they alow by not being vigilant. No one is going to do it for you. The lord helps those that help themselves. If you need examples to go by contact the ISRA they will be able to give you some ideas where to start.

    14. The People’s Republic of California gets worse every year.. When are the people there going to wake up and vote the offending idiots out of office.. Perhaps they just don’t care?? I’m glad I moved out when I did.. Florida thankfully is much better.

    15. When they come for the weapons give them all of the hot lead first just like the Incans gave the Spainards the gold that they wanted, Which was poured down their throats.

    16. Well the people in California need to get rid of there government officials if they do not like what is happening there. If seems that if they like all of these laws there then they are getting what they want. On the other hand what is in California needs to stay in there and not come to all of the other states. So Califorians keep your damn laws to your damn selves.

    17. It’s hard to have a lot of sympathy for Californians since they continue to vote for these same people year in and year out. Maybe the best solution for California is to pack up and move to a gun friendly state. I know it’s hard, but with the morons you vote in it’s the only solution. On the bright side. If you can’t buy them there, there will be that many more available for me here..

      1. You’re acting like the pro-gun people living in California are the ones who are responsible for the political situation in that state. They aren’t. They are outnumbered by liberals. Besides, if Hillary takes the White House, the entire country will probably wind up looking like California, so moving might just be a temporary solution anyway.

        1. Actually, you are at fault by continuing to support the “government” in the PDRK by paying your taxes. Leave the State and force the parasites to support themselves, with the help of Hollywood libs. It should leave the “state” without the money to continue.
          Hopefully they will go bankrupt and unable to “give” all the “free stuff” to the parasites who will then riot and kill, requiring the National Guard to restore order, and hopefully killing a LARGE number of parasites.

      1. That’s New Jersey they sit in Trenton and take our rights away from us. I thought the USA was free country. Just like me who lives in New Jersey they keep taking our rights away from us. It’s time to revamp Trenton go vote to get rid of these people that are against our second amendment rights!!!

      2. Brian, Their “logic” is that M1 carbines are fairly easy to convert to the M2, full auto, version. I’m not at all familiar with the inner workings of carbines, but that’s in the NJ “assault weapons” bill. I can have an AR-15 as long as it doesn’t have those deadly, evil features of bayonet lugs, grenade launchers, threaded barrels or folding/collapsible stocks.

        LOOK OUT! an evil threaded barrel is committing murder out there.

    18. This is ridiculous as a future serviceman of this country come August I believe and support every right as an American including the 2nd amendment these people are crazy to try and take away this rifle. An assault weapon is classified as one that releases more than one cartridge when you pull the tripper semi auto however only releases one cartridge at a time as the M1 carbine does this is outrageous

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