Utah: BLM Proposes to Close Thousands of Acres in Utah County to Target Shooting

Public Land Target Shooting
Public Land Target Shooting
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)
National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Washington, DC – -(Ammoland.com)- The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a draft plan to manage target shooting on the east side of Utah County’s Lake Mountains.

BLM’s proposal will amend the Pony Express Resource Management Plan to address the long term management of target shooting within the planning area.

Three management alternatives are presented.  Alternative A would allow the current 893-acre temporary closure to lapse and implement no further closures or restrictions.  Alternative B would make the temporary closure long term.  Alternative C would expand the closure to other adjacent lands for a total of 3,450 acres closed to target shooting.

Recently the BLM announced the transfer of 150 acres of BLM lands to Utah County for the development of a shooting range at the southern end of the planning area on Soldier Pass Road.

The draft plan can be read online at: https://eplanning.blm.gov/epl-front-office/eplanning/nepa/nepa_register.do or at the following website:   https.//www.blm.gov/ut/enbb/index.php(Navigate both sites via Utah>Salt Lake Field Office>EA>2015.Eastern Lake Mountains target Shooting Plan Amendment).

The public can submit comments on the draft plan through May 16th 2016  by email at [email protected]  Comments can also be faxed to 801-977-4397 or sent by mail to Salt Lake Field Office, Eastern Lake Mountains Target Shooting Plan Amendment, 2370 South Decker Lake Boulevard, West Valley City, Utah 84119.

The BLM will be hosting a public meeting on May 11th 2016 at the Talons Cover Gold Club, Saratoga Springs, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Keeping public lands open for hunting and target shooting is a priority of the NRA’s.

We are asking those of you who depend on federal and state public lands for hunting and shooting to take the time to review this draft plan and submit your comments to the BLM.  There is a lot of public land at stake that could be closed to target shooting.  We also request that target shooters take the time to attend the May 11th public meeting that BLM is hosting.

The ability to target shoot on public lands in an informal setting is being threatened by conflicts with other recreationists, increased public use of these lands, as well as the illegal and poor behaviors of a minority.  Don’t let those be the reasons for closing public lands for your enjoyment.

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

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Not only do I understand English, but I can also put together a coherent thought. Something that you can’t do Mr. Romeu. Your rants are a complete example of your lack of intelligence and logic. You ramble about smaller govt, yet you insist that a govt. agency hold your hand and do your dirty work. Your continued berating of others who want to have a rational discussion proves that you have no facts. Its a weak argument when you have to resort to personal attacks. Go ahead a rant all you want. I will not argue with a fool least… Read more »


Is not terrible sad that a Sherriff or any other agent of the law have to enforce guide lines of conducts to grown old people??? Some people stated in here about some gay-les activists, etc. What does guys have to do with the shooting community and It behavior ??? Plus, I had seeing, mostly the time, guys passed their 50’s causing the mess, meaning those guys were kids way before liberals and LGBT were popular. So, guys, don’t more excuses: just be freaking responsible for your actions and your mess, and if you can, like there is the case, then… Read more »


Man, you sure do like to be rude and bash people.

How is it that you make a statement like that about my parents and my ethics? How are my ethics being challenged? Re-read my earlier statements about my going out and doing cleanups on public land.

You sir, make no sense.

A county Sheriff will ALWAYS defer to a Federal officer on Federal land.

Gregory Romeu

terdog? You need to go back and reread what I wrote. If you cannot understand it, grab somebody that understands English to read it to you and explain it. Other than that, no the county sheriff has to patrol ANYTHING, however, your sheriff DOES HAVE the final say OVER ANY FEDERAL AGENCY / AGENTS in your county. The ONLY Federal land authorized by Congress is the 10 square miles in Washington DC. If YOU feel that it is necessary to bow down and kiss the ass of your federal government, “owners”, then I suggest that you get on your knees… Read more »


“We thaught those very same ethics right here in the United States in the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Brownies until society ALLOWED some liberals, gay rights activists and feminists came along and F it all up!”

LMAO! Isn’t that the parents job???

Gregory Romeu

Well obviously your parents didn’t teach you and you’re the one that’s laughing about it?


Its not just CA. I’m in Northern Nevada and I see the same stuff. I belive that it goes all the way back to childhood and a total lack of parental guidance. I was taught to pick up after myself, and when I go out into the country, I always come back with more garbage than I took out.

Gregory R. … you realy think that the Sheriff, or an LEO will be patrolling such a low priority area? Reality check pal. BLM aint what they are responsible for.
And I’ll bet that your into the whole “smaller Govt.” thang.

Gregory Romeu

If you bother to read your state constitution (something you should have been doing back in the 7th grade) you will find out that it is your county sheriff that has the power over federal government agencies but then again I guess you would have to be able to read English?

Gregory Romeu

I didn’t say a LEO. I said you’re County Sheriff who is the highest authority, the highest power elected official in your county.

You people elected York County Sheriff. Why would you even vote for someone if you didn’t even know what their responsibilities and duties to the people is?

York County Sheriff is the only position that was has power OVER EVERYTHING, even federal agencies and can’t have them removed from your county.

Do you even understand how your own local government is supposed to work or do you just follow whatever they tell you to do?

Ron Straight

I’m in San Diego, CA. we don’t have many places to target shoot anymore, primarily because of the douche-bags that abused the priviledge and left too much trash, shell casings, broken bottles and target items strewn about. Now you have to go to a private indoor shooting range and pay fees each time by the hour, or join a private Rod & gun club to shoot. The small minority has ruined it for the rest of responsible shooters, but that’s California, land of idiots!


I’d suggest that the fastets way out is to become an activist. Join a local shooting club and have cleanup days. Or, go out on your own.
My dirt bike club has cleanups 2 to 3 times a yr. Its amazing the crap that we pick up. Stuff that has nuthin to do with dirt bikes or off roading.
Sometimes the “right thing” is obvious. 😉

Gregory Romeu

How about asking your county Sheriff to take all the prisoners in the county jail system out on a chain gang to clean up all the crap as well as locate, find and arrest and prosecute those that’re causing the problem and then when they get sent to jail they too can join the chain gangs and go out and pick up their own crap?


We got to this point, unfortunately , just because stupidity of some people! How you can correct people’s stupidity? Maybe this is the only way, sadly. I live in Utah and I had seeing the mess Terdog is talking about! Once again applies here: for a few we all pay the price…. Sad.

Gregory Romeu

The SOLUTION 4s those of you that live in the counties of the affected areas contact your county sheriff and tell them to use their balls and the powers of being the county sheriff which overrides the BLM!

Damn doesn’t anybody bother to read their state constitutions at all?


I’d bet that there already is a law of some sort like that. I’m advocating more laws, just enforcing the ones that are there.
I know that the garbage isn’t the only dog in this fight. BUT, it is 1 aspect that we can correct to help get the non shooting public on our side.

Wild Bill

I recently read an article about the Japanese school system. It mentioned that in the first three years of elementary school, students were taught personal ethics that are acceptable to the Japanese culture. (don’t take more than you can eat; clean up after yourself; be considerate toward others; etc.) Here in America, we don’t even teach Civics anymore, much less personal ethics. Yet, Hollywood is constantly pushing the me me me perspective, in fact practicing good citizenship can put one at an extreme disadvantage.


Bingo! I have philosophized about the above additions to our children’s education. Further, I think there should be related content in all grades of school to include life skills like financial navigation, job hunting and work ethics, the realities of reproduction, golden rule, bullying, etc,. etc. This would be real social studies.

Gregory Romeu

We thaught those very same ethics right here in the United States in the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Brownies until society ALLOWED some liberals, gay rights activists and feminists came along and fucked it all up!


Terdog. That sounds like a problem that can be addressed with an ordinance on littering. Not a ban on target shooting.

Gregory Romeu

Do you actually believe that the dumbasses that littered the range would actually abide by the law against littering?


I see the problem everyday in my area. Shooters go out for some good fun, but leave a mess of epic proportions when they leave. I’ve never understood how people that claim to love the outdoors could consider leaving a spot in worse condition than when they got there. Taking their garbage (TV’s, Mirrors, cans, propane tanks) out and leaving it.

I went and picked up an old projection TV that had been shot to hell. It took half of my truck bed.