Bad Boy Introduces First Gas-Powered Side-By-Side ~ The Stampede in Realtree

Bad Boy - Stampede 900 4x4.
Bad Boy – Stampede 900 4×4.

Columbus, GA -( Bad Boy is thrilled to introduce its first gas-powered side-by-side, the Stampede 900 4×4.

You can take a virtual test drive of this innovative new vehicle by clicking here. Available in Realtree Xtra, the Stampede 900 4×4 is equipped with the tools you need to get the job done, and a lot more. Every model boasts a class-leading 80HP and 59 ft.-lb of torque, along with a dual A-arm front and rear suspension and best-in-class storage capacity. That’s just the starting point.

From there, each owner has the opportunity to make their Stampede unique with over 70 accessories options.

The 80HP EFI engine boasts German engineering with American ingenuity and has more power than you’ll ever need. When combined with an optimal power-to-weight ratio, the 80HP engine helps you do more, more efficiently. Stampede’s robust engine uses 846cc of displacement to deliver more power, from an engine that knows how to use it wisely. The electronic fuel injection means better fuel efficiency for more time riding and less time fueling up. The EFI engines deliver the right amount of fuel at the right time, to make the most of your ride.

Thanks to 59ft-lb of torque, the Stampede can accelerate, climb, tow and conquer. The engine delivers big-time torque throughout its rpm range to help you dominate any challenge. The Stampede was precision-tuned by the same hands and minds that make engines for high-performance sports cars. Germans know engines, and they built this one to make sure you get every ounce of Stampede’s torque, horsepower and acceleration.

Stampede can take a ton of punishment – and doesn’t mind dishing it out, either. But you won’t feel an ounce of it thanks to precision-tuned four-wheel independent suspension, which features 9.5″ of travel in the front and 10.5″ in the rear. From springs to shocks, our suspension system effortlessly conquers challenging terrain.

Making turns over rugged terrain can throw drivers around the inside of a cab – unless they’re driving a Stampede. The front and rear sway bars reduce body roll while you’re cornering, so you get all the handling you need without sacrificing a smooth ride.

Stampede’s selectable AWD is ready when you are. Coupled with precision tuned clutches to provide maximum engine braking to slow the vehicle and reduce brake wear.

Additional features include a customizable extended cab, specialized storage, 2,000-pound towing capacity and 600-pound capacity tilt bed.

About Realtree:

Realtree is the world’s leading camouflage designer, marketer and licensor with over 2,000 licensees utilizing the Realtree camouflage brand. Thousands of outdoor and lifestyle products are available in Realtree camouflage patterns. In addition, Realtree is committed to supporting individuals and groups that work to ensure our outdoor heritage, the conservation of natural places, and the wildlife that resides there.

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Jerome Heidtke

Where are the dealers ???