Shane Mahoney Launches “Conservation Matters” Podcast

JOHNS, Newfoundland (Ammoland.Com) – Renowned conservation authority, speaker and author, Shane Mahoney, announced the launch of his podcast, “Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney” now available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Conservation Matters Podcast with Shane Mahoney
Conservation Matters Podcast with Shane Mahoney

The content is driven by Mahoney’s speeches given around the world on scientific issues and challenges impacting global conservation in the 21st Century. Additionally, Mahoney is offering audio files of his most popular articles penned for consumer magazines such as Sports Afield and Outdoor Life as well as scientific journals such as Canadian Journal of Zoology and more.

“My keynote presentations on wildlife, conservation and similar topics are each unique in delivery and content as it largely depends on my audience. Conservation Visions has a vast audio library to which we are drawing from for the Conservation Matters podcast,” said Mahoney. “It is becoming increasingly apparent that we need to develop new narratives and methods to connect with the modern public – many of which are unable to attend my presentations. Our hope is this podcast offers a bridge or gateway to keep the conversation going on conservation matters.”

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About Shane Mahoney

Shane Patrick Mahoney, President of Conservation Visions, is internationally recognized as one of today’s most original, insightful and inspiring conservation leaders, as well as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. A recipient of numerous awards, he has nearly forty years experience in wildlife conservation. He has primarily worked as a scientist, wildlife manager, policy innovator and strategic advisor, but also as a filmmaker, writer, narrator, television host and lecturer – all within the scope of the wildlife/conservation arena.

A strong advocate for communicating conservation science to the general public, Mahoney has written more than 100 popular articles that have been featured in twenty-four print magazines, and his work appears regularly in such well-read publications as Sports Afield. He’s written eight published book chapters, has appeared as host or narrator for a variety of television and radio efforts, and has collaborated with such highly regarded entities as the British Broadcasting Corporation and National Geographic to create and produce award winning films. Mahoney has offered keynote speeches, or plenary addresses, on nearly sixty occasions. He has led numerous workshops, participated in endowed lectures, presented at a host of conferences all around the globe, and has accepted eighteen professional appointments over the course of his career. Currently, he serves as Vice-Chair of the Sustainable Use and Livelihoods (SULi) Specialist Group for the United Nations’ World Conservation Union (IUCN,) as well as International Liaison for The Wildlife Society.

Mahoney has recently launched Conservation Visions, a private enterprise focused on providing environmentally grounded scientific research solutions, strategic review, coalition building, policy development and leadership advice to a range of conservation-minded stakeholders, including industry leaders, governments, and NGOs. Conservation Visions’ motto, “One Natural World, One Humanity, One Chance… Conservation Matters,” strongly reflects Mahoney’s certainty that the conservation movement is more important today, than ever before. Learn more at

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I certainly wish Shane great luck with this new endeavor. I’m sure that that there is a huge potential audience. If I can be forgiven one negative observation,….. I believe that all Americans share a core set of common values. For the most part, the Pres. excluded, Conservatives and Liberals both Love our Country, and the better angles of what it has stood for since the founding. We all want the best for ourselves, and for our children. We all hope to be safe from those who would harm us. The differences are largely about the approach, the methodology used.… Read more »