Victoria, Australia Police – Lobbying For Even Tighter Gun Laws

Victoria, Australia Police - Lobbying For Even Tighter Gun Laws
Victoria, Australia Police – Lobbying For Even Tighter Gun Laws
Combined Firearms Council of Victoria
Combined Firearms Council of Victoria

Australia –  -( Last week, the Victoria Police continued with their strategy to try and bully the government into tightening your [gun] storage laws by having not one, but two articles in the Herald Sun, backed by an editorial.

Click here to read more (including the articles in full). Granted, their focus is on illegal use and they do point to illegal imports among other things, but they also make overtures on our existing storage requirements and importantly, make it clear they once again have a direct path to the police minister.

That’s a huge problem because the process for remaking the Firearms Regulations 2008, and letting the police hold the pen is likely to produce some nasty surprises for us.

We’re working on an industry response via the Herald Sun at the moment. Even if they don’t publish what we’ve put to them, this is a bone we’re not going to let go of, as it’s poor form for any regulator to a) become a lobbyist and b) to try and stitch up a deal on the regs with the government ‘behind closed doors’.

We’ll need as many shooters as possible to make sure the government knows this isn’t acceptable. Send this to your mates who can join our email list when they read our blog post.

Neil Jenkins
Secretary, CFCV

About Combined Firearms Council of Victoria:

The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria represents five of Victoria’s major shooting organisations – Field & Game Australia, Firearm Trades Association, Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Victorian Amateur Pistol Association and Vintagers: Order of Edwardian Gunners.

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I think the Aussies forget that they almost became Japs.


When and if hitlery gets in that thing will make it a felony to even one a gun. She or it has already said that her first day she will impose AAustraliatype gun bans and she also said that she will make buying ammo as hard to get as she can, that means 5 rounds per month . the demoncrats are so hateful of guns that they actually think guns are alive in some way, back in 93 hitlery said on larry king live that she saw a gun get up walk around then fire itself off, I wonder what… Read more »

Phantom Phlyer

I have been to Australia. Great people but obviously dumb as rocks in some aspects. Pay attention as others have said this is the plan from HC and BS. So what is the result of disarming the people? Well apparently windfall profits for criminals and the resulting increase in violence against those ‘sheep’ who let themselves get disarmed. This is all very common sense to those of us who believe in the 2A and the obvious fact that criminals do not follow laws doooooh! Do what the Aussies did and society becomes a ‘game preserve’ for criminals. This just shows… Read more »


When (not if, I have a feeling that Donald Trump can’t win against her) Hillary becomes president we’re all doomed. No more black rifles, pistols with more than 10 round magazines will be outlawed in every state and they’ll require bullet buttons. Oh and foreign military surplus firearms will be completely done away with. No more imports. All ammunition sales, which will be limited by round count will take place through licensed dealers and will require background check. It will be a sad day my friends.


Another doomsdayer ! Maybe NOW is a great time to buy enough ammo to last a couple lifetimes. Maybe NOW is the time to make sure you have/get all the firearms you want ! And maybe NOW is the time to make sure you have spare parts for the firearms you have !!!! ‘A winks as good as a nod to a blind mule’ !


Yep! I agree.


By tightening the gun laws, which are already too strict, you’re creating an environment full of sitting ducks, where the people with the most lethal weapons are the criminals.

The US doesn’t actually have that bad of a problem as many think, considering it is a lot larger than Australia is. Many gun control advocates ignore the comparative differences in the country’s sizes and populations, just like a young earth creationist ignoring evidence for evolution.


Who cares ?

Clark Kent

You should. HiLIARy is suggesting the USA adopt Australian style gun control. Wake up.


Right On Clark.


You people seem to think that Hillary will be the end of the 2A and firearm ownership in the US ! BS ! That bitch can’t/won’t to squat ! What can the bitch do Hussein Obama ain’t tried ? I don’t give a damn what happens in Australia ! If them kangaroo chasers don’t value their rights why should I ?


So what ? The bit*h can ‘suggest’ anything she wants ! You sound afraid of Hillary ! Are you afraid of Hillary ? Maybe you should consult with Lois Lane !

Wild Bill

Don’t let them upset you. Think of it this way: If HC gets elected she controls the DOJ. If Hillary looses the election then there is a good chance that she will do some time. That thought alone is sufficient to motivate me to work for and contribute to whomever runs against her.


Well said.


a few million Aussies care, and should. ANY restrictions on liberty anywhere is OUR business… because if one place gets tougher, it encourages the overlords everywhere else to do the same… to YOU. Wake up. We have some high level politicians stumping for taking away ALL our guns here in the US, and pointing Down Under as the lead example. Of course, they leave off critical parts of the story…. as per usuau.


With all due respect Tex it is that type of thought that garners support, for the opposition. When people do not see opposition, they infer consent… it’s just the way it goes. Your state got open carry enacted due to the activists open carrying long guns to draw attention to the cause, grassroots organizations putting boots on the ground to enlist as many people as possible, and opening the general public eye to the need for open carry laws. It damn sure didn’t happen by gun owners hanging around pontificating about “Who cares?” This article isn’t about US gun laws,… Read more »