Butler Creek Releases 25-round Magazine for Savage Arms A17 Rifle

Butler Creek A17 25-round Ammunition Magazine
Butler Creek A17 25-round Ammunition Magazine
Butler Creek
Butler Creek

Overland Park, KS -(AmmoLand.com)- Butler Creek, a leading producer of firearm accessories has collaborated with industry-leading firearm manufacturer Savage Arms to offer a new 25-round magazine for the wildly popular Savage A17 semiautomatic .17 HMR rifle.

The new Savage Arms approved magazines allow users to spend more time behind the rifle and less time reloading it. These reliable magazines can be loaded traditionally or by using a loading assist lever on the side. The product features a stainless steel spring with an all metal header and feed lips. Two magazines can be clipped together for even more uninterrupted trigger-time. The round count indicator on the side will tell users when ammo is running low.

“We are thrilled to have worked with Savage Arms to best optimize this product,” said Curtis Smith, Butler Creek Product Director. “This is a quality accessory every A17 user should own.”

Butler Creek is a brand of Vista Outdoor. From the world-famous Flip-Open scope covers to smarter ways to carry gear and outfit guns, Butler Creek provides hunters and shooters with the best in comfort and convenience.

For more information, please visit http://www.butlercreek.com.

About Vista Outdoor Inc.:

Vista Outdoor is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer products in the growing outdoor sports and recreation markets. The company operates in two segments, Shooting Sports and Outdoor Products, and has a portfolio of well-recognized brands that provides consumers with a wide range of performance-driven, high-quality and innovative products for individual outdoor recreational pursuits. Vista Outdoor products are sold at leading retailers and distributors across North America and worldwide. Vista Outdoor is headquartered in Utah and has manufacturing operations and facilities in 13 U.S. States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico along with international customer service, sales and sourcing operations in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.

For news and information visit www.vistaoutdoor.com or follow us on Twitter @VistaOutdoorInc and Facebook at www.facebook.com/vistaoutdoor.

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im looking for savage 64 22lr 25 round magazines


I bought to of these for the A22 .22 LR I got for Xmas. Wouldn’t feed the first round, so no-go. I tried several times, same result. I then popped in the 10-rd factory mag to make sure it wasn’t the gun. It wasn’t. Waste of money & very disappointed. SMH.


They used to make a 25 round mag for a22 but they don’t any more.The a17 will work using certain 30 grain ammo.With just a little grinding you cam make the a17 work in the a22.


I can’t find a extra mag for my savage b22 wmr rifle. Does anyone know if the A22 (wmr) mag will work in the B22 (wmr) rifle. My original mag does not have a part number on it. It only says 22 WMR.
Thanks for the help.

Wild Bill

, check with the manufacturers at their online websites. Funny that you can’t find that extra mag at gunbroker dot com.

Scott B.

Scott, I emailed Savage and ask the same question and they said it would work. Going to order me an extra mag for my B22 wmr rifle. Here’s the reply I received.
Debra Roberts (Savage Arms, Inc)
Aug 14, 6:17 AM EDT
Hi Scott,
Yes, the A22 22wmr magazine is compatible with the B22 22wmr magazine.

thank you,

Guy Compton

Is there a 25 round clip in the works for the A22WMR?


Yes, they do make 25 ROUND MAG.


They used to make a 25 round for the a22 but they don’t any more.The a17 will work in the a22 using certain30 grain ammo.You can do a little grinding on the a17 and it will work with all ammo in the a22.


Are they gon a make one for the a22 lr?

Barry L. Burke Sr.

I too would very much like to see someone make a 25 rnd mag for the A22 Magnum

Jody mckinney

Will it work on a savage hmr 17 93r17 as well…if so sign me up send me a link to order paalleaaseee lol thanks would be awsome to see a 25round clip rather than a 5 or 10 round one

Benjiman Runnells

These magazines are amazing and they work FLAWLESSLY! Thank god I go through a great sporting goods store because I got one for $36 as where if I would had ordered one off line I would had payed $50 and some change. Now to get a second one to have the two clipped together. Thanks Buttler Creek and Savage for the Quality Merchandise!

Benjiman Runnells

I was finally able to get my local Gun shop to order some of these magazines and I received the phone call from them right when they got them in and I went and bought one. It works Flawlessly in my Savage A17 rifle and they are easy to pull apart to clean which I had to do after shooting on a windy day end last summer. I love this magazine and I will definitely be purchasing a couple or maybe even a few more I just hope that the production is same and they all come to run as… Read more »

Robert Mion

Butler Creek: please bring out a 25 round magazine for my Savage A22 22WMR rifle.The standard issue A22 10 round rotary magazine is OK, but a 25 round mag would take it to the next level.



Tee New

A17 mag and a33mag should be the same !!

Mark Telep

May be a typo, do you mean A22, 22 mag magazine??

Tom Newburn

Yes I ment the A22 , will it use the same 25 round mag as rhe A17 ??

Patrick chard

Savage said that the A17 magazine wont fit both calibers. Stamped on the magazine for the caliber.its made for..

Ed edmondson

The a17 butler creek 25 round will work in the a22.just a little grinding.

Tom Newburn

Yes typo, sorry !


cool. wander if they will also make a larger magazine for the Axis .223