Will Trump Be Swindled in Cleveland, Too?

By Pat Buchanan

Trump vs. Sanders
Trump vs. Sanders, both could be robbed by party elites.
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- In the race for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump would seem to be in the catbird seat. He has won the most states, the most delegates and the most votes — by nearly two million.

He has brought out the largest crowds and is poised for huge wins in the largest states of the East, New York and Pennsylvania.

Yet, there is a growing probability that the backroom boys will steal the nomination from him at a brokered convention in Cleveland.

Over the weekend, Colorado awarded all 34 delegates to Ted Cruz. The fix had been in since August, when party officials, alarmed at Trump's popularity, decided it would be best if Colorado Republicans were not allowed to vote on the party's nominee.

After all, these poor folks might get it wrong.

In South Carolina, where Trump swept the primary, a plot is afoot for a mass desertion of Trump delegates after the first ballot.

The Republican Party in Georgia, another state Trump won, is also talking up delegate defections.

In state after state, when Trump wins, and moves on, the apparatchiks arrive — to thieve delegates for Cruz.

“This is a crooked system, folks,” says Trump, “the system is rigged. … I go to Louisiana. I win Louisiana. … Then I find out I get less delegates than Cruz because of some nonsense. … I say this to the RNC. I say it to the Republican Party: You're going to have a big problem, folks, because the people don't like what's going on.”

Something rotten is also going on in the Democratic race.

Bernie Sanders is on a roll, having won seven straight primaries and caucuses. Yet, he keeps falling further behind.

“I watch Bernie, he wins. He wins. He keeps winning, winning,” said Trump in Rochester. “And then I see, he's got no chance. They always say he's got no chance. Why doesn't he have a chance?

“Because the system is corrupt.”

Sanders seems to be shorted every time he wins a primary or caucus. And the insurmountable hurdle he faces was erected against folks like Sanders some time ago — the 700-plus superdelegates.

These are Democratic congressmen, senators, governors and Party officials. By more than 10-1, close to 500 of these superdelegates have lined up to back Hillary Clinton and stop Sanders.

The Democratic Party believes in democracy, up to a point — that point being that Democratic voters will not be permitted to nominate a candidate to whom the party elites object.

Richard Nixon's 49-state triumph in 1972 cured the Democrats of their naive belief in democracy. Henceforth, the George McGoverns and Bernie Sanderses can run. But they will not be allowed to win.

Yet, since it is Trump and Sanders who have stirred the greatest passion and brought out the biggest crowds, if both are seen as having been cheated by insiders, then the American political system may suffer a setback similar to that caused by the “corrupt bargain” of 1824.

Andrew Jackson ran first in the popular vote and the Electoral College, but was short of victory. John Quincy Adams, who ran second, got Speaker Henry Clay to deliver the House of Representatives, and thus make Adams president. Clay became Adam's secretary of state.

In 1828, Jackson got his revenge, winning the presidency. Clay would never make it. On his deathbed, Jackson confided that among the great regrets of his life was that he did not shoot Henry Clay.

While the turnout in the Democratic primaries and caucuses has not matched the Obama-Clinton race of 2008, Sanders has rallied the young and working class, turned out the biggest crowds and generated the greatest enthusiasm.

But on the Republican side, the Party has had the largest turnout in American history. And the reason is Trump.

And if, after having won the most votes and delegates, Trump is seen as having been swindled out of a nomination he won, by intraparty scheming in Cleveland, the GOP could suffer a self-inflicted wound from which it might not recover.

Another matter that could prevent a return to national unity? The deepening split over trade and foreign policy, both between the parties, and within the parties.

Sanders, last week, was saying that what disqualifies Clinton as president is her support for free trade deals that gutted American industry and cost millions of jobs, and her support for an Iraq War that was among the costliest, bloodiest blunders in U.S. history.

On both issues, Trump agrees with Sanders. Cruz, an uber-hawk and free trader, is more aligned with Clinton.

If the “America First” stance on foreign and trade policy, close to a majority position today, is unrepresented by either party this fall, and we get a free trade, War Party president, the divisions within the country will widen and deepen.

If Sanders and his revolution are sent packing in Philadelphia, and Trump is robbed in Cleveland of a nomination Americans believe he won, political disillusionment, and political realignment, may be at hand [if not civil war].


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 40 thoughts on “Will Trump Be Swindled in Cleveland, Too?

    1. I read the following post and I believe it is timely and relevant to the above article:

      “First of all the word is communism and secondly if you are talking about Colorado 64,000 people voted IN MARCH for their delegates who then voted according to how the people chose them to vote. Just because Trump chose to ignore the rules of the Colorado caucus that were given to him last August and just because Trump didn’t bother to show up in Colorado to campaign doesn’t mean he was cheated it means he was too damn lazy to make the deals he says he’s so good at and therefore failed to gain the delegates aka he lost. So now he whines and cries which is what sore losers do and his low information poorly educated minions repeat his lies as if they were truth. So sad!”

    2. “Author: Vanns40
      Let’s see, do ad hominem attacks and throwing out baseless and unfounded comments make you feel elevated in the world of commenters? I ask because if it does you need to seriously address how you believe folks react to ignorant statements. This isn’t third grade anymore, grow up.”

      Unfounded? Dude you are not paying attention, you are just saying you are and spouting opinion and uneducated opinion at that. When ignorance is involved then what you “think” is not really even an opinion.

      Sad really. More than enough supporting links have been posted here in these ammoland blogs to prove Cruz is part and parcel of the CORPORATE Government Syndicate. A tool, a puppet and well paid to boot. Do not ever try to deny it because the evidence is public knowledge. Cruz was bought by Goldman Sachs and his wife is CFR whose sole intent is to herald in the NWO and the subjugation of all humanity under a godlike elite. Just look at the connection to the NWO/CFR and the North American Union that combines Mexico the US and Canada into one union with no borders and unrestricted migration of third wold people into the US.
      This preceded by a one world currency that is digital where these elite can shut off your income and you have nothing. Where they can rape your accounts as they are planning to do this year as they have done in other countries across the planet in the last year. IF you have a 401K or other retirement benefits. Watch them disappear.
      That is what you are supporting with Cruz and his wife. That and of course a lack of mortality that is never ending int the world Elite.

    3. Vanns40, The only hypocrite is lying Ted since we all know what lying Ted did to Ben Carson and now did in Colorado without one vote from the people of Colorado. When you are a liar you start believing your own lies. Lying Ted wants to be president but not by the vote of the people but by anyway he can get the delegate even when the people in Colorado didn’t vote for him. What a guy!!

      1. Do you not understand, after being told for at least a dozen times, that Cruz didn’t steal anything, he had nothing to do with the process in place in Colorado? What part of that is so difficult to comprehend? Since you all persist in name calling how about we start calling Trump “Whiney Don”? The fact that you persist in this shows you’re an ideologue who doesn’t care for the facts. “Don’t bother me with facts because Trump is right no matter what”. I’ll run it by you one more time; the rules were in place almost a year prior. You don’t like the rules blame the State of Colorado, get your butt into the mix and work for change rather than acting like a cry baby and someone who can’t understand basic facts. Trump had no ground plan in Colorado, zip, zero. Cruz was there for months.

      2. This is turning into a tome. Let me sum up my feelings this way; I don’t care who wins the election as long as it’s not a Democrat. Don’t care about Trump although I freely admit I don’t like him. Don’t care about Cruz or Kasich although I am not enamoured with either of them. Just don’t care, as long as it’s not a Democrat. Continue to waste your energy debating this if you wish, not me. I’ll put my energy toward defeating the other side.

    4. Looks like both Sanders and Trump are both being sidelined despite bringing out the best all time voters turn out. Hmmmmmm, I think they should both run independent instead so we could find out what the people really want.

    5. Still what is not being told here is that it was stolen from the people in Colorado be not letting the people vote! That is called Dictatorship! I do not care if Trump had a problem with it but do have a with the rules that the GOP in Colorado that went around the people’s well to vote who they want to vote for. Sad day in America when the people have lost there right to vote.

    6. Why does such a great, brilliant “businessman’ want to change the rules? It’s because he may not win unless the rules are changed.

      I said it once and I’ll say it again. Trump’s biggest liability is his own words (and/or actions). How many delegates of those he has offended are going to turn around and vote for Trump. For such a brilliant businessman, he sure didn’t have the foresight to think his offensive words would come back and bite him in the A$$. Not so smart and now he wants to whine about the rules, about being cheated.

      Patrick Buchanan should know “as you sow so shall you reap.”

    7. America does not have a chance.

      “Because the system is corrupt.”

      Any questions.

      The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants….

      1. They system is not corrupt. People quite possibly but not the system itself. This “system” and the mechanism behind it have survived for more than 200 years. It’s not perfect but nothing is. We work within the system to effect change.

        1. But in Colorado the system is corrupt since the people do nt get to vote and they do not count which is not American. We The People need to count period! If we don’t then we have a dictatorship! Lying Ted didn’t win Colorado’s peoples vote which means the system is corrupt.

          1. You missed the entire point. Nobody stole anything. The rules were out there for almost a year before. Trump had no game on the ground and either didn’t care to organize one or didn’t care to spend the time line every other candidate did to learn the rules and procedures. I don’t see him whining and complaining when he wins. If you don’t like the system change it but don’t go saying it was stolen from him because of his ineptitude.

    8. Pat, you need to stop with the half facts and rhetoric. Trump and his entire cadre knew the rules in Colorado since Aug. He didn’t prepare for anything in CO as opposed to Cruz who had a smooth running campaign going for months.

      Did we see Trump complaining and whining when he won in any States? No we did not. However, every single time he loses it’s “they cheated, they stole this from me”. It’s never, hey, I didn’t do as well as I could because I screwed up!

      Pat, I’ve known you for years and you need to stop with the one sided, sycophant whining and get back to straight fact checking and reporting.

            1. Hah, if I had his number I’d say probably. As I said it’s been a few years. Remember, I said I knew him not that we were best buds. Pat’s a good guy and I may have been a little harsh in my statement but he’s gotten more….I’m searching for the right word without offending….strident (?) in his opinions over the years.

        1. Well, I would suspect it’s more along the lines of “I need an excuse where I can just keep repeating the mantra without having to explain anything” type.

          1. Vanns40. I suppose, in Trumps view, an excuse that plays on being victimized is better then admitted you lost due to ineptitude.

            Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House. “The process was open to all Colorado Republicans and all campaigns had ample opportunity to encourage their supporters to attend caucus, county assemblies, Congressional Assemblies, and the State Convention.” – See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2016/04/yes-donald-colorado-did-vote-on-march-1#sthash.l1eJYuEv.dpuf

      1. Vanns40 the point is not if Trump knew the rules or not the point is that the system doesn’t count the voters in Colorado and that is anti American and anti We The People so all of us need to point out that the system in Colorado is not right. It is a Dictatorship because the people in Colorado do not count.

        1. Then change the damn system but don’t go complaining like a bunch of babies “oh it was stolen from him”. No it wasn’t. He just thought he could get away with ignoring the rules and still have it go the way he wanted. Too bad for him.

          1. Do you really think that the GOP are going to change the system! You are smarted then that, PLEASE. Trump knew that by not having a primary vote in Colorado that he would not have a chance with the GOP delegates and that those delegates were going to vote for Lying Ted. Even Kasich knew that not one was going to vote for him ether. That is why they didn’t go! The system rules will be changed so Ted and Trump do not get the nomination. The GOP is using Ted right now. To your point it is not to bad for him but to bad for the people in Colorado that can not chance the system that cheated them of a vote!! Remember the GOP is an private organization that can’t be changed by the people, only can be changed by the ruling class that run it.

            I do not like what Ted did to Ben Carson and will call him lying Ted because of it but I will vote for him or Trump but will not vote if the GOP pulls a dictatorship nominee.

    9. JCB said it well in his comment…..If Trump is such a brilliant businessman why did he ignore the rules about how delegates are awarded. Well maybe he did not “ignore” them….he just assumed his mouth and his popularity would overcome all opposition. So while he is yelling, no YELLING, that we need to make America great again he failed to realize that this country is great and one of the reasons is because we have law and rules. Election rules have not changed and all candidates are given the rule book….which is public info by the way. While Trump has been whining and complaining Cruz has been consistently following the rules and working…organizing and working. So, think of the childhood story the tortoise and the hare. Consistent hard work, knowing the system and the ability to organize a campaign well seems to be working for Cruz. It may not get Cruz elected, but at least Trump can see Cruz in his rear view mirror.

    10. Yes and Bernie is getting swindled by Hillary too. The party establishment doesn’t like the outsiders honing in on their turf. Even in the states Bernie won by a landslide Hillary somehow keeps getting more delegates.

    11. Doesn’t one have to ask how “such a great businessman” could be so easily swindled or better yet how someone so easily swindled could be qualified to be president?

      The truth is that the only swindling being done is by Trump. If he gets to 1237 he’s the nominees, if not it’s his own fault. He is either too stupid or too lazy to spend any time or money actually getting delegates that will support him past the first vote elected and instead relies on whining and crying about the process that has been in place for 9 months (Which should be noted is almost as long as Trump has been pretending to be a Republican…..and at least Colorado hasn’t changed their position repeatedly in that time frame).

      One would think that after nearly 8 years of Obama’s constant lying, spinning and shifting blame to others, voters, especially gunowners, wouldn’t be so quick to embrace another candidate that lies constantly, changes his opinion frequently (often several times in the same day), and blames others for his failures but unfortunately Trump voters do just that.

      The swindle is not that Trump has convinced many that he is being cheated, the swindle is that Trump has convinced them that he, while only receiving about 35% of the Republican Primary vote, has any chance of winning the national election. The only way Trump gets to the White House is if Hillary invites him over to thank him for paving her way.

      1. JCB you act as if you like how delegates are handed out contrary to the popular vote. Most reasonable voters can see how their vote does not mean shit and the establishment (both parties) know what is the best for America. That dog is just about done hunting and hopefully this delegate shit gets changed because Americans are getting damned tired of being short changed. For the life of me I don’t know how anyone could support a delegate system in the year 2016. We are not a bunch of dumb ass sharecroppers that can’t think intelligently for ourselves. Very insulting!

        1. If you don’t like the system work to change it but stop complaining that a candidate was “cheated”. Is the system arcane? Yes. Does there need to be change? Quite possibly but that’s a moot point in this discussion. Everyone knew the rules going into this whole thing and the rules, as they are, were followed. Nobody got cheated out of anything, Trump just didn’t put in the effort or time.

          1. The system in Colorado cheated not Trump but We The People in Colorado!! That system of not letting the people vote for the next president is called the GOP dictatorship!!!

            Vanns40 I think you like the people not to vote system! Maybe you would like Cuba, Russia or China so go live there! But for sure the Colorado people got cheated and Lying Ted thinks he won Colorado but if the people would have voted he would have lost.

            I will not vote for any one that gets the nominee in the GOP by a dictatorship system which is as bad as a communist system. We The People pick the winner!

            1. Let’s see, do ad hominem attacks and throwing out baseless and unfounded comments make you feel elevated in the world of commenters? I ask because if it does you need to seriously address how you believe folks react to ignorant statements. This isn’t third grade anymore, grow up.

              That aside, everyone knew what the system in Colorado was and how it operates. If you feel it’s so unfair and robs you of representation then GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE AND WORK TO CHANGE IT. Stop being a whiney keyboard commando baby who bitches and moans and then does nothing except bitch and moan some more.

              No one is saying that the CO system isn’t unwieldy and outdated but EVERYBODY knew it going in. Why weren’t you complaining before the votes? Here, let me answer that for you, because if Trump had won you’d be happy as a pig in slop and there wouldn’t have been a single peep about how unfair it was. But, because he was forced to play by the rules and it didn’t go his way, well now America that is just so unfair!

              And that is exactly what it boils down to.

            2. Oh, but if Trump had won then you’d still be complaining about this “dictatorship” convention? Like hell you would. It’s only bad when your guy loses. You hide behind your real complaint (Trump losing) and mask it with the cover story of “it’s depriving me of my vote”. You’re the worst kind of hypocrite, a dishonest one.

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