Into the Fray: Your Car as Cover

( Using cover is a key element in winning a gunfight. If you are forced to defend yourself near a vehicle, focus on keeping the engine compartment between you and the bad guy. At the same time, utilize the wheels to provide cover all the way to the ground. 
Door panels and windows will not stop incoming rounds. Windows are good if you want to see where the bad guy is, but if you can see through to see him, he can see you, so get down and use as much of the car as you can.
Stay back away from the cover as you would with any cover situation and only expose yourself enough to get off a shot, and then get back behind cover.

Kevin Michalowski

U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

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If you want to see REAL STUPIDITY, watch how in the movies and on TV the good guys (and bad guys) hide behind doors of vehicles, hundred of “bullet holes” appear on one side but the guy behind the other door has NO HOLES in the door on his side; Ditto with walls in houses made from sheet rock and interior door ways. Of course Hollyrude and the TV morons are famous for putting “silencers” on revolvers and having them go “Pew, pew” and no one can hear the shot. Should I even BOTHER to mention the absolute stupidity and… Read more »