American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Scratch & Dent Warehouse Clearance Sale

All videos are guaranteed to be 100 percent functional. Free shipping on orders over $200.

AGI Scratch & Dent Sale
AGI Scratch & Dent Sale
American Gunsmithing Institute
American Gunsmithing Institute

Napa, Calif. ( – American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI), producers of the most authoritative Gunsmithing DVD courses, is pleased to announce the launch of its Scratch & Dent Warehouse Clearance Sale. Customers who want to purchase a Scratch & Dent item must use promo code WH16. All offers expire June 28, 2016.

“While there may be plastic wrap that’s coming off or a binder cover that has a scuff or small tear, all of the videos are guaranteed to be 100 percent functional. We thought that some of our customers would prefer a big discount to fully intact plastic wrap,” said Gene Kelly, president of AGI. “We only have limited quantities, so if they want the discounts, they’ll have to hurry.”

A few of the many, many items on sale are the Certified 1911 Pistolsmithing course set at 47 percent off (discounted to $697, only 23 course sets available), the Certified AR15/M4 Riflesmith course set at 70 percent off (discounted to $397, only six course sets available) and the Certified Glocksmithing course set at 47 percent off (discounted to $697, only eight course sets available). To view all the Scratch & Dent items, please visit

The Scratch & Dent offers are limited to instructional videos only and do not include any notes, books, tools, testing, certifications or any other materials.

Orders over $200 receive free shipping. Please enter or mention promo code WH16 when ordering or calling. Orders can be placed by calling 1-800-797-0867 or by visiting Office hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.

About American Gunsmithing Institute:

American Gunsmithing Institute offers complete Certified Professional Gunsmithing Courses and a variety of affordable DVD gunsmithing courses that can be viewed in the comfort of one’s home and at one’s leisure. Unlike traditional schooling, the DVD’s are 100 percent instruction and can be played over and over again for reinforcement. AGI instructors are all working Master Gunsmiths who provide our students the highest quality instruction available. Visit AGI at to download their free course catalog and find out more about the Professional Gunsmith Course as well as other affordable courses.

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“As well as other affordable courses”. Wow, at the prices for the on sale scratch and dent dvd’s, I don’t know what the definition of affordable is anymore. This is just a dvd series. I don’t know what other costs are involved other than some kind of testing and certification. This is just for one gun. I know a few old timer gunsmith’s that never could afford anything like this and they can fix anything. Education if that is what this is supposed to be, in one firearm only, is getting ridiculously priced. I guess like most other things in… Read more »


Yes it does offer Testing and certification