G2 Research to Be at the 2016 NRA Convention

Please come by and visit with us at booth 5663

Civic Duty Self-Defense Ammunition
G2 Research
G2 Research

Winder, GA -(AmmoLand.com)- G2 Research; the people who are bringing super fight stopping and humane game quick killing ammunition to the market, will be at the 2016 NRA Convention and hope all attendees will drop by for a look at ammunition like no other!

G2 Research will have their Ripout, VIP, Trident, Civic Duty and R.I.P brands at the convention. G2 Research’s popular and unique ammunition is engineered to produce huge temporary and permanent wounds.

G2 Research is known for the incredible effectiveness of their precision 5 axis CNC copper alloy and pure copper bullets which they load from .380ACP up to the .300 AAC and 7.62x39mm rounds (with new loadings scheduled to be revealed at the NRA Convention).

While there be sure check out their revolutionary COLD TRACER handgun round which emits no heat whatsoever, making it safe for even indoor ranges and paper targets.

We invite all NRA members to visit booth 5663 and talk with G2 Research’s unorthodox and fun team at the NRA Convention and learn how and why this ammunition works so well.

About G2 Research:

G2 Research specializes in the evolution of ammunition. Solid copper fracturing R.I.P. and RipOut, Maximum Expansion Trident & Cold Tracer V.I.P. Round

For more information, please visit www.G2RAmmo.com.

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This ammo is great ammo, the people who shoot it are people who know their stuff and are extremely proficient and trained in such. You wont get a better man-stopper for self defense . Its like anything else some people are to timid to deal with certain things in life and that’s why you have people like us who dont try thinking out their arse and do the research and know ballistics. You got lemmings, and you got leaders unfortunately most people are lemmings.


Might be great product but it is too expensive for me to consider because I would need to shoot 500 or more round like I have of gold saber, ranger t and fed hydro shocks through my defense weapons. Just because it shoots in one gun does not mean it will shoot well in another. Example, I had two Springfield champions, three serial numbers away from each other, first 1 would eat anything and groups better than I’m capable. Nothing worse than shooting with a friend he asks to shoot your gun and his groups are 1/2″ and your are… Read more »


One last thing. My defense ammo is Rem.Golden Sabre for all my different caliber handguns. GS works in everything and I Trust it 100% !


I just don’t know who buys this stuff, I have to shoot quit a bit of a particular ammo to know with confidence that it will feed and group well. With the cost of there product I would be broke well before I had shot enough for me to put in my ccw or my bed stand Gun.


I know what you mean. This crap ain’t worth messing with ! Just stay with what works best for you.