Newly Patented Hard Core Deluxe Man Cave Blinds Now Available

Hard Core Deluxe Man Cave Blind :
Hard Core Deluxe Man Cave Blind :
Hard Core Brands
Hard Core Brands

Ottawa, IL – -( Hard Core Brands, a leading manufacturer in waterfowl equipment, announces they have just received patent rights on their Man Cave™ and Deluxe Man Cave™ Layout blind for waterfowl hunters.

The innovation of these blinds not only offers a dry place to hunt but also provides multiple features not found on other waterfowl blinds.

The patent elements of the Man Cave and Deluxe Man Cave allow waterfowl hunters a layout blind with no-pin construction, making set up and take down fast and easy while most other layout blinds require pins to be installed. This state-of-the-art layout blind completely conceals a hunter with a quality-designed camouflage while providing good visibility of incoming birds through the flexible mesh viewer. The lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum frame construction houses the internal adjustable back/head support that delivers hours of comfort in the field. The DriBed Waterproof bottom keeps the user dry in up to six inches of water. Since hunting waterfowl can be a messy job, Hard Core placed a full zipper on the foot bag and made it easy to clean.

The Deluxe Man Cave includes Hard Core’s Blind Door Decoy Mount System that allows decoys to be placed over the blind helping eliminate the blind’s profile for maximum concealment. The Spinning Wing Decoy mount allows you to place the decoy directly behind you for quick on and off action while also eliminating any difficulties driving the decoy’s stake into frozen ground.

The patented Man Cave and Deluxe Man Cave™ Layout Blind Features:

  • Patented Design with No Pin Construction – fast setup and breakdown
  • DriBed™ Waterproof Bottom – stays dry in up to 6 inches of water
  • Blind Door Decoy Mount System Included (on Deluxe Man Cave only)
  • Spinning Wing Decoy Pole Mount (on Deluxe Man Cave only)
  • Flexible Mesh Viewer
  • Adjustable Back/Head Support
  • Ambidextrous Flagging Ports
  • Full Zipper on Foot Bag – easy cleaning
  • Man Cave MSRP: $279.99
  • Deluxe Man Cave MSRP: $349.99

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When is comes to waterfowl hunters, there is no company more critical and tough on gear. That’s why when Hard Core Brands™ was acquired 3 years ago it was our mission to produce the most durable gear on the market without sacrificing the aesthetics of our clothing or hard goods items. We set out to not only produce highly durable items, but also new industry leading innovative products. In just a short time Hard Core Brands™ has become a major competitor in the outdoor market space and has become a symbol of the “All or Nothing” – HARD CORE HUNTER.

Hard Core Deluxe Man Cave Blind :
Hard Core Deluxe Man Cave Blind :