Illinois Bill Will Make It Impossible to Operate a Gun Shop in the Prairie State

Call Your Legislators Immediately And Ask Them To Oppose Hb 1016 As Amended #6.

Gun Shop Closed
Illinois Bill Will Make It Impossible to Operate a Gun Shop in the Prairie State
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –  -( This bill contains a gun ban for people who sell off or liquidate all or parts of their gun collection. If you sell more than 10 guns in a year, such as trying to liquidate or improve your collections, or due to financial problems, you are then prohibited from buying more than one gun over the next 3 years.

This bill sets up conflicting standards by defining dealers differently between the definitions section and Section 10 exemptions.

This bill tries to pick winners and losers. It exempts “big box” retailers of firearms, but puts rules, regulations and fees on the smallest of dealers. If this is about regulating federal firearm licensees, then why not regulate ALL of them? Why should some FFL’s not be regulated and others should? Either you’re a gun dealer or you’re not.

This bill requires up to 3 new licenses: one for the owner, one for the corporation, and one for the licensee in charge of records. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation believes it’s going to cost about $1000 per license. If the number of dealers declines, due to the regulation, the licensing fee will only go up.

Dealers would not be able to mail to their customers. This bill prohibits releasing any “confidential” information that would identify individuals who buy firearms. This would have the effect of prohibiting dealers from mailing to their own customers since their lists are compiled from people who buy guns from them. They would not be able to do political or legislative mailings or to tell their customers about legislation or issues affecting their rights.
The prohibition on sharing information would also have prevented the NRA from finding out about the database of firearm transfers that the State Police have created because it would be illegal to share that information.

In addition to federal license requirements and the new state requirements, this bill authorizes more local licenses and regulations on top of this monstrous regulatory nightmare.

Sheriffs will have the ability to object to the application of a gun dealer license. This has the effect of shutting down an existing law-abiding business simply because the sheriff doesn’t like them.

This bill limits locations. This bill seeks to limit locations of where gun shops may locate by imposing a 500-foot prohibition from certain activities.

This bill requires that an applicant for a license must have previously worked for a gun dealer. This provision will limit who can become a dealer and will stifle new businesses and entrepreneurship. This is akin to an apprenticeship for which there are no standards.

This bill prohibits any person who doesn’t have a FOID card from getting a license. If a person lives in another state (such as Indiana), they aren’t eligible for a FOID card, therefore they are prohibited from opening a store in Illinois.

This bill also repeals part of the preemption law which was passed in the Concealed Carry Law of 2013.

In this bill, the licensing fees are set by Administrative Rule and are likely to be astronomical. The fees will be used to punish firearm dealers.

This bill allows local governments to require video surveillance equipment, which means all of your transactions could be videotaped.

This bill allows local governments to institute gun registration by Rule.

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About Illinois State Rifle Association:

The Illinois State Rifle Association is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners Visit:

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Illinois,a real firearms owners paradise !


Aren’t you sick of Progressive Liberal politicians and all their arbitrary rules and quotas? Who dreams this crap up? Once again they’re interfering in free and open commerce.

Gene Ralno

Perhaps Illinois likes how New York’s SAFE Act turned out. Fact is, these petty, tin-pot criminals in government are driving firearms owners underground. When the people are forced to ignore one law, they might just figure there’s no harm in ignoring another and then another. Illinois leftist party bosses need to know their authority emanates from subordinate acceptance. In other words, if nobody complies, government hasn’t the wherewithal to enforce the laws. They’ve pushed this stupid agenda far enough and no one is listening anymore.

Mike McAllister

Illinois can’t pay it’s bills so it decides to outlaw a business that can make they tax money hand over foot. Liberal logic at it’s finest!!!


@Mike,I think you mean hand over fist !

John R

Haven’t the leaders of the prairie state heard about the United States Constitution? and that pesky ole 2nd Amendment , and the phrase shall NOT be infringed. Its time citizens of our great country sue our respective governments as well as the individual congressman or woman for lying when they swear to uphold the laws of this land.

Matt in Oklahoma

You all had better fight lest you become like Kalifornia


Do they just pull this incomprehensible, tyrannical crap straight out of their asses? This is the work of the Chicago Rahm Mob doing DCs bidding.

Wild Bill

Right on Ironked. Divide and conquer is a Rahm Emanul technique. Notice how the proposed bill divides “big box retailers” the smallest of dealers” and individuals. Big box dealers might be tempted to think that squeezing out the small guys will be good for their business and support the bill. All gun dealers, gun owners, and gun buyers better stand together or it will be just a matter of time until all are squeezed out.


The land of Lincoln has become a Communist satellite state. California, Connecticut, New York, are others. The 2nd Amendment must trump all gun laws everywhere in this Republic. The American Revolution began over firearm restrictions. Perhaps its time to repeat the fight against Government opression.