Homeowner Thwarts Burglary Attempt

(WKRG, Mobile, Ala. 05/3/16)

Gun Save Lives
Gun Save Lives

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family.

“We believe that the American public deserve to understand that on the average, guns save 2,191 lives and are used to thwart crimes every day,” says Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation

Most times you won’t see these tales on the news as it does not fit the main stream media’s story line of “Guns and Gun Owners are Bad“.

This is just one of those stories;

Al Taylor was at home with his family in West Mobile, Ala. when he heard a suspicious noise in the garage. Taylor went to investigate and discovered a man attempting to steal lawn equipment.

Taylor responded by retrieving a .22-caliber revolver and holding the man at gunpoint until police could arrive.

A local news story made clear that Taylor uses his lawn equipment to help people through his ministry. In recalling the incident to a local news outlet, Taylor said, “I probably would have let him go if he didn’t just stop lying and then when I saw all my stuff pulled out and he was going to steal it, it kind of made me angry.” 

About the Guns Save Lives Series:
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Thank God for the Castle Doctrine, it takes all kinds of nonsense out of the loop.

Gary W. Little, Sr

Would be awful hard to watch someone taking your hard earned belongings. ..

Rudy F

For a life, yes, for things, no! And help his ministry, probably not, but the real thing would be himself, the after, that part we/he would need to deal with.


Would have let him go? So he could do this to more people?

Jesse Scott

Shooting the lowlife dead would have helped his ministry (and society) even more.


Yeah, feel-good story, but as a longtime firearm and carry instructor, and expert witness in self-defense court cases, had an altercation ensued, and the homeowner had shot and possibly killed the offender, I’d give 10 to 1 odds that he’s have been facing manslaughter charges. Using a gun to protect “stuff” is a prosecutor’s “wet dream” since juries notoriously find against the defendant in such cases. Even worse, he observed the suspect, then WENT TO GET A GUN. Again, red meat for a prosecutor. Just sayin’…. Be smart. Be safe.


Uuuuh, for all you macho morons who post comments about “shoot the S.O.B” etc., as a longtime firearm and carry permit instructor, and expert witness in self-defense cases, not only is shooting ANYONE over “stuff” risking a manslaughter charge, but just posting such kinds of inflammatory rhetoric can come back to haunt you. I’ve sat in court and watched as the jury hears your facebook, twitter, and forum postings read out loud. NOT good….