40th Anniversary Celebration, a Survival Course, an African Super Safari & More

Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty
Outdoor Channel TV
Outdoor Channel TV

Denver, CO -(AmmoLand.com)- From finding one of nature’s hidden gems to feasting on insects to a family expedition in Africa, Outdoor Channel is chock-full of exhilarating outdoor programming throughout the week of May 16–22.

Monday night programming continues to put four on the floor with back-to-back-to-back-to-back episodes of Duck Dynasty. First, the Robertsons throw a redneck shindig to celebrate Duck Commander’s 40th anniversary. Next, Willie Robertson decides to partake of the grape by purchasing a vineyard – without seeing it first. Then, while duck hunting, the guys stumble across a beehive dripping with wild honey, which they consider to be nature’s most prized succulent treasure. Finally, when Willie finds out his daughter, Sadie has a new boyfriend, he decides to get to know the kid, while instilling some fatherly fear.

On Wednesday, the competitors in Top Shot throw knives at a target while balancing themselves over a mud pit and then move to slingshots in the elimination round. Next, in Shootout Lane, Jerry, Lena, and Kay Miculek embark on a survival course complete with fried grubs, also known as edible insects, while Brock Afentul spends the day at home in paradise.

Then, viewers will enjoy Friday Night at the Movies with the 1959 film, Warlock, where the town is plagued by a gang of thugs, causing the townspeople to hire Clay Blaisdell, a notorious gunman to act as marshal. Next, in the second of three elimination rounds in the Shell Rotella Challenge Cup on Major League Fishing, 10 anglers continue competing in Lake County, Florida, with only four anglers moving forward. Closing out the week is Archer’s Choice with Ralph & Vicki with the couple heading to Africa for the first time in 20 years, but this time they bring their son, RJ.

Highlights for May 16–22:

About Outdoor Channel:

Outdoor Channel has been taking viewers across America and around the world on unparalleled adventures since 1993. Dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle and conservation, the independent cable network is a division of Outdoor Sportsman Group and provides a complete spectrum of riveting hunting, fishing, shooting and adventure entertainment. Outdoor Channel is received by more than 40 million U.S. households – the largest outdoor TV footprint in the country – and is available in more than 50 countries internationally. Outdoor Channel can be viewed in HD and is accessible by broadband and mobile platforms. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook andYouTube, and download our iPhone and iPad app. #WhatGetsYouOutdoors

For program times and other information, visit www.outdoorchannel.com.

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