Liberty Ammunition Says “Thank You” with Memorial Day Sale

Liberty Ammunition is offering 20 percent off all Civil Defense ammunition from May 27-31, 2016.

Happy Memorial Day
Happy Memorial Day
Liberty Ammunition
Liberty Ammunition

Bradenton, Fla. ( – Liberty Ammunition is pleased to announce its Memorial Day Sale. It will be offering 20 percent off all Civil Defense ammunition. Purchases of $100 or more will get a free gift and all orders of $200 or more at will receive free shipping. The sale runs from May 27 – 31, 2016.

“Memorial Day is really important to us at Liberty Ammunition. We know that we are free because of the sacrifice others and their families made on our behalf. We hope that this weekend our customers, friends and team members will take the time to reflect upon the meaning of this holiday and find a way to say thank you,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Matt Phillips.

Liberty Ammunition’s rounds travel at velocities nearly double that of any other standard ammunition and provide three times the terminal effects of traditional ammunition.

No promo code is necessary to redeem this offer. Ammunition on sale includes 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 380 Auto, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 10mm Auto, 45 Long Colt and .223 Rem in Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense line. Check out the entire line of high performance, lead-free Liberty Ammunition, as well as apparel products, at

About Liberty Ammunition:
Giving you the “One & Done®” capability our customers deserve whether it be for Hunting, Personal Defense or Tactically for Law Enforcement and Military.

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B. Eubank

How long does it take for a comment to get posted after it’s sent in?
[Admin] – that depends. in most cases its only seconds. If a link is present or an image / code in the comment it goes to user moderation. If there is any flag words or possible adhomian attacks present in the comment it will go to admin moderation. Admin moderation will take time some times its a minute or five minutes or an hour depends on time of day when the comment is made.


My Grandfather died in WWII, and uncle died in Vietnam; neither of which I every got to know. Its nice to know they died so we can remember them by going shopping. We live free to buy at the best prices possible.

How about rather than offering a sale price, charge all customers $5 extra and donate that money to a veterans fund. In stead of shopping, how about spending some time at a veterans retirement home.

Matt in Oklahoma

It’s Memorial Day to honor the dead not the living.


I am not a Vet, but Thank You for honoring our Vets. If more companies would do so maybe our President would get on board, O” never mind he has less important things to do like fighting to let terrorist in the country or letting men dressed as women go to the bathroom with our young children, or trying to suck up to the Russisan Prsident