Diamond Archery
Diamond Archery

Diamond Archery continues to bring cutting-edge innovation to its product line
with the launch of the Edge SB-1, a versatile, highly-adjustable and blazing fast
bow perfect for everyone regardless of age or skill level. The Edge SB-1 features
synchronized binary cams for impeccable performance and the brand new EZAdjust
System to make customization quick and simple.

Since the Edge SB-1 is widely versatile and easily adjustable, Diamond has also
taken the unprecedented step of creating a website, www.adjustmybow.com, with
how-to videos featuring instructions on bow set-up as well as tips and tricks on
shooting form.

Gives shooters the ultimate adjustability.
Gives shooters the ultimate adjustability.

“The Diamond Edge SB-1 is your new bow, no matter who you are or what you enjoy doing with it,” said Todd Snader, Product Marketing Manager for Diamond.
“In the Edge SB-1, we’ve built a bow for everyone with peak innovation and performance, incredible adjustability and a multi-platform support system to
ensure that you have the absolute best experience with your bow.”

Diamond Edge SB-1
• Synchronized Binary Cams
• Draw Length Range: 15-30 Inches
• Draw Weights: 7-70 pounds
• IBO/ATA Speed: 318 fps
MSRP: $449

Support Options
• AdjustMyBow.com
[email protected]
• Text “ADJUST” to 313131
Social hashtag #adjustmybow

Package Includes:

• R.A.K. custom sight
• Octane Hostage Max rest
• Five-inch Ultra-Lite Octane stabilizer
• Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver
• Comfort wrist sling
• Carbon peep
• BCY string loop

Available finishes on the bow include Mossy Oak Break-Up® Country™,
PurpleBlaze, BlueBlaze and BlackOps. Suggested retail price on the Edge SB-1
is $449, making it an affordable option for an archer at any stage of development.
For more information, visit www.DiamondArchery.com.

Diamond Archery is a division of Bowtech Inc. Bowtech manufactures and
distributes the world’s finest compound bows and archery equipment. Founded
in 1999, Bowtech’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in
Eugene, Ore. With a worldwide distribution network, Bowtech’s family of brands
include: Bowtech, Diamond, Excalibur, Octane, Stryker and WaterDog Surface

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Primitive Guy

Very nice, I suppose. But, lets be honest…this sort of “bow” should really be referred to as an “arrow launching machine”…I put this type of “bow” in the same category as the compressed-air “rifles” that also launch arrows…sophisticated machines.


What is the let off on this bow?