Application Seeking Temporary Halt of Wolf Releases Moved to Federal District Court

New Mexico Game & Fish
New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

LAS CRUCES, NM – In an effort to thwart the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) removed the department’s application to temporarily halt future Mexican wolf releases into New Mexico from state to federal court late Friday.

The department’s application alleges the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) ignored state and federal laws last month by importing and releasing two Mexican wolves without first obtaining required state permits.

Under New Mexico law, the importation and release of non-domesticated animals requires a permit from the department and federal law instructs the USFWS to consult with the states and obtain necessary permits before releasing wildlife.

Mexican Wolf
Mexican Wolf Pic:~Skybreeze

“Although we anticipated this move,” said Department Director Alexandra Sandoval, “we believe recent actions by the USFWS violate state and federal law. ”

“A review of the state law violations certainly belongs in state court. Regardless of venue, we are committed to pursuing this matter.”

The department originally filed the application in the state’s 7th Judicial District Court. It has since been moved to the U.S. District Court in Las Cruces.

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Release them in Chicago so they can eat the gang bangers which will lower the killing rate and rid the city of some scum.

Grey Beard

Euthanize them in the cages. No more issues with low Elk and Deer counts. Or, send them ALL to Central Park in NYC, or maybe some to Rock Creek Park to feed on politicians. We sure as HE!! don’t need any More Alien illegal immigrants in the US!


Will someone just shoot the F*kn things! Problem solved.


It has become obvious that the Federal Government does not care what the State Governments want or what the law is. The Feds will do what they want until the states bow their back and take charge of their selves. New Mexico should trap those wolves and hold them until this is decided in court. This is necessary in every state (not talking about wolves necessarily) but the states must enforce States Rights as defined in the Constitution. Here in Colorado, we are seeing stonewalling and lying by the EPA regarding the Gold King Mine. The states need to align… Read more »


USFWS is an evil, autocratic empire. Armed and willing to kill. Constant conflict with everyone they deal with, including other government agencies. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has legitimate concerns and law on their side. The USFWS just blew them off. The USFWS knows that the Federal Courts are corrupt and they can find a “friendly judge” eventually. USFWS is just another Federal alphabet agency that should be disbanded and the management prosecuted (not in Federal Court!).