ZORE-X – A Revolutionary Gun Security Solution

ZORE-X ; A Revolutionary Gun Storage / Security Solution
ZORE-X ; A Revolutionary Gun Storage / Security Solution
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United States -(AmmoLand.com)- ZORE-X is a revolutionary gun storage solution, which includes a patented bullet that protects your gun by preventing others from using it, and alerts you when your gun has been tampered with.

ZORE-X is an incredibly simple yet reliable gun storage solution. It acts as a bullet which fits your semi-automatic gun. Simply press down on the button to lock it. After unlocking it the ZORE-X can be immediately ejected by simply charging your weapon, just like the gun ejects a regular bullet.

This simple method offers the fastest way to go from locked gun to charged in one fell swoop. Additionally, ZORE-X is the first gun lock of its kind to use an app which immediately notifies its owner if the gun has been tampered with in any way.

No matter where you are, you can keep tabs on your gun.

There have been many attempts to develop smart solutions for gun safety, but all have proven to be too unreliable. Locks and safes are secure, but are too cumbersome to open, especially in a time of stress or emergency. Smart guns have been developed as well, however, the fingerprint reading technology has proven to be too unreliable. A misread fingerprint could cause a gun to lock, even against its owner’s will. RFID technology is dependent on wearing a wristband at all times. Any gun that has to ‘think’ is not smart at all.

That is why ZORE developed its game-changing lock, by utilizing modern day technology in order to create its revolutionary gun storage solution – all without changing or interfering at all with the gun. This has allowed ZORE to be embraced by the gun community.

Revolutionary dial – the RAPIDial RAPIDial is just as reliable as a safe – but is unique due to the speed at which it can be opened. As stated earlier, ZORE avoided unreliable ‘smart’ technologies such as biometric fingerprinting, and instead invented the unique and reliable RAPIDial.


With RAPIDial you can turn the code without looking at the lock, even in the dark, simply by feeling the number of clicks between each turn.

Additionally, the turning direction and the starting point of the dial do not matter – no matter where you start your code, the code will work.

You can set simple or complicated codes, such as 1-2 or 2-4-1-5-6.

About ZORE:

ZORE was founded in 2014 by IDF veterans from elite combat and technology units. After two years of development, ZORE-X is now being launched for presale on Indiegogo. ZORE’s unique design and engineering brings forth the 21st century into the gun world – by improving gun storage, and by protecting your gun without complications. ZORE is now on the map as the most promising gun storage company of the 21st century.

For more information, visit: www.zore.life.

  • 5 thoughts on “ZORE-X – A Revolutionary Gun Security Solution

    1. From the Zore website..Your battery will last for more than a year.
      Three months before your battery drains, ZØRE will send you notifications, reminding you to change your battery.
      One month before the battery drains, when unlocking ZØRE, it will not allow you to re-lock without changing the battery.
      In addition, you are able to set your ZØRE to open automatically before draining out.
      If your battery drains out nonetheless, you are able to connect an external battery to give it power, enabling you to dial your code and open it.

      1. In other words, no thanks! If it’s electronic it will break eventually. And usually right when I need it….

    2. It’s interesting for sure. Is it a mechanical lock with and electronic movement sensor? Or is it all electronic? I’m not a fan on anything electronic for safety. Current defensive handgun stored in a handgun safe, bolted to the wall with a Simplex type mechanical combination lock. Always works. The Zore would be nice for traveling, if it’s mechanical.

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