CTA Coed Attack Illustrates Consequences of Anti-Gun Attitudes, Policies and Laws

By David Codrea

All aboard “Your New Blue” Line! Of course “No guns.” Hey, what’s the worst that could happen? (Chicago Transit Authority/Facebook)

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Police are seeking two suspects in the brutal beating of a woman who was riding the CTA Blue Line,” WGNTV Chicago reports. “19-year-old DePaul student Jessica Hughes was on her way home to Berwyn from a morning class…”

An African American man and his female companion attacked Hughes, pushing her to the floor, beating her head and breaking her nose, ostensibly to steal her phone. Two male passengers watched, but did and said nothing to stop the attack.

“He kept beating on me,” Hughes recalled. “I’m yelling help to the other people and no one came.”

That’s a familiar story, one that recalls the 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese in New York, when “For more than half an hour 38 respectable, law‐abiding cit­izens in Queens watched a killer stalk and stab a woman in three separate attacks … Not one person telephoned ‐ the po­lice during the assault; one wit­ness called after the woman was dead.” *

New Yorkers have been conditioned by the Sullivan Act, and edicts that discourage possessing the means of self-defense. It’s fair to ask what it is about a culture that does not place a premium on people being responsible for their own safety that produces the inevitable expectation that someone else is supposed to save you. That’s evidenced by Ms. Hughes’ bewilderment that she was on her own and helpless against multiple assailants, even though two seemingly able males were nearby.

Her mindset aside, she was defenseless because that’s the way the law and the rules mandate it.

“Possession or use, or assisting in the possession or use, of any of the following items, including but not limited to, firearms, knives, clubs, ammunition, explosive devices, flammable liquids, taser guns, stun guns, pepper sprays, mace, or other weapons on University-owned or –controlled property, is strictly prohibited by various local, state and/or federal laws and University policy,” De Paul’s “Campus Violence Prevention Plan declares. “Students in possession of dangerous weapons or materials will be subject to immediate suspension and may face criminal or civil sanctions.

Then there’s the Chicago Transit Authority ordinance that says it’s illegal “to possess or carry any pistol, revolver, firearm, dagger, stiletto, billie club, knife, stun gun, taser, mace, bludgeon, explosive device or other weapon on property owned, operated or maintained by the CTA.”

And let’s not forget Illinois state law:

Unless specifically exempted from UUW [Unlawful Use of Weapons], a person commits a Class 4 Felony if he or she violates the UUW law in the Criminal Code (i.e., unlawfully carries on their person or illegally transports a firearm in a vehicle) AND one or more of the following aggravating factors apply: … (9) Is under 21 years of age and in possession of a handgun, unless the person is engaged in hunting activities under the Wildlife Code.

The law was not on Hughes’ side.  And based on the way the gun-grabber groups are screaming bloody murder over the prospect of campus carry whenever the subject is broached, it’s clear that every single demanding, petty, paranoid and shrill “common sense gun safety law advocate” out there would rather she had been beaten to death than armed.

And what about the guys who stood by while Hughes was being pummeled?  Assuming they’re not “safe space” special snowflakes confused about which restroom best fits their self-identity?  Should they have sprung into action? Would you have?

Remember, CTA says no guns and promises a world of hurt if they catch you with one. Do you say anything or go at observably violent thugs unarmed? What happens if, as criminals are known to do, they don’t care that politicians won’t “allow” them to have weapons on their persons, especially on public transit? We all like to think we’d be the one to save the day regardless.  How many are in shape to actualize the fantasy, and possess the skills and mindset needed to prevail, especially against a pair of violent twenty-somethings? Do we know from experience how we react in altercations, or are our imaginings shaped by choreographed Hollywood action scenes?

What would you be prepared to do against these lovely Blue Line passengers? Eight to 10 attackers with sticks and a hammer against one lone victim? Or against the politically-connected headcase who stomped a middle-aged commuter to death on a Green Line platform? Or the Brown Line machete attack. Or (I could go on, you know)…

Yeah, I know, don’t ride public transit.  Don’t live in cities.  For some, that’s not as easy an option as it sounds.  And why, in a Republic founded to secure the Blessings of Liberty, should the good people be the ones who have to run away and surrender to those incapable of civilized behavior?

Along those lines, do we actually obey existing Intolerable Acts, that is, existing gun laws, or would our choice be more like the one Bernhard Goetz made?  Are we prepared to face that music?

That’s a hell of a set of choices for a supposedly free people relying on “shall not be infringed” to have to navigate our way through, no?

Bottom line: You can’t depend on the kindness of strangers. The police, the ones who enforce disarmament laws, are under no legal obligation or duty to protect you. Even if they witness the attack, and choose to hide instead of intervene.

If “it” happens to you, there’s only one person you can count on, or at least should be able to.

You can count on yourself, can’t you?

* UPDATE: Informed readers point out in comments The New York Times account of the Genovese murder was significantly flawed. That said, no one intervened.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Well seeing that there is not one single Democrat New York Politician that has not been implicates if crimes of some sort does what happened above come as any surprise?

Hank B

If the victim had a gun, maybe TWO people – the perps, of course – would have been shot, maybe even killed; this would have DOUBLED the level of violence in the attack, so the anti-gun policy actually reduced violence. That’s the sick mindset of the “leaders” who espouse disarmament while at the same time FAILING to protect those they’ve disarmed. For what it’s worth, I grew up in Chicago, and was very familiar with the problems on the famous “El” trains, one of which ran through my college campus. Every once in a while, police would find the body… Read more »


So sad, what we have become. Glad I live in AZ and wish I could help those in the liberal cities. Guess there is a reason 40,000 people a month are moving to AZ.


Yeah,I been seeing lots of them orangish NY license plates and Ill. ‘Land of Lincoln’ plates all over Texas too. Them Yankees are invading every other state now ! Damn !!!


@Randall,how can you help them if they can’t help themselves ?

Todd J

I went to school in Chicago. I avoided the El like the plague. One knew to ride it was to risk theft, rape, or death. Chicago is a city where only the police have guns and they commit some of the illegal groping and rapes. The city’s best moment was when the cow caused it to burn to the ground. I think in other cities, even NYC, police are mostly honorable and good people. Chicago has always been an exception. When I went a female medical student was trapped by an African American and about to be raped at knifepoint.… Read more »


Believe it or not – there is a more severe penalty for carrying a self defense handgun in these areas than there is for beating someone to steal their phone. Shaneen Allen was at first looking at 10 years in prison, TEN YEARS, for simply crossing the Jersey border inadvertently while in possession of her licensed handgun.
We got a big problem in this country.

B baldwin

Like I said in an earlier comment, I was never a real good place kicker but the thugs would have had Rawlings printed on their heads as far as I would be concerned had I been there.


Good article, but that 1964 NYT report on Kitty Genovese was mostly fiction: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Kitty_Genovese.

Ken H

Good article on the ugly side of gun control. The “common sense laws” do nothing but create a group of potential victims.

I must take exception to the Kitty Genovese reference; the 38 people watching is a myth that has been debunked.

Gene Ralno

As a reminder to those who don’t click on the link, the Times didn’t write that story. A couple of people did. My first instinct was to say to myself, “As usual, the Times again.” But that’s what leftists do when they constantly blame the gun or in this case the knife, instead of the monster who did the deed. I didn’t know the true background and appreciate the clarification. Until now, I envisioned this as a crowd of New Yorkers standing around while another cretin kills then rapes a bloody body. I’d venture that if witnesses had been armed… Read more »

Frank Clarke

Avoid the legal nets
That entangled Bernie Goetz.
Just shout “Help! Help! Police!”
Like Kitty Genovese.