Hillary Clinton to Attack Gun Owners Her “Very First Day” in Office

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
NRA - Institute for Legislative Action
NRA – Institute for Legislative Action

Fairfax, VA -(AmmoLand.com)- In what has become as reliable as clockwork, with the passing of another week comes another Hillary Clinton attack on gun owners.

This time, the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination explained to supporters her intent to make an assault on gun rights and NRA one of her top priorities. A video of her comments has been distributed by Breitbart.com and can be viewed by clicking here.

Addressing an April 25 MSNBC “townhall” hosted by left-wing commentator Rachel Maddow, Clinton stated,

I really support everything President Obama said he would do through regulation on guns but we’re going to start the very first day and tackle the gun lobby to try to reduce the outrageous number of people who are dying from gun violence in our country.

Later, the candidate spoke of her party’s chances of taking control of the Senate, stating,

The Democrats have decided they will be led by Chuck Schumer and Chuck Schumer has been one of the most effective legislators in taking on the gun lobby. He and I worked together to get the Brady bill passed way back in my husband’s administration. So I think that it’s the kind of issue you have to start early, you have to work on it every day and we need to make it a voting issue.

A visibly agitated Clinton concluded her remarks on the subject by noting,

I’m going to keep talking about it, and we are going to make it clear that this has to be a voting issue. If you care about this issue, vote against people who give in to the NRA and the gun lobby all the time.

These comments make clear that gun owners and NRA would be in Clinton’s crosshairs from the moment she assumes office. And thanks to Clinton’s recent candor, gun owners don’t have to guess at the types of restrictions Clinton has in mind for them. Clinton has supported a ban on popular semi-automatic firearms and endorsed an Australian-style confiscation scheme for carrying out her vision. Clinton has expressed her vehement opposition to the Right-to-Carry. Most disturbing, under Clinton’s false interpretation of the Constitution, the Second Amendment does not protect and individual right to keep and bear arms and allows gun bans.

Somewhat of a political pragmatist, Barack Obama waited until he secured a second term before launching most of his efforts to restrict firearm ownership. Hillary Clinton is continually making clear that under her reign gun owners would receive no such reprieve.

This is why NRA members, along with their families and friends, must get involved in our efforts to secure a victory for gun owners this fall. At the bare minimum, gun owners must ensure that they and their loved ones are registered to vote. For those that can contribute more to our fight for freedom, NRA-ILA’s Grassroots Division can connect you with volunteer opportunities anywhere in the country, and NRA has made it easier than ever to participate in our efforts.

To register to vote or explore further opportunities to help, please visit NRA-ILA’s Election Center at https://www.nraila.org/about/election-center/.

About the NRA-ILA:

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

For more information, please visit: www.nra.org. Be sure to follow the NRA on Facebook at NRA on Facebook and Twitter @NRA.

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MSG (Ret) Swampie

While many anti-2’s say the Feds are NOT going against Guns and gun laws in the past 8 yrs; that is a false analysis; as at the State/ County/ City level they most certainly are. New York? New York City (all 5 boroughs, plus Westchester Cnty/ Long Island’s 2 counties)… and of course, New Jersey, Conn, Mass, add in Calf., Hawaii, and Illinois… Heaven forbid we forget Wash DC… Well, if the 1st A, and 4th, 5th, and 14th are all Federal level and individual; you can bet your sweet Glockenspiel the 2nd ( and the often forgotten 3rd) are… Read more »


Like I said before, The Constitution is not up for vote and when We The People wake up and realize that, this crap won’t mean anything, we pay for these punks in office so we need to stop paying them, instead of being keyboard warriors wishing death on them, Blessings to us all My Brothers and Sisters in Arms.


Just waiting for her to die of natural causes in her sleep or while screaming her lies at the next fund raiser.

Wild Bill

There are rumors that HiLIARy has had several mini-strokes. So death in her sleep or at her fund raisers is a distinct possibility. Of course it is just a rumor, and could be mere wishful thinking… but my fingers are crossed.


I wish the Bull Dyke would have just one major stroke so it would finally put the bit*ch out of its misery. The lying,cackling,dog barking Bull Dyke is a POS and would be doing the country her greatest service by stroking out !


And yet Hillary says that abortion should be an individual decision. In 2012 there were 700,000 abortions in America alone. But she doesn’t think government should intrude and banish abortions. True politician talks out of both sides of her mouth. Killing babies has not effect on government control of the masses like taking away guns!


And this supposedly surprises…. who? She is a dangerous and viable threat to all firearm owners and the 2nd Amendment.