Woman Fatally Shoots Estranged Husband

Woman Fatally Shoots Estranged Husband
Woman Fatally Shoots Estranged Husband
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- In a southern State recently, Kentucky State Police say a woman has fatally shot her estranged husband after he allegedly threatened her.


The intended victim Pamela Smith called dispatchers in Pike County early Monday to report the shooting. The preliminary investigation indicates her 37-year-old ex-husband went to the woman’s home, made entry into it and threatened her.

The resident victim was armed with a handgun and had an active domestic violence order against the intruder. She shot him and the local Coroner pronounced him dead at the scene.

Investigators did not immediately release details about how many times the intruder was shot.

Police say no charges have been filed, but the case will be presented to a grand jury for consideration.


Unlike yesterday’s case, the protective order adds a huge fact in defense of the victim’s action. Sometimes relationships don’t allow filing of a protective order or there is belief that filing might make things worse.

If you don’t file, always keep a journal, tell your friends what’s happening or report threats so you create a record that can be used in your defense! The protective order being in force makes this case a slam dunk for the shooter. Perfect!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Rick Richter

Let’s examine the curious term “in a Southern State”. What is the unwritten implication? Perhaps Dixie would be more appropriate?


Or we could focus on the peace bond and the fact that he seems to have come after her in her own home?