VIEVU Continues Momentum with New Contract

New Contract to Provide Miami-Dade Police Department with 1,500 Body Worn Cameras

VIEVU LE4 body worn video camera
VIEVU LE4 body worn video camera
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The Safariland Group

Seattle, WA -( Safariland, the parent company of VIEVU, a leading provider of body worn video cameras used by thousands of law enforcement agencies in 17 countries, today announced the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved the award of a contract to VIEVU following a highly competitive bidding process to supply body worn cameras to its force.

VIEVU, the only provider of body worn cameras with Automated Video Redaction technology, has already delivered the first shipment of cameras in anticipation of a rapid deployment by the Miami- Dade Police Department in 2016.

“VIEVU’s contract with the Miami-Dade Police Department for 1,500 body worn cameras marks one of the largest deployments on record in the United States,” said Don Dutton, General Manager of VIEVU. “The recent introduction of our LE4 product line and enhanced VIEVU Solution complements VIEVU’s already outstanding technology and product platform committed to protecting police officers and communities around the world.  We are rapidly deploying solutions to agencies from small to large across the country, as evidenced by our recent Miami-Dade contract win, and we continue to build upon our established customer base built over the past eight years.”

Mr. Dutton continued, “The Miami-Dade Police Department is responsible for protecting the safety of its 2.7 million residents, as well as millions of annual visitors. We are proud to partner with its outstanding force and are confident that VIEVU body worn cameras will be an invaluable tool helping to make Miami-Dade a safer community. Providing secure, high-resolution products and data storage solutions is VIEVU’s top priority as we remain committed to equipping the law enforcement community with the highest quality devices.”

Under the terms of the contract, the Miami-Dade Police Department will purchase 1,500 VIEVU Model LE4 body worn cameras and a five-year subscription to VIEVU Solution, the next generation fully-hosted cloud evidence management system. Built on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, the first enterprise cloud to directly support the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, VIEVU Solution allows users to securely upload videos and store data in the Cloud with confidence. 

“I am confident that VIEVU’s body worn cameras will help us showcase the good work that MDPD, which is the eighth-largest police department in the nation, is doing in our community,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez. “This technology will go a long way toward modernizing our police department, and it is an important tool for our officers to have so they can better protect and serve our community’s families and children.”

Juan Perez, Director, Miami-Dade Police Department, said “The Miami-Dade Police Department is looking forward to the collaboration and opportunity this bold technological advancement brings to our agency.  Body worn cameras will not only help us capture valuable data that was previously unavailable to our officers and detectives but will help reduce complaints, maintain accountability, and build upon our trust and legitimacy with the Miami-Dade community that we serve.”

The Safariland Group acquired VIEVU in June 2015 to meaningfully invest in VIEVU and leverage its products across Safariland’s robust distribution network and extensive relationships with police departments.


About VIEVU:

Designed by Cops for Cops, VIEVU is a leader in body worn video (BWV), providing secure, high-quality video cameras for law enforcement, security, emergency medical services and retailers. Built on police experience, VIEVU body worn video cameras are used by thousands of law enforcement agencies in 17 countries. VIEVU received the highest score in an evaluation of body worn video by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For information please visit

About The Safariland Group:

The Safariland Group is a premier global provider of trusted, innovative, high-quality law enforcement and security products for the public safety, military and outdoor recreation/personal protection markets. Offering many of the world’s most recognizable names in these markets, principal brands include Safariland, ABA, Second Chance, Bianchi, Break Free and Mustang Survival. Forensics brands include Identicator and NIK. The Safariland Group’s mission, Together, We Save Lives, is inherent in the lifesaving products it delivers. The Safariland Group has its headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. The Safariland Group is a trade name of Safariland, LLC.

For more information about The Safariland Group and these products, please visit

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“During a six-month trial run for body cameras in the Denver Police Department, only about one out of every four use-of-force incidents involving officers was recorded.”

“Lawmakers in at least 15 states have introduced bills to exempt video recordings of police encounters with citizens from state public records laws, or to limit what can be made public.”


I personally commend the Police for doing a job that most would not or cannot do.
I know from personal experience it can be very rewarding and very dangerous thanks
the people who respect the law and those who don’t.
There a lot of cop haters in the world that are in most cases hiding something
illegal or doing something illegal. Who do they call when someone breaks into their home,
right, they call the same cops they hate to catch the other bad guys or gals.

Don Bailey

Seemann it is laughable because it seems very few understand the qualification process just to be considered a candidate for law enforcement. Very few do make it through the screening process, much less through the probationary period.


“Very few do make it through the screening process, much less through the probationary period.”

Sorry, no:

So sure, spend all those tax dollars on new cameras, and in a month – if that long – 80% of them will be “malfunctioning”.

Never trust a cop of any kind.

Robert A. Babbitt

Give Um what they want. After all if you have nothing to hide, this should not be A problem. But if you ask me, I think it`s an outright travesty on how Police Officers are getting disrespected in our Country because certain factions of our society are trying to perpetuate this sense that our Men in Blue are somewhat lacking integrity and accountable to a disproportionate amount of Police Brutality against people of color. It makes me feel furious and angry at what is happening in our Country. Our Police Officers deserve nothing less than our utmost respect for what… Read more »