Introducing the Rack-It Cocking Device

Rack-It Cocking Device
Rack-It Cocking Device
Rack-It, LLC
Rack-It, LLC

Salem, VA -( Rack-It LLC has confronted a common issue of individuals who are incapable of manipulating the slide of their semi-automatic firearm.

They responded with a simple, easy-to-use device called the Rack-it. The Rack-it is a compact sized CNC-machined block available in either t6061 aluminum or Delrin that isolates the slide only of a semi-automatic firearm.

Usage requires a simple push down and pull up, or push and release movement only, making the required action quick and easy. It is designed in three sizes and is offered in three models: belt clip, wall mount, and a shooting range/gunsmith stand. The belt clip and wall mount brackets are made of 1050 cr spring steel and powder-coated while the shooting range/gunsmith stand is made of 1/4″ steel and powder coated. The independent design allows the user the freedom to choose regarding holster preference and requires no modifications to the firearm. The aluminum Rack-It is anodized with a type 3 hard coat Teflon impregnated finish, available in 4 colors while the Delrin is available in black.

The Rack-It was developed for those who are enduring through paralysis, stroke, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, amputees and those with other health issues. It allows them to quickly and easily manipulate the slide and rack a round into the chamber of a pistol with one hand.

“The Rack-It is a perfect accessory for anyone who has trouble with their hands and works well for any gun enthusiasts who want to be able to operate the slide of a semi-automatic pistol quickly,” Mike Love, President of Rack-It, LLC said. “Some people can operate a slide but prefer a Rack-It because it makes racking a gun quick and easy. Men and women have found the Rack-It to be a great time saver.”

About Rack-It, LLC:

Rack-It, LLC is based in Virginia and is committed to providing a quality “Made in the USA” product. Learn more about Rack-It by visiting

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I think many contributors are missing what this is and what it’s not. It is not to be used when things get loud and ugly. Don’t hang this on your web gear and think you’re going to use this in a firefight. This is for use during dry fire practice with striker fired pistols. Or perhaps at your gun bench as another tool. I have the belt clip model and the wall mounted model. Both serve me well. Remember, not every pistol owner has the strength to rack the slide during dry fire exercises or when loading and unloading. Remember… Read more »

Robert Foy

I’m sorry friend but the tritium rear sight I put on my SR1911 is actually designed to hook any 90* angle and rack the firearm. My sights were made by trijicon and at first I was upset because the sight was not a Novak cut like the white dot rear sight that came off the firearm.

Josey Wales

Gentleman..My buddy lost his arm in a hay bailed. He should have did but the sweatshirt he had on melted and thereby cauterized the wound or he would have bled out. I pushed him after it all healed up a year later. He finally got “back on the shooting horse” and now is as good a shot as he used to be with his XDm 5.25 competition model but try racking the slide with one arm…. AS LONG AS TRIGGER FINGER DISCIPLINE IS USED THIS THING WORKS LIKE A CHAMP!!!

Roy D.

Reminds me of back in Germany in1974 a MP showed me how he loaded his 45 on his draw from the holster as they carried condition three. He would draw just enough that the back of the ejection port was above the top of the front opening of the holster and then push forward and down which caused the slide to retract and then drew the gun which caused the slide to go forward and chamber a round. It was wicked quick and smooth.


How is this any better than just running the slide off of the back sights and your belt? It certainly isn’t any cheaper. $46.95 belt clips
$40.95 wall mounts
$128.95 shooting range/gunsmith stand



I don’t know…There’s a reason why we point SA handguns away from ourselves when we rack. This device forces one to point the firearm towards the leg.

Wild Bill

I was just playing with the device in my mind, and you are right Jason, one does have to fit the slide into the device which causes the barrel to point slightly inward toward the leg. Aren’t there plenty of other inanimate objects around to rack the slide on?


Just get yourself a double action semi-automatic or revolver. Problem solved. When the bad guy wants to put a ‘hurtin’ on you are you gonna say “Excuse me sir, could you wait until I rack my roscoe?”


My hat goes off for this company for making an attempt to help the disabled community. I have a close friend who lost his hand in active duty.
I would have to agree with everyone’s comments here. Under stress I fear this device would be very dangerous.
One particular example is when sitting down in a vehicle with a seat belt on under stress.

Never give up, never surrender.


Looks very awkward. In a threatening situation. if you conceal carry, you have to take your eyes off your target to load the weapon. You may end up severely injured or dead in a life or death situation.

Chuck M

If you can’t rack your weapon for whatever reason, you might want
to think about a wheel gun instead. But fifty bucks for something
that could very well cripple you, or someone else, I don’t think so.


I agree 100%. If you can’t rack the slide, you shouldn’t be carrying that weapon, and why would you leave the house with an empty chamber? There are still some excellent revolvers out there. With practice, you can still use a speed loader too in order to reload.

Bob B

Wrong. A DA wheel gun for someone with neuro issues is WORSE because of the heavy trigger pull. Being able to grip the slide is the problem for most, especially on a heavy recoil springed 45. This really isn’t a CC option IMHO-but more for target shooting and clearing/cleaning use since it’d be nuts to not carry in C1 (what’s the point if you need to take 2 seconds to rack a slide?) I had a neuro issue discovered in 2012 that’s nearly crippled my hands–and while I have no problem handling my 45, racking the slide requires a forward… Read more »

Marvin Cohn

Sooner or later, someone will try this with his finger on the trigger.

Matt in Oklahoma

Probably sooner.
I understand the concept and applaud their efforts to help that community however this type of manipulation should be used under duress and injury only not as a staple.


The disconnector takes care of the finger on the trigger scenario. Your finger is still on the trigger when a fired round racks the slide.