Conservation Hawks Releases New Angling & Climate Change Film ~ VIDEO

Conservation Hawks shares its new steelhead & climate film, CHROME, with America’s anglers.

Conservation Hawks Chrome
Conservation Hawks Chrome

Conservation Hawks

BIGFORK, Mont. -( Conservation Hawks, Inc., a group of hunters and anglers working to defend America’s sporting heritage, has just released its new angling film, CHROME.

The 12 minute film, which has been touring the U.S. with the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour, is currently available via YouTube and Vimeo.

CHROME features six accomplish anglers – Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis, Dylan Tomine of Patagonia, Hannah Belford of Damdochax River Lodge, Kate Taylor of Frigate Travel, professional photographer Tim Romano, and Todd Tanner of Conservation Hawks – who fish together for steelhead in northern British Columbia.

The film has received numerous accolades. Hal Herring, author of Field & Stream’s The Conservationist and Trout Unlimited’s 2015 Conservation Communicator of the Year, writes:

“There are myriad reasons to tackle the challenges of climate change, right now. But this short film, with its insistence on beauty and the sheer wonder of fly fishing for steelhead, may make the most powerful argument of all: we have to act to save what we love.” Monte Burke, best-selling author and staff writer at Forbes, describes the film as “excellent” and a “clarion call,” and says “we must heed it.”

Noted author and outdoorsman Seamus McGraw calls CHROME “visually stunning, poetic, and above all human,” and goes on to say, “I heartily recommend it.”

CHROME celebrates the joy and passion of fly fishing for steelhead, and educates anglers on the looming threats of climate change and ocean acidification. The film, which is a collaboration between Conservation Hawks and the cinematic team at Conservation Media, looks at our moral responsibility to protect cold, clean waters and healthy landscapes, and to stand up for future generations of Americans.

CHROME was made with support from the following iconic brands, businesses and organizations: Orvis, Patagonia, Scientific Anglers, Costa, Simms, Sage, The Boat Company, The McIntosh Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, Trout Unlimited, American Fly Fishing Trade Association, TroutHunter, Sweetwater Travel Co., Hatch Magazine, Tim Romano Photography and the Oskar Blues Brewery.

CHROME – Official Trailer from Conservation Hawks on Vimeo.

To see the full 11 minute movie on Vimeo, click HERE. To watch the film on YouTube, click HERE. To learn more about CHROME, or to see the film’s climate petition, visit the film’s website at

Learn more about Conservation Hawks and its vision for the future of hunting and angling.

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    1. And I am looking for bonafide proof and so far all I see is natural weather changes. Since I will be dead in the next few years I guess you will have to tell me about whether you were right or should I say “They” were right or if it was a whole lot of bullshit.
      You see I ALSO remember in 1993 when we were told we were going into an ice age by main stream science and not Lame Stream Media.

      So what is it going to be? Climate changes it is called weather. Or shall we blame it on some pole shift? Or how about the “flat Earth” but then there is the “Hollow Earth” so you choose.

    2. You mention the arctic and I provided data FROM NASA. You cannot have both record ice levels and record water levels too. Where is common sense these days? have you been to the arctic? I LIVED THERE.
      Stop drinking the cool aid.

      Which is why I will now discount you as a shill or a paid troll… No further comments.

      1. Did you bother to read the article you posted?

        Did you note that the article said it was alarming that there was obviously another source for sea level rise — the article never discounted sea level rise — when it said the ice was thickening on the eastern edge of Antartica due to snow that started accumulating 10,000 years ago?

        Do you know the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica?

        Hoe does living in a particular region make you an expert on global climate change? For that matter, how does being in the Navy make you an expert on anything that has to do with ocean science?

        I reckon “troll” must mean well informed commenter in your neck of the woods.

        1. I almost forgot, your article also said that the ice sheet in west Antarctica was shrinking and scientist were concerned that the shrinking ice would soon surpass the growing ice due to, you guessed it, anthropogenic climate change.

    3. I have lived my life on the ocean, I am NOT SEEING IT. It is a non issue being pushed by the Elite to increase taxation. Stop drinking the coolaid. NASA reports more ice than ever before. You cannot have both. Even the founder of the Weather Channel says it is bul*it. Stop buying the bullsh*t. Not up for conversation. I am tired of idiots.

      1. I’ve got to ask, what methods do you use to measure sea level?

        NASA would disagree with what you’re saying about sea ice.

        Weather Channel founder John Coleman has a degree in journalism. He is not now nor ever was a scientist.

        And the Weather Channel made this statement in 2007: “Observations, together with computer model simulations and historical climate reconstructions from ice cores, ocean sediments and tree rings all provide strong evidence that the majority of the warming over the past century is a result of human activities. This is also the conclusion drawn, nearly unanimously, by climate scientists.”

        So far in this discussion I’ve used credible sources to debunk everything you’ve said and all you can offer is name calling. Surely you can support your argument with something of substance.

      2. Whiskey Victory five, this fellow is mr liberal knowitall. Nothing that you can ever write, no study that you can ever cite, no testimony, evidence, nor video, will he accept, showing that you are right!
        Personally, when the hacker released the emails exchanged among the global warming advising each other that their data did not support a global warming conclusion, and that they needed to change their data to support the conclusion that they wanted came out in the press, that was enough for me. I knew that it was all a lie to get more and bigger grants.

        1. I am begging for evidence to support the denialist position.

          But so far… Nothing.

    4. Grey Beard. (Feel like I am talking to myself)
      Global warming now called “Climate change” would be most noticeable in Island nations. The Maldives are an island nation whose tallest land mass if 6 feet above sea level. Yet they report no appreciable sea level rise.
      Now I personally was in the Navy for 17 years and in a Combat Outfit for 5 years before that. I have always lived on the ocean. I have family and friends who live on the gulf. None are reporting any rise in sea level.
      So what does this “climate change” apparently turn out to be? WEATHER.
      The only places where we see an inordinate amount of “change” are those locations where our government and their owners the Wealth Elite are artificially altering the weather through Geo Engineering previously known as “Chemtrailing”
      There are over 15,000 patents in the US Patent office concerning weather alteration. SO that is not up for discussion it is a simple fact.

      1. “Records and research show that sea level has been steadily rising at a rate of 0.04 to 0.1 inches per year since 1900. Since 1992, new methods of satellite altimetry (the measurement of elevation or altitude) indicate a rate of rise of 0.12 inches per year. This is a significantly larger rate than the sea-level rise averaged over the last several thousand years.”

        1. Hmm conflicting NASA reports?

          From NASA itself:

          Oh and “what methods do you use to measure sea level?” Well as I stated I HAVE LIVED on the ocean ALL MY LIFE. You know as in ON THE BEACH. The Navy was my life as well. I am an old sailor. I have family on every American beach from the gulf to Nantucket. No family in Mexicalifotnistan but friends who live there on Vashon Island.

          Life is a great teacher for over half a century. As a child I used to dig clams with my toes on the Magothy river and crabbing in the Kent narrows. I have been diving in Greece, Crete, Turkey. Cuba. Panama. Honduras, St Simons, St Thomas, Costa Rica, Dubai, Harold Holt Australia and Foa Island Tonga. Did not dive off Adak Island because it was too damned cold. Same with Seward Alaska. Though I did do the polar bear thing and the bluenose thing over the north pole.
          22 years military…. Some people talk I lived it. I missed diving off Yugoslavia because the trip was cancelled due to the possibility of Terrorism. I think it was because they could not get away with slipping a KGB agent into the group.

          1. Not conflicting at all. One report is from the arctic and one from the antarctic, and they are both related to climate change but involve a nuanced look at what is going on. A nuanced view requires research and thinking beyond anecdotal evidence offered by clam digging, sailing in the Navy or living by the beach.

    5. Well seeing as there is no evidence of “climate change” this article has no value. Soooo on to the next.

      1. There is plenty of evidence of “climate change” all over the world, just NONE that ties it to human causes.

    6. Climate change – as old as the earth and not going to stop for some stupid little “people” who seem to feel More Powerful than God and Mother Nature. Such hubris is found Only among the mentally ill Liberal faction of self-aggrandizing idjits.

    7. As climate change is a natural process, how would you suggest stopping it? Spending money, no doubt. Don’t further the lie based on lies. No amount of money can stop the earths natural climatic changes. No matter how much Al Gore and his stupid followers might ask you to spend.

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